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Hey I have a prize for the first place winner in FireDragon97 redraw contest if you guys want to check it out :D

For the love of Odin the All-Father, stop impersonating me.

Like jeez, please, get a life. 

For the people on discord, I have an impersonator going around messaging people with my name and saying some really messed up things. 

Screenshot 2018-06-17-21-57-37 by xTheDragonRebornx

That's not my ID number

I'm xTheDragonRebornx#9778 

So if you see someone with the same name but not the same ID number, it's not me.
DO NOT RESPOND, just block and move on. 

Thank you,

Hadn't been here for awhile. 

Sorry I've been gone for some months. I just needed a break from everything you know? 

I'm not going to beat around the bush here and just straight up tell you why I left was because of cyberbullying. I was getting picked on by multiple people and got my feelings hurt. 

Everyone's human. People get hurt. No one is immune to hurtful words. Some people can take it for longer than others, and some get hurt with just one comment. To be completely honest with you guys, I deal with hurtful comments every week. Usually, I brush them off and move on. That's life. But when you get overflows of them all at once because of a certain person spreading false rumors it can get a little too much to handle. 

So I took a nice break. Got my shit together and moved on with life. With friends and family by your side, healing becomes easier and you can find your happiness again. 

There's that out of the way. 

What else happened while I was gone?....

Oh yeah, I broke my leg while whale watching a couple of weeks ago. Some of you saw that on Instagram lol

I went to Monterrey California with my mom because she needed to go to a wedding and she wanted me to come with her. So we decided to go whale watching for shits and giggles cause we love whale watching. 

Saw some Orcas (one of my spirit animals I freaking love Orcas) and some Humpback whales. It was going great one of my favorite whale watching trips I've ever taken. 

Well, towards the end of the trip, some of the passengers and I were hanging on to the railing towards the front of the boat and this 400+ pound man was standing next to me (he needed a cane to walk around he was that big). This swell came in and rocked the boat pretty hard and the man wasn't hanging on tight enough and he fell straight on top of me. 

I micro-fractured my right fibula and sprained both my right ankle and left knee. 

The man was super sorry and I didn't hold it against him, you know accidents happen. 

So yeah that's great lol

Other than that I've been doing okay. Just hanging in there. 

Art-wise I haven't been working on any of my owed art while I was on my break; but now that I am back the first thing on my list of owed art is getting that Darkstalker MAP done, so keep an eye out for that within the next week or so. 

Then I got to get those prizes done for my 3000 watcher contest. 

After that, I got to make templates for the new WoF tribes, and I want to make new headshot templates to sell to you guys. 

And then I've slowly been working on full body pics of the Dragonets of Destiny, and those will become T-shirt designs I will be selling on RedBubble; I will also be adding some of the H-A-D Disney style on RedBubble to sell. So keep an eye for that. 

Then after I get all that done, I will be starting back up the H-A-D Disney style again and work on that. 

So busy schedule ahead :) wish me luck

Love you guys,
I want to thank everyone who entered the contest. I loved them all and I think every single one of you did an amazing job. I also want to thank the people who helped judge, because it was so hard for me to just pick ten, let alone to pick a top three. 
Here was the poll for the contest winners -xthedragonrebornx.deviantart.c…

Fifth Place goes to...


Peril and Horizon  by DragonStalk

I absolutely love the use of the Tim Burton style. Great work. 

Fourth Place goes to...


the dragon king by clockwork-captain
Great work on expression and exaggerated portions. Love the shading. 

Third Place goes to...


Oh, the dragonets are coming by Banskye
I love how you simplified the scales. Amazing work on expressing emotion and using a filter to mimic the Land Before Time older animation look. 

Second Place goes to...


Show the folks here what you're really like inside by Scourgeseer 

Amazing use of monotone coloring to mimic the older 1930's animation style. Love the choose of using this style. 

First Place goes to...


Cranky monstery by KenyaFord
By popular demand KenyaFord is our winner!!!
Amazing eye-shape and character design. Great choice of scene.

Raffle Winners

I used to pick the winners for this. 

And the winners are...


I will be noting the winners for prizes. 

Winners -

  Reborn's 3000 Watcher Contest and Raffle WINNERSI want to thank everyone who entered the contest. I loved them all and I think every single one of you did an amazing job. I also want to thank the people who helped judge, because it was so hard for me to just pick ten, let alone to pick a top three. 
Here was the poll for the contest winners -
Fifth Place goes to...

I absolutely love the use of the Tim Burton style. Great work. 
Fourth Place goes to...

Great work on expression and exaggerated portions. Love the shading. 
Third Place goes to...

I love how you simplified the scales. Amazing work on expressing emotion and using a filter t

I will judge for a couple of days, then I will set up a poll of the top ten. After 3 days of the poll being up, I will announce the winners of both contest and raffle. 

EDIT #1 - Extended Due Date

I want to thank everyone for such amazing support and love. We have gone through so many ups and downs but you all have brought such a smile to my face and I can't thank you enough for 3000 watchers :')
So I will be hosting a Contest and Raffle :) 

Due Date: January 3rd, 2018 at 12 PM Pacific Time


Contest Objective: Create a screenshot scene using a Disney/Dreamwork/Anime/Etc. (Any 2D animation) style from of the Wings of Fire book series. 

