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Because i've been losing hours at work recently (heck, this week i have only one day of work)

(See Below) Here are my prices; if there are any questions or concerns as to what i will/will not draw, feel free to bring it up for discussion. Do note; not taking any BG pics or FULL pieces atm (currently have one and have classes to worry about, so that will be the only one for now)

If you like my work and want to support, there are ways to do so if you don't want a large commission: https://www.patreon.com/tofubread My patreon is active and by subscribing to certain tiers, you get monthly rewards from me. Feel free to check out and if it interests you guys. There's also just the minimal tier as well if you want to throw minor pocket change also, which helps :)

https://ko-fi.com/tofubread There's also my Ko-fi. Mostly now just my tip jar, and sometimes i'll do sketches for peeps depending on the donation.

Thank you guys again for the continued support, and feel free to check either out if peoples want to help :)

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