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United States
Meh, i'm just your average gamer who is trying out multiple things. I'd like to draw better and i'm down with playing games with people. Also, College is a pain in the ass, but getting to know people is the best part about it.

FA profile:…
A note about my submissions:
Webcam: :icontec-guy:

Shhh.... by itsKuma
And sometimes i end up falling asleep on my desk, like the person above. 3@

current icon done by :iconmahsira:

Neutral quiz
Also known as "Balance", this alignment accepts the need for laws to govern the world but not at the cost of personal freedom. It rejects the concept of relying on Lawful or Chaotic powers to focus instead on personal empowerment, individuality and the inherent strength of Mankind. Although the most idealistic alignment, it is also the hardest alignment to attain because of its isolationist nature and requires the person to make enemies of both the Law and Chaos factions, destroying everything to gain everything.
With my queue cleared up, aside from an art slave thing, I'm opening new slots for commissions again. I have been a bit busy recently but I'd like to put myself to work more often where i can. Once again, the TOS hasn't changed, so if you feel like you're unsure of what I can or cannot draw, do poke me with a question and i'll answer.


If you want to support differently, there's also my Ko-Fi and Patreon, which i have linked below:

Feel free to comment if you have any inquiries :D
So, i figure this is now worth mentioning seems the situation has changed.

When i was told we'd be kicked out on June 30th, it was out of a place of frustration on part of someone in the household. To be honest, we do want to move out, but not this sudden and things have calmed down since. So, i'm not being forced to move out by the 30th. That being said, i do have some plans in the works and while support is appreciated, i still won't push it too much since i don't know what will happen from here.

It seems my college graduated me without me actually agreeing to do so, which might hinder my current plans to pursue graphic design. I'm going to talk with someone about it this week and see if signing up for classes in fall won;'t be too much of a hassle. On the flipside, because it's been stressful with the last month, i haven't had as much drawing time since we do have outbursts here and there and it affects everyone. I've considered just locking myself in my room due to these outbursts, and while that might sound awkward to some, i am rather sensitive and that's just how i am. Aside from that, i've been doodling with my physical sketchbook to improve my traditional work and also working on other projects i've had, such as collabs and patreon pieces. There are plans to have a sketch stream as i'd like to be able to work for some peeps in the sketch department and flex my art muscles.

While i have gotten commissions here and there recently, it's been sparse so that i can still manage my budget, which is coming along well. Was able to repaint my car (had rust build up which was freaking me out) and had a little help from family to do so. There also are plans to up my commission prices. I've felt i have improved and i feel it's time that i work out a new commission price guide. That won't be for some time, but it's being planned.

Thanks for hearing me out, and i'll post again if anything comes up. -Tofu

after a poll and some talks with peoples, i've decided to reopen my patreon for people to support. What does this mean?

1 - I'm still keeping the ko-fi account if people prefer supporting me through there, and for case of emergency's, it's something to mention if i'm in a big situation that patreon can't immediately resolve.

2 - I'll be managing the artworks people want through trello still, but also making changes to how ko-fi support is handled. The last thing i want to do is take too much work when i have college to deal with still and then i'm overflowed with work i can't finish on time. Wouldn't be fair to you guys or to myself.

3 - I've made some changes to patreon (as of the writing of this journal) where it's not going to charge tomorrow if you're still up on there, but once april 3rd hits, i'll change those settings and also let people know who are still on my patreon if they still want to stick around.

Thank you guys for the support, and i'll be adding the patreon tab around my profile and settings
Hey guys; wanted to toss out some updates for those looking out for my situation and such.

There have been some improvements since i had to take up donations and such a while back. For the most part, i'm in good standing for now and still taking commissions and donations here and there; paying for my bills haven't been an issue as of late, and my family has been helping me out as well with this, as my sister has helped pay off the rest of the car insurance for this billing cycle, so that's a nice alleviated pressure off my back for the time being.

I've mostly been doing commission work here and there and selling stuff as well (mostly stuff my brother has collected he regrets and allows me to have some of the money, or all depending on the item) that's been helping atm. As of the time of this, i've only treated myself to one commission as of late, and i had a slot with someone else that i've since given to a friend because it didn't really make any sense for me to keep it because of where i stand. As of now, most money i've been getting has been stuff i've sold or been paid for via commission, so it does feel like i'm doing work, but not quite the same as a job. I'm still getting around to drawing more often and making up time between other chores and HW.

I've now gone back to college again for this semester. I've had to drop a class as well due to a problem i didn't realize when i signed up for my three classes. Turns out, the three classes i signed up for all have a lot of work to chunk through on a weekly basis that it would've been pretty difficult to manage all of it (and my own digital work for that note as well) in the time i have. Knowing myself, and the situation i have with vocational rehab, I had to make a decision about dropping a class for fear of not performing well and losing VR support, and it wasn't that easy to do. Nonetheless, this happened.

That about covers it, aside from having to go attend Jury Duty in 13 days. I'll be paid for it, but i am not looking forward to actually going to the courthouse.

Journal History


Comm - Hunted becomes Hunter
A gift I got got myself since I just received my Diploma: Associate's in Graphic and Commercial arts (but not stopping there!)

This was entirely intended when I made Gale a while back. Being an anthro nargacuga, he can still hunt like other hunters, but whether or not he'd hunt his own kind is debatable. I use the bow a lot, so it was coming that Gale would use a bow as well. As for the story behind that...
"The bow was in disrepair from a hunter who threw out the thing after getting a new bow altogether. I used some old scales from myself a narga that was knocked down by a Rathalos. In this way, I can now fend off my attackers and monsters who wish to fight me, but I wonder if I can be more like those hunters; accepted."

Art by :iconkristkc:
Gale is :iconxtofubreadx:
A lonesome boat ride
A commission for Wandereroftheabyss (FA).
He wanted a somewhat dark atmospheric piece of an anthro tiger at the edge of a boat looking at the bleak scenery. I can only imagine how it must feel to look at such a dark environment.

Art by :iconxtofubreadx:



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