So that means you have to create some scene from any canon part in Wings of Fire that looks like a screenshot from a 2D animation Movie/TV show/Anime. 


Tmp741338539316215810 by xTheDragonRebornxtumblr inline miy6ypQUku1qz4rgp by xTheDragonRebornxAristocats by xTheDragonRebornxBeauty-and-the-beast-disneyscreencaps-com-2134 by xTheDragonRebornx75d37ecd31f41aa7a2e4a048860191b7 by xTheDragonRebornxKorra-screenshot-4-9 by xTheDragonRebornxMaxresdefault by xTheDragonRebornxHatsuyuki-Kaitou Shingeki no Kyojin - 09 1280x7201 by xTheDragonRebornxMV5BMjE1OTYwNjUxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzk4MjI0MzE@.  by xTheDragonRebornx

Make it a Wings of Fire scene:

Coyote's Howl by xTheDragonRebornx[ToP SPOILERS] I Made You by xTheDragonRebornx


What I am looking for: 

  • Believable. Does this look like a screenshot from a movie? Can I recognize that style? 
  • Canon. An actual scene from the book series. Can also be a scene that was never fully described, or was a past event that was described.  
  • Expressions. What's nice about a lot of 2D animation films is that they have great expressions and emotions on characters. 
  • Creativity. Did you put some effort into thinking up of a creative scene or/and is the picture creatively done?



  • You have to be a watcher. 
  • Only ONE entry per person.
  • You can use a pre-made background that is from a movie/tv-show/anime/etc. but YOU HAVE TO CREDIT IT IN THE DESCRIPTION with a link to the original picture. 
  • You get to pick the style you want to mimic/reference from. It just has to be a 2D Animation. 

When you Submit your Entry:

Arrow downArrow downArrow downWhen you post your entry it MUST have this in the description of the picture - Copy and paste this and fill in what is in the parenthesis ( ) Arrow downArrow downArrow down

Contest Entry for :iconxthedragonrebornx: (link to Contest journal) 
Style: (Style you chose to Mimic/Reference)
Background: (If you used a background you didn't make, link the original picture here) 
Scene: (Description of the scene you have drawn)

All Entries will be Favorited here - 


How to Enter:

Arrow downThis is what you need to copy and paste into the comments of this journal to enter.Arrow down

Favorite Wings of Fire canon character:
Favorite 2D animation Movie/TV-Show/Anime/Etc.:
What scene you have in mind to draw: 

If you don't have this written down I won't count you in. 
You can change the scene that you want to do anytime, you don't have to do the scene you have written down. 




One month Core membership
500 Points
Choice between:

Outline Template of your Fantribe that you can use for adopts, references, etc. 
SapWings Templates by xTheDragonRebornx
A full body of one OC
The Crevasse In My Heart by xTheDragonRebornx


300 Points
A Screenshot of one OC

Coyote's Howl by xTheDragonRebornx

Third - Fifth:

100 Points
Headshot of one OC

WoF H-a-D Day 1 - Clay by xTheDragonRebornx

All placed winners will also get my Tribe Templetes

Wings of Fire All Tribes Templates Download by xTheDragonRebornx



To enter:

Just comment you're entering and your Favorite of my Wings of Fire OCs.
You can see them here - xTheDragonRebornx's Wings of Fire OCs

Once you comment this I will give you your ticket number. 

Only one ticket per person.

Yes, you can enter both the raffle and Contest.



5 Winners will get an Icon from me of any OC. 

Main POV WoF Icons - Free to use by xTheDragonRebornx


Due Date: January 3rd, 2018 at 12 PM Pacific Time


Remember the rules and the entry requirements. 
But never forget to have fun :) 

Thank you everyone for everything and may the odds be ever in your favor,

Not obligating anyone to do this wishlist. Just jumping on the bandwagon :P

This is a random wishlist, for all my lovers. 

Now, for all my watchers and amazing fan base. 

- Any Art of My WoF Sona Echo:
Echo by xTheDragonRebornx
- Star Wars Rey and Kylo Ren ship pictures. I freaking love Reylo stuff. Even WoF AU edition: 
Reylo Ref WoF by xTheDragonRebornx (Art by Scourgeseer )

- Shipping pictures of OCs:
- Shipping pictures of Canon WoF characters:
  • Thorn x Six-Claws
  • Orca x Whirlpool
  • Snowfox x Snowflake
  • Umber x Qibli
- Just any art of my Favorite WoF characters:
  • Albatross
  • Whiteout
  • Six-Claws
  • Umber
  • Clay
  • Vulture
  • Orca
- Just any art of my Main WoF OCs:

Aurora by xTheDragonRebornx Petrel by xTheDragonRebornx Heat by xTheDragonRebornx Wolfsbane by xTheDragonRebornx Indigo by xTheDragonRebornx Lightsoul by xTheDragonRebornx Mercy by xTheDragonRebornx Opuntia by xTheDragonRebornx Verglas by xTheDragonRebornx Steam by xTheDragonRebornx Betta by xTheDragonRebornx Catamount by xTheDragonRebornx Coywolf by xTheDragonRebornx Queen Reborn by xTheDragonRebornx

