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Regina Spektor Wallpaper

Chemo Limo, Regina Spektor :]
She's amazing.

Brushes from 44suburbia.
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juliomercado's avatar
Great wallpaper y'know
Where did you get that picture of her? The one on the right?
Love it, love her. My new wallpaper :)
Bobina-L-Buttercup's avatar
woaahhhhhhhhh... i never realised her name could make RESPEKT!!! :O:O:O:O:O::OO::O
Beclos's avatar
She's the most amazing singer! Beautiful picture :)
misshaleyyy's avatar
i totally took this! XD it's my desktop background now. i love it!
Sooo good! Please tell me there's a higher res wallpaper out there somewhere!
xtinamazingg's avatar
ah! i wish, i was silly when i made this and only made it 800x600 or something D:
Aw what a shame, such a lovely wallpaper.
UniquelyYours's avatar
I really like the layout of this composition. I especially like how you have the words swirling in the air. It portrays what I think her thought look like... if that makes sense :)

I hope you don't mind, I am doing a feature on Regina Spektor and artists on DA who love her as much as I do. I included you in this feature. [link] If you'd prefer to not have your art in this journal just say the word. Thank you-
ManbouDucks's avatar
I think you just stopped me on my search for a perfect and awesome wallpaper. Thanks a lot!
FurElisa's avatar
this is lovely!!! Regina's my favorite person in the entire world!!
Coasterfreak601's avatar
I love it.
I love it so much.
vitriolbg's avatar
I love Regina...and now I love youuuu :hug:
this'll go on my desktop right away :)
mystiquegrl's avatar
Cute, original, and creative!
Regina's so beautiful^^
Alexi035's avatar
I very much like this. It's an interesting depiction of Regina's style. I'm currently using a Sims 3 wallpaper in expectancy of the release of that game, but I'll surely use this right after that, while waiting for the wonderful 'Far'. Thanks for it!
twentyyearsofsnow's avatar
Hello, I featured this picture in a news article of mine :D
Amazing work :heart:
tonboli's avatar
This is wonderful!
I love the colour combination and how you put the lyrics into the picture. wonderful ^^

would you mind if I use it for my lj-layout? I would credit you of course!
xtinamazingg's avatar
thanks so much! n_n
and of course, that's fine with me.
HanSyd's avatar
Love this wallpaper, and the song. <3
floweredreminiscence's avatar
Whoaaaaaaa, that's SO awesome! I llove her!
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