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another of my aunt's foster kittens. :] :love:

i'm terribly sorry for the watermark.. i'm just very paranoid. :blush:

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Brilliant. I love how the whiskers are so clearly defined.
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Hey :)
You've been featured: [link] check it.
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It's very, very cute. :meow:
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I love this photo!!! :faint: The lighting is perfect and the detail in the whiskers is wonderful. It's definitely got a dreamy air to it. :)
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I love this perspective, a photo is more original like this :aww:
And your aunt's kitty is so cute!! I would like to have a kitty like that! :heart: :tighthug:
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:giggle: i really like this angle/perspective too! it makes it seems more... real? i dunno, but i like it a lot better than the average straight-on or side-profile shot. :D thank you so much for the support!! :hug: oh, and i'm sure you could pick up a cute 'n adorable kitten just like this at pretty much any animal shelter!! :D
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Yeah... maybe because it makes it more real or because it's more unusual, but I really like it better than the common perspectives =D
You're very welcome! You photos are really good :aww: :heart:
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He looks very majestic. As if pondering the meaning of kitten life :)
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haha! he does, doesn't he?
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(translation: ) all of the kitties are so cute!!!~:heart:
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looks like my kitty when he was a baby :) so cute, great photo!
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you're welcome :)
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