Or for the ultimate fan, draw the weenie squad together:
Weenie Squad Refs by xTheDragonRebornx

I'm not making anyone do this, its just a fun holiday tradition for DA lol

You guys can tag me in any wishlist of your's if you like :)

(I'm sorry if you didn't wanted to be tagged, I didn't know)
Random Tag list: 
:iconbanskye: :iconclockwork-captain: :iconcatttaco: :iconrealtense: :iconazul-j: :icondemonml: :icondraktau: :icondschunai: :iconearthsong9405: :iconeyesinthedark666: :iconfiredragon97: :iconignitetheblaize: :iconiron-zing: :iconkaezerscooter: :iconkittify: :iconlieutenantv: :iconpawpplio: :iconmar-ble: :iconmoonfiire: :iconmorglen: :iconmythical-mishmash: :icontosaking: :iconrhynobullraq: :iconruscsi: :iconscaleeth: :iconshadeofshinon: :iconsyvaender: :iconskysealer: :iconsaebira: :iconsahel-solitude: :iconsesquipedalian101: :iconsezaii: :iconskaiagalaxy: :iconskaadii: :iconskaynoodle: :iconspudbollercreations: :iconstriiking: :iconthatweirddrawinchick: :icontheendlesshourglass: :iconthemythartist: :icontir-goldeness: :icontoxic-flow: :icontrunswicked: :icontwilightsaint: :icontalons-and-tails: :icontsunamiholmes: :iconulv-f: :iconvelocirapioca: :iconweirdhyenas: :iconwreei: :iconzhakrisstol: :iconzagiir: :iconlilaira:
I wanted to say thank you everyone for the amazing birthday wishes and gifts :3 
You are all amazing and I cherish every single one of you :)

Echo by SlothSpirit12  Happy Birthday, Echo! by DovaQu33n Have some Mercy (GIFT) by ZombieKiller52 Happy early birthday xthedragonrebornx!!!! by Rouge-Waves00 Echo (happy B Day) by RayRiver :Gift: Winter Rose by DiamondScales Echo (Re-done) by MoonbackIsNightwing The gang's all here! by NinxTheDragonetDraws Happy Birthday! by KawaiiAquariusDragon (G) Rejected by BeetleTheSilkWing -=Gift=- Happy B-Day by ArrowheadG Echo Gift by Sahel-Solitude :: Gift :: Happy Day-of-Birth Liz! by Toxic-Flow We're Gonna Find Adventure in the Evening Air by TheMythArtist<da:thumb id="711923639"/> someone will love you, but that someone isn't me by Scourgeseer Echoing Sunset by BrisingrW0lf Did I hear an echo? by Jomadis Tranquility by light-star-does-art Gift: Aurora by Ningaella3 Birthday Headshots by AuroraTheWyvern Fly away :G: by Moonfiire Happy birthday xTheDragonRebornx! by living-like-a-llama :G: At peace by Dolphindraws Echo BIRTHDAY GIFT by AvalancheOfPusheens Wings of Fire: Aurora (TheDragonReborn) by FlashDragonArt Northern Lights by Wawelian Sketch of xTheDragonRebornx 's Birthday Present by RayatheRayquaza Birthday Gift for XTheDragonRebornX by StargazerDaNightwing Northern Lights by MangoTheCoolRainWing [GIFT] happy happy birthday by MistystarOwO Echo by Tbratton11 Echo by lilac-sunsets Shes the leader of the Weenie Regimen by WolfiiWiingz Echoes Off The Mountains by OPAALE Betta (Bday gift) by Snowleopard-draws (G)Echo by Hydrake The World Needs More Heroes by AprilSilverWolf The echo of twilight by KenyaFord<da:thumb id="712304205"/> Birthday Headshots by RaintheDragoness12 Happy Birthday, Reborn! by Ta-ak

If I am missing yours either 1) it was a GIF and it wouldn't let me link. OR 2) I didn't see it and was not able to favorite it, so please comment down below your present to I can add it :)

Yeah, I finally was able to move from my sister's to my mom's place that she just bought. Going to be staying here for a year or so while I go to college. 
I miss Travis, he's doing good though, he is stationed in Germany for a couple of days then he will be sent to Qatar where he will do about a year of service, then he will be shipped back home :) 
We plan to get married when he gets back so that's exciting :P

But yeah, life is starting to look up now. Hopefully I will be getting back into art. I need to make a few bucks so I will be doing 2 auction adopts here soon, then I need to get working on owed art. I will be getting back into the Headshot A Day thing too. 

