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My Bio
Meh, i'm just your average gamer who is trying out multiple things. I'd like to draw better and i'm down with playing games with people. Also, College is a pain in the ass, but getting to know people is the best part about it.

FA profile: www.furaffinity.net/user/tofub…
ToS: fav.me/d6tjo8g
Pricing: fav.me/d7myzvh
Trello: trello.com/b/cPJFpfK3/tofu-s-a…
A note about my submissions: fav.me/d7emen4
Webcam: :icontec-guy:

Shhh.... by itsKuma
And sometimes i end up falling asleep on my desk, like the person above. 3@

current icon done by :iconmahsira:

Neutral quiz
Also known as "Balance", this alignment accepts the need for laws to govern the world but not at the cost of personal freedom. It rejects the concept of relying on Lawful or Chaotic powers to focus instead on personal empowerment, individuality and the inherent strength of Mankind. Although the most idealistic alignment, it is also the hardest alignment to attain because of its isolationist nature and requires the person to make enemies of both the Law and Chaos factions, destroying everything to gain everything.

Favourite Movies
Scott Pilgrim, Summer Wars, Looper, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
The Walking Dead, Some anime, and Real Time with Bill Maher.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A bunch.
Favourite Books
The Hitchhiker's Guide, Scott pilgrim comics.
Favourite Games
SMT series, FEZ, pokemon, Cave Story, BIT.TRIP, Bioshock, etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Hardly, i'm on multiple.
Tools of the Trade
Mouse! I do not have a tablet.


Tofubread 2021 commission prices

My commission prices (and post) for easy viewing.

I had intention of posting yesterday, but plans came up and all XD;Hope everyone had a great holiday and even got some good gifts out of it :)I may or may not be active for a bit cause i have some stuff i need to do, namely for patrons, but then also...

Taking on commissions

Taking on commissions

Because i've been losing hours at work recently (heck, this week i have only one day of work) (See Below) Here are my prices; if there are any questions or concerns as to what i will/will not draw, feel free to bring it up for discussion. Do note; not taking any BG pics or FULL pieces atm (currently have one and have classes to worry about, so that will be the only one for now) If you like my work and want to support, there are ways to do so if you don't want a large commission: https://www.patreon.com/tofubread My patreon is active and by subscribing to certain tiers, you get monthly rewards from me. Feel free to check out and if it interests you guys. There's also just the minimal tier as well if you want to throw minor pocket change also, which helps :) https://ko-fi.com/tofubread There's also my Ko-fi. Mostly now just my tip jar, and sometimes i'll do sketches for peeps depending on the donation. Thank you guys again for the continued support, and feel free to check
This is something that i think was bound to happen at some point, and it ended up being now for the time being. Next month in June, i will be taking a break from taking commissions and patreon work. Anything that isn't already in my queue will not be...

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Keep up the amazing work :3. I'm loving these Tf works and your art style, I'm wondering if your open for commissions atm :3.

LOL! Your Avatar is really cool. ^^ It's making happy.

Happy Holidays. ^^
I've stuck with it since I got it a few years back XD
it's hard not to smile with something so cute.