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to boldly go nails

star trek nails. naturally.

feel free to visit my nail blog for more nail related stuff!
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Those. Those are just amazing!
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SoGeeky; I love it! :D :woohoo:
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How do you do all the little details? o:
I want you to do my nails. These are amazing!
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wow, they're amazing! you did a real great job on these! =D
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That is BEYOND awesome. OMG
Okay, from one trekkie to another, these are freaking awesome! :hug:
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These are incredibly cool! You've got a talent for creating lots of little works of art on your nails; that you do.

May I ask what you usually use? I imagine lots of colors of polish, boxes of toothpicks, and more patience than the average human usually has are needed.
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I just use nail polish and an assortment of brushes in varying degress of thinness.. sometimes a little acrylic paint if I need a color I don't have. Once I do a design, I can generally whip it out pretty fast.
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So the SECRET IS OUT. ...Idk what I'm saying, it's really late...

That's cool; I think I'm gonna get back into painting my nails just to try out nifty designs now.
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Good look. :3 If you use paintbrushes, make sure you clean them with a strong, professional grade acetone, or else they'll gunk up.
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whoa!!! i gotta try this, where's my toothpick..
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I'm fairly sure I just had a nerdgasm all over myself..
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AHHH!!! I LOVE THIS! I wish I was this talented!
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ive always wanted to put the enterprise on my nails!!
everything inside me that is a giant dorks says...YESSSSS! Trek Awesomeness!
these are AMAZING!! if i ever painted them, they'll never dry properly (can't stand not moving too much)
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These get better and better! :D
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Great!! Very Nice ;)
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