Just want to thank you guys again for being amazing people and wishing me happy birthday with your kind words and art :3 

Love you all,
Secret Santa! (Woot woot!)I got this idea from a status that :iconxthedragonrebornx: posted like a month ago, but I decided to start this now. Welcome to Starfruit’s Secrat Santa! Woot woot! Basically, how this will work is whoever joins will be paired up with someone else, and will draw one of their characters as a Christmas gift. Also, this is mostly Wings of Fire based, but other non-WoF dragons will be accepted too.
- Comment that you want to join, and link a reference sheet of the character that you want to be drawn
- Tag 3 people or make a journal about this (I want to spread the word)
After at least 20 people have joined, I will pair everyone up using a random  name picker. (This website: I will then note each person who they are paired up with, and I will pick a due date. (Somewhere around Christmas, so everyone will have tons of time.) Important: ALL ENTRIES NEED

<da:thumb id="711937734"/>
Trick or Treat! - CLOSEDA little event that I decided to do, see if it would pick up steam or whatever. 
This is going to be (basically) Secret-Santa, but instead for halloween! 
Note: You can start drawing your partner's character as soon as you are paired with someone! Entries will not be 'due' until November 10th. although that is rather far from halloween ; (
To join, reply to my comment!
Journal and/or tags:
Now, this wont be completely like Secret Santa! Instead of just drawing the character, you find your own way to halloween-ify them x3
lilac-sunsets - #1
xTheDragonRebornx  - #2
AuroraTheWyvern - #3
Werewolf900 - #4
GalaxyTheIcewing - #5
clockwork-captain - #6
DiamondScales - #7
desertnettle - #8
Draggirlmon - #9
ArrowheadG - #10
NightStar234 - #11
skye-hiigh - #12
ScorpionNinjaGirl  - #13
CyrusTheIceWing - #14
eelram14 - #15
x-StarryEyes-x - #16
whitewolves2004 - #17
living-like-a-llama - #18
RayRiver - #19
I was going to save this journal until after my birthday but I can't help it. 

I want to say thank you for everything.

Thank you for being amazing people with amazing talent and just being beautiful. 

I want to tell you guys that you make me happy. All the love, all the praises, all the nice comments, all of it. Brings me so much joy and happiness that I can bring some art to your life and you appreciating it. I might not be the best artist, but I am learning every day and improving. Thanks to you guys who push me to keep going, I am getting steps closer to achieving my dreams. 

I am thankful for everything I have. I am thankful for each and everyone of you amazing people.

I am proud of you all. It's amazing to see someone that I have watched a year ago and see how their art progresses to where it is now, just brings a tear to my eyes. I am proud seeing you amazing people push yourself forward and strive for better, and seeing you succeed; or failing and being able to pick yourself up from that.
I love to see people succeed in art, writing, programming, finishing school, getting a job, achieving goals and dreams. It brings a smile to my face. 

Every nice comment you leave on my pictures and page brings me so much joy. It kills me inside that I can't respond to everything, I am so sorry for that, I get so many notification a day that it's hard to keep up sometimes.
Still, all those sweet comments, keep me going. Thank you. Thank you for being so nice and admiring me. 

I have meet so many wonderful people the past couple of years from here and the WoF Fandom. Shout out to all my lovers and friends for being amazing people. Meeting all of you guys and even having the briefest comment conversations is amazing to me. I am really grateful for them. 

I am really sorry that few people have to spoil it here with the fandom, but other then them, I think we got it good here.

Moving from Southern California to where I am now has really helped me out. Life is starting to look up, and I can't wait to share it with you guys and keep making art for you all. 

I love you all. Just remember that I am proud of you all. Keep pushing forward, keep pushing for your dreams. Remember that we do not know what the light is without witnessing the darkness. 

Thank you for all the birthday wishes so far and the wonderful gifts. 

You guys mean the world to me, 
Mythical-Mishmash Is doing a sick raffle :D Come and Join!
<da:thumb id="707905061"/>
Finally got done moving to Chico. Living with my sister for now until I get a job and what not, might move in with my mom in a month or so when she gets done buying her new house. 
Had to say goodbye to Travis, my fiance, yesterday. He is getting deployed to Qatar, in the middle east. He will be gone for a year or so, cried pretty hard when he left. 
So now I am living day by day, trying to get a job and what not. Will be getting back into college for the spring semester, trying to get my credentials to become an art or science teacher. 
I will be getting back into art hopefully now. Starting off with getting my MAP part done and freaking Max's commission that I owed her for like forever now lol. And the rest of owed art too and also catching up with the H-a-D project. 

I also have a new AU getting planned out called "Subspecies." I will be doing some reference sheets and what not for it so keep an eye out for that.

Love you all and hope you guys are doing good :) 
Have a good evening,
So I am in the middle of moving and trying to get a job at my new home.

Art is going to slow down, I won't been doing the Headshot A Day every day but I will be still posting those headshots whenever I get the chance, it is the same thing with other owed art. 

Just life is throwing me curve balls. Constantly stressed and in freak out mood so please be patient. 

