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Updated since i'll be taking commissions! The last ToS? Gone! Finito!

This is basically something for requestees/commissioners to come to when they need information on what i will do regarding requests and commissions. Please refer to this when necessary for future requests and commissions.

So, regarding art, here's what i will not draw:

Macro, Micro, most fetishes, inflation, inanimate, pregnancy, vore, hyper, and wet diapers. Overly large muscle characters included.
These are a big fat no in my book. If i get asked any of these, i will not take the request period.

As for what i will draw, here are areas i'm trying to improve on for future ref.:

Backgrounds, anthro, plantigrade stance, digititrade stance, fur, human, anatomy. (in short, everything)

Regarding Transformation: I have little to no experience in doing this, but i want to practice. However, i won't be taking requests/commissions of these until i try my hand at it more.

And i'm willing to accept most requests.
Please keep in mind, i may not take a request for personal reasons and if i don't wish to explain myself on why, please do not pester me on this. I have my reasons and i'd rather keep them private. Same goes for some commissions.

Now for permission purposes, if you have a gallery here, you have my permission to post the requested art you got from me in the galleries on either DA OR FA only. I ask that you please give credit. If you wish to post elsewhere, please discuss that with me.

With Sketch commissions, i'm going to adopt the policy that because it's a sketch, i would like payment up front. I'll then send over the sketch from my Sta.sh from DA and if you need revisions, do not be afraid to let me know! I want to know what i did wrong; feedback helps!

With icons, i will send over a sketch before asking payment. The sketch will either end up shaded or flat colored.

Please share with me pose ideas! I'm open to learning new things to draw and practice helps!
Also, I have NO experience in sex parts; please do NOT ask me to draw that and i'm a SFW artist anyways (Some drawings in the future though, i might show a bit of blood or /some/ gore, but don't ask me to do that yet).

Oh, and bonus to pokemon/shin megami tensei/persona stuff. I have huge interest in that kind of stuff X3

Lastly payment!
I do not accept DA points. I have no idea how to convert and it's just easier for me to deal with paypal! Sorry, but this is just how it has to be.


P.S. I have no intention of dealing with NFTs
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well, i find the objects 'no' list to be quite reasonably placed.
how would i go about making a request?