Hope you guys are having a good day,
I feel....
I feel like the second arc of WoF was rushed, especially Darkness of Dragons. 
I loved the pace of the First arc, I can read the first arc over and over again and feel not rushed. 
The second arc is just done so fast and we don't get to linger and question certain events or dragons, its just a rush to kill the bad guy. 
Like the first arc is just to help stop a war. A huge event that has killed other dragons for years. 
But in the Second arc its just a rush to defeat Darkstalker. Rush to get back to Jade Mountain. Rush to do this and that, that we don't get to spend time in each kingdom like we did in the first arc. 
I also feel that the jade Winglet don't get along with each other as much as the Dragonets of Destiny. 
Like I get that the Winglet didn't spend 6 years together but I just feel like none of them have a connection to each other like the first arc dragons did. 
I feel like Tui rushed the whole second arc. Like I don't think its completely her fault that she is rushed but Scholastic's fault in making her write a book in less than a year. 
I feel like we are rushing to get to the Lost Continent. We didn't get enough time in Pyrrhia, we didn't get to spend time in the Mud Kingdom and the Mud Palace, or culture and lore from each tribe.
I feel like we can get at least a new arc on Pyrrhia before we go to the new Continent with new tribes. 
the only book I really liked in the second arc was Peril's book. I think because I liked it so much was because I already knew Peril, we already had good character development on her and it just added more great development for her. 
I feel like the second arc went soft. There is like almost no deaths and true action like there was in the first arc. Peril's book had the only good death and action with the Queen fight between Ruby and Scarlet that was like the first arc. 

Just have this feeling the Tui is just writing to please her fans, doing ships just to please the audience, instead of spending time with character development. She just throws around ships that have one paragraph and moves on. 
Also the whole Qibli vs Winter for Moon stuff is just old and I would have been happy if Moon didn't pick either of them. She seems like more of a person who doesn't pick between people but instead is more independent. 

Darkstalker Legends is a good example of slowing down and looking into lore and normal day lives of dragons. Yes all the POVs in that book had powers and not normal lives, but we saw more of the surrounding dragons and explored more of the Night kingdom's lore and culture. Same thing with the Winglets, I love going into background dragon's POV and understanding more of these dragons. If we can have more books like that one and also the Winglets that would be great. 

All in all, I feel like the series is becoming rushed. It needs to take a step back and explore more into character's lives and understand relationships between each other than trying to get to the finishing line as fast as we can. 

Masters of War Darkstalker MAP Call Pic [CLOSED] by xTheDragonRebornx
I just hit 2,500 watchers :D (Big Grin) thank you everyone for all the amazing love and support :3 
Wouldn't be here with out you.

So here are the promised answers. Warning, this is super long lol

What are your favorite canon tribe and favorite fan-tribe in WoF?
That's really hard to answer because I love all the tribes nearly equally. Its hard to just pick one when I relate to them all. Yet, I love drawing and making NightWing OCs. NightWing hybrids are also a lot of fun to make, I love sparkly wings lol
Favorite fan-tribe, apart from my SwordWing, I really like Scourgeseer 's AbyssWings. Super cool looking and super fun lore. 

Which did/do you like better: Winterwatcher or Moonbli?
Why not both?
WoF Next Gen: Children of Moonwatcher by xTheDragonRebornx
I honestly don't know, they both have their ups and downs. 
It would have been nice is Moon didn't pick either of them or went with like Kinkajou instead lol

What do you think of Peril and Siamang's cooked applesauce?
Do I.... *sniff* .....Smell a Ship?

What's your least favorite thing about WoF?
How it's written for a younger audience which I get, but man, if it didn't have a limit to it imagine all the better gore scenes, other topics to explore, and more gay relationships we can have? 
being that it is a children's book, Tui has to limit herself to keep it censored for her readers, if she didn't have that she could do a lot more. 
But, that's what we fans are here for too, to make some badass fanfics lol

If you had to choose one WoF dragon to get married to, who would it be?
Six-Claws. He's the manly man we all need. 

Will you make next gen dragons?
Probably make more soon...

What's your favorite movie?
That's pretty hard question because I go through a lot of movies lol
But Lion King will forever be in my heart as #1.

Have you ever played Nintendo games, like Xenoblade, Zelda, and Kirby?
Yes :D (Big Grin)
Nintendo dogs, Spyros, Pokemons, and Mario-kart will forever be my favorites. 

Favorite and least favorite hybrid types in WoF?
I don't have a least or most favorite hybrid, I love them all lol

How were you able to animate your icon?
Tulitoukka has an amazing tutorial here - Animated Icons

Which Wacom device do you have and why?
Wacom Cintiq 13HD.
Just the best in the game, it's like a second monitor that is a touchscreen that I can use like a piece of paper. 

How did you get your unique style?
Just years and years of practice. Trial and error are your two new best friends. Just got to keep going, keep referencing from live animals and figure out what you like and comes easily to you. Always push yourself over your comfort line.

What got you into art?
I don't know what got me into art, I was drawing ever since I could remember. My mother was a painter, she painted scenes and what not, I just drew along side her and she helped me get started. 

What did you start out drawing? 
I used to draw dinosaurs and horses when I first started drawing, because instead of dolls and makeup I was interested in dinosaurs when I was younger. Just draw what you love and you will go from there. 

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of drawing?
Sketch and Outlining are my most dreaded things to do; but once I get kick started I just push through it and get it done. Favorite is probably coloring, figuring out what colors to use, because I just love colors lol

Any inspirations or influences? 
Animals. Animals have always been my inspiration to draw. My parents are Veterinarians and we rescue animals all the time, from the smallest rodent to pet tigers. I have been around animals my whole life, learning everything I can about them from my parents. I loved to draw them as my parents would heal them, I took care of them and just it made me happy to be around animals. 

What do you want to do with your art? 
Well, what I'm doing now is a good start, commissions and what not. 
I would love to be a book illustrator. Doing book covers and what not. 
I'm going to school right now to be an art teacher, I love helping people out with art.

Do you read a lot, and what's your favorite book genre?
Yes I read a lot. Just anything that interests me I just love to read. 
My favorite book genre is probably medieval fantasy, pretty much anything with mythical animals is my jam. 

What do you think Web's coloring is?
Blue green with a mix of green and blue top and under scales - 
Canon SeaWings Reference Sheet by xTheDragonRebornx

How would Darkstalker's bracelet fit for the 1,000 years or so when it's too small to fit on his wrist?
Shit, I don't know lol
You know Tui and her plot holes. I can just imagine Darkstalker's wrist like this -…

Do you only draw digital, or do you sketch paper too?
I use a lot of different mediums from sketching on paper, to ceramics, to painting, to digital. 
That's some more advice for you, DO NOT just limit yourself to one medium. Try to work as many mediums you can, it really helps your hand and eye coordination and broadens your imagination.
But yes, I do sketch on paper all the time whenever I'm at school or just sitting around. My hands are constantly working. 
I never post any of my sketches because I really don't like them lol

What is your favorite part(s) in WoF?
I love when we meet new characters. Those first few moments of meeting someone is critical, knowing is this person will be bad or good, what colors they are and what not. Those are usually my favorites. 
But scene wise, I love the Ruby and Scarlet Duel. 
So much drama and action, especially when Ruby turned into Tourmaline and also when she screamed to the SkyWings "FOR THE SKYWINGS!!!" gave me goosebumps. 

What's your favorite food? Favorite book?
Pizza and Wings of Fire of course

 If you could be one character from WoF, have their exact life story -all the good and bad parts- who would it be? 
Honestly, any of the RainWings would be great. Just chilling in the Rainforest with friends, eating and sleeping all day. Perfect.

Who are your favorite dragons from each tribe?
NightWing - Whiteout
SandWing - Six-Claws
MudWing - Clay
IceWing - Lynx
SkyWing - Tourmaline
SeaWing - Albatross
RainWing - Jambu

What is the meaning of life? 
Treating others how you want to be treated.

Which WoF AU do you like best and why?
Working on The War of Shadows story AU and it's more satisfying with what we do with the characters than what happened at the end of Darkness of Dragons. 
You guys are going to like once we start releasing chapters.

How did you come up with your fan tribe, Swordwings?
I was looking for names that were under used and I saw that metals and alloys weren't used as much so I thought a metal tribe would be cool. 
Well, I saw that a lot of "MetalWings" tribes were already made so I tried throwing in my metal elemental dragons that I have in my book series I'm writing, The Spectrum Reborn, which have metal weaponed tails. So that was how I came up with SwordWings. 

If you were an animus what is the first thing you'd do with your magic?
"Enchant myself to where the effects of animus magic cannot harm my mind or soul."

What do you think the new lost continent tribes will be like?
I know the dragons have wings, but it would totally be cool if they were Asian Dragons, like lung dragons, that float around and use animus magic like it was nothing. That could have been the origins of animus magic. 
And like they were called Claws instead of Wings; so like TreeClaws, EarthClaws, CloudClaws, etc. 

What art are you most motivated, inspired, and enjoy doing the most?
 I love Bob Ross, I used to watch him all the time before nap time when I was super young. Even nowadays, I turn on Bob Ross and fall asleep to him. He is a true angel to me. He was a gift and was taken away from us before his time. 
He helped inspire me to paint, yes I still suck at it, but he stilled helped me and inspire me to continue forward. 
I love making new characters in art, just making new adopts and OCs is so much fun to me. I know you guys get sick and tired of my reference sheets but I can't stop myself from making more.

What is your dream job?
Illustrating for the WoF graphic novel.

What is your opinion on the WoF fanbase/your own fans?
Honestly, you guys can be mean to each other, but then again, we are all human. I have seen worse, even in smaller fandoms. 
Apart from the few of you that like to bully me and others, and steal ideas/OCs and what not, you guys are amazing. You guys always send your love and I can't thank you enough for that. 
Even if I don't comment back, I still appreciate all your amazing comments. I love and care for you all. Thank you for liking my art and reading my journals and statuses.

The most creative WoF OC you've ever seen?
Jeez, I can't just pick out one. I see so many amazing OCs all the time, always being blown away by your creativity and imagination. I love it lol

What's one thing you'd like to do before you die?
See the Nothern lights and breathe in the fresh untainted air of the northern Canada wilds. 

If you were to pick one character out of all of your main OCs and make the rest just regular OCs, who would it be and why?
Apart from Echo, I think Deepsea? 
Honestly, I made Echo so I wouldn't have to pick one of my mains lol

Opinions about Darkness of Dragons?

How long do you think you will stay in the WoF fandom, and what other things are you very interested in?
Until I lose interest. I will always love it and draw for it I guess lol
I would like to start getting into the Temeraire fandom more and make more art for that. I love that series lol

Least favorite WoF character?
Queen Lagoon. I hate her. 

Do you still have a lot of trouble with some parts in art? If so, what are they?
Art is a constant battle. I am constantly trying to find easier ways to draw things, use less of my time. Also trying to get more realistic shading/effects is super hard for me. 

If I give you a description, would you draw it for practice or something?
Probably not, unless I ask. 

Whats the first picture of a dragon you ever drew? 
I think I was like 5 when I first started drawing dragons, so I don't have a first picture lol

When did you start liking dragons?
I LOVE Dinosaurs, when I was little that's all I cared about was dinosaurs. I had such a huge collection of dinosaur toys because that's all I asked for.
I guess Dragons were included in that because they looked like dinosaurs. When I got older and started reading, I started to fall in love with dragons even more. So since I could remember, I was always into dragons. 

Do you read fanfiction?
I live for fanfics. I love them. 

What books do you recommendations?
Wings of Fire, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Warriors, Inheritance Cycle, Temeraire Series, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Divergent Series, The Last Dragon Chronicles, How to Train Your Dragon Series, Jurassic Park Series, Dragonriders of Pern, etc. 

Any other fandom your in beside Wings of Fire?
Warriors, Spyro, Temeraire, Eragon, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, and Game of Thrones

What part of a dragon is hardest to draw in your opinion?
Wings, wing poses are the hardest for me. I dread everytime when I have to draw wings lol

What is your least favourite tribe in WoF and why?
SkyWings, I guess how the series shows them at the moment in time as being mean and rude. I guess back in the day they used to be nice. 

Wishlist/general wants for the next Wings of Fire arc?
More lore for all the tribes. Learning more about traditions and culture is my cup of tea lol

If you could date anyone besides Travis who would it be? (REALISTICALLY, NO CELEBS ALLOWED)
Honestly I would stay single?
*cough* Max BringerofAshes *cough*

What is your least favorite ship in the whole WoF fandom?
Thorn Smolder. 
No. Just No.

Which is your favorite WoF book?
Darkstalker Legends. I love multiple POVs and it was filled with lore. I loved reading about Albatross too.

Do you try to talk to your fans as often as you can?
Yes, I would love to talk to every single one of you but I got no time lol
But you should always feel free to send me a note, I love to talk :) (Smile)

What is your favorite art medium?
Digital. You have so much freedom with digital and you can get nearly any look with it. 

Who is your favorite WoF artist?
I have a ton, I can't just pick one. 

Whats your best advice for getting noticed by a fandom/large audience?
Honestly, I would rather go back to having 100 watchers. Yes, it's great getting noticed but it comes with a lot of negatives. 
Getting attacked for no reasons, people hating you for just being famous, tracers, art thieves, etc. 
But if you really want it, then you just need to get your art out there. 
Post in groups on DA, as many as you can. Do contests and art trades. Talk to people. That's how you get your name known.

What about Whiteout makes her your favorite character?
She is not another cookie cutter character. She paints, she's a hybrid, she's smart, she's kind, she's so different from everyone else. She is blue in the world of black and white. I just love her. 

Which character in Wings of Fire do you feel like you can relate to the most?
If I had the ability to draw and have things come to life, I would draw houses for all my family and friends too. 
Honestly, if Darkstalker offered me one gift, it would have been exactly when Mightyclaws asked for. 

How long did it take you to get noticed by the fandom and how long have you been in it?
I think I have been in it for about two years now, maybe more. I got noticed nearly right away. Because I posted my art in groups and did contests. 

Would You Rather Have The Powers Of Earth, Fire, Air Or Water?
Water. I love water. I could water my plants and swim for longer periods of time. 

What is one of your favorite drawing you've done so far and why?
Hide While You Still Can by xTheDragonRebornx
It's always hard for me to pick a favorite picture of mine, because I see all the flaws and what not. But this Albatross picture has been some of my best shading lol

How did You Create Your style? 
It just came to me? Like practice and retrying is what got me here. Studying real life photos of animals and people. Studying styles from around the world. Just do what you feel comfortable with but also pushing yourself over the limit to broaden your abilities.
Hey Art Fight is about to end tomorrow.

So whoever did an attack on me and I didn't attack you back, please note me. I need to talk to you...

Also, PLEASE, no one attack me anymore, I got a lot on my plate. 

Treat me nicely lol
My accident -
  Got in an accident...Was driving home from dropping off Travis at a meeting and I was driving on a public road that had dairy farms all around it. Well a kid in a pick up truck tried to cross the road without looking and I went 60 MPH into his side. 

My Camaro is done. Winter, my best and favorite car, is dead. I loved that car. 
Here is the kids pick up, and yes he is okay, I hit his passenger side and didn't harm him...

I'm fine, just got bad whiplash and my chest hurts, i'll be okay. 
Just crying from the lost of my car...
That was my first car. I was going to keep Winter as a family heirloom...
Aftermath - 

Now that the shock is over, it feels like you know when someone dies in your family and you don't really take it into heart that they are gone until like later?

Yeah, I'm getting that now. 

I realized I could have died. 

If I turned at the wrong second and flipped my car at impact, or if the kid was going to the other way when crossing the road where I hit his driver's side....
We could have been killed. I could have killed a kid that hadn't even got the chance to live. 

I know you guys are sick and tired of me complaining about losing my car. I get it, it could have been a lot worse, I could have died. 
It's just that, I worked so hard to get that car. Years and years of me busting my ass in school, to finally get the car. To finally drive where I want to. To escape from hateful parents, to seeing friends, to coming to people's aid. 
It was hard to lose him, Winter. 

But now, the next day, it's starting to hit me that I really could have died, or have killed someone. 

I just remember what happened during it. 

Slamming on my breaks, bracing my arms against the driving wheel, and then BAM. 
My elbows buckling and me hitting my face into the air bag.
All the windows where blacked out from all the airbags going off in the car that blocked the windows. 
My ears ringing where I couldn't hear a thing. 
Looking down at both my arms and seeing blood dripping down from scratches that were caused from the airbags. 
I lifted my head slightly to see the whole car inside fill with smoke to where I couldn't see the passenger side. It sat in the air and clung in my mouth. 
In my mind, for a split second I thought Travis was with me and he flew out of the car or something but I remembered that i just dropped him off so it was just me. 
Then I could final smell fire. 
My mind raced to think my car is going to explode. 
So I unbuckled myself, my ears still ringing, blood dripping down my arm; and the seat belt got caught so I tried opening the door and the door would only open half way. 
So I crawled out. Squeezing my way out onto the pavement. 
Still ringing in my ear, I could faintly hear a woman screaming. So I looked up and saw the kid's mom running towards me.
She gets to me and I can barely hear what she's saying. 
I just nod and she runs over to her son, who is already out and just staring at me. 
I finally get to my feet and look at the kid who was crying, and I yell "Are you okay?" at him, cause I can hardly hear myself. 
I start taking long deep breaths as I slouch over my car to hold myself up. 
The ringing starts going away and I just start crying. 

Not crying for my car, not crying for myself, just crying to cry. 
That was the first time I cried in months. 
Just to let it out, all my frustrations, all the pain, and doubt. I just let it out it felt like. 

I know some of you think its irritating about how I am talking about my accident. 
And I'm sorry. 
I'm sorry for being human. 
I'm sorry for being in shock. 
I'm sorry for caring for something I worked hard on and being lost. 
I'm just sorry.   
Sorry for all the pain I caused. 
Sorry for the hate. 
Sorry for making people's lives a living hell. 
Just sorry...

I know it could have been a lot worse.
I know I should be thankful. 
I know other people had it a lot worse. 

I had nightmares last night. 

I just like talking to you guys. 
You all make me feel better. 
But sometimes people make me feel worse. 
Some of you are irritated or upset that I'm not thankful for being alive or talking about this accident. 

Just sorry I can't be human.... I wrote the journal an hour after it happened. I was still on adrenaline and in shock. 

I'm going to the doctor's today. 
I think I really messed up my elbows. 
Typing this out really hurt. 
I'm sorry...
Was driving home from dropping off Travis at a meeting and I was driving on a public road that had dairy farms all around it. Well a kid in a pick up truck tried to cross the road without looking and I went 60 MPH into his side. 

Image (1) by xTheDragonRebornxImage (2) by xTheDragonRebornx

My Camaro is done. Winter, my best and favorite car, is dead. I loved that car. 

Here is the kids pick up, and yes he is okay, I hit his passenger side and didn't harm him...

Image by xTheDragonRebornx

I'm fine, just got bad whiplash and my chest hurts, i'll be okay. 

Just crying from the lost of my car...
That was my first car. I was going to keep Winter as a family heirloom...

Aftermath - 
Aftermath of accident....My accident -
Now that the shock is over, it feels like you know when someone dies in your family and you don't really take it into heart that they are gone until like later?
Yeah, I'm getting that now. 
I realized I could have died. 
If I turned at the wrong second and flipped my car at impact, or if the kid was going to the other way when crossing the road where I hit his driver's side....
We could have been killed. I could have killed a kid that hadn't even got the chance to live. 
I know you guys are sick and tired of me complaining about losing my car. I get it, it could have been a lot worse, I could have died. 
It's just that, I worked so hard to get that car. Years and years of me busting my ass in school, to finally get the car. To finally drive where I want to. To escape from hateful parents, to seeing friends, to coming to people's aid. 
It was hard to lose him, Winter. 
But now
Doing any other one of these Question and Answer thing.

Ask me anything, I will answer anything. If some questions are similar I will merge them together. 

Ask about me, about my art, about Wings of Fire, about my characters, anything. Just leave a comment. 

I will make another Journal in 24 hours with the answers. 
Taken from Mythical-Mishmash 

1. How did you get into Wings of Fire?
Was strolling through Barnes & Nobles one day and I saw Clay's book and thought the art was badass so I started reading it. 
Here I am now...

2. What is your favorite arc?
The First Arc will forever be in my heart, that's what got me into it; but the Second Arc is so much more interesting and exciting. 

3. Which is your favorite book (Excluding books outside of the mainstream series)?
Does that mean I can't count Darkstalker Legends? Cause that's my favorite.
Other than that one I really liked Moonwatcher's book, I really liked how we got an inside view of a mindreader and first learned about Darkstalker. 

4. What is your favorite book outside the main series (Winglets/Legends)?
Oh well, Darkstalker Legends.
Just learning about more lore is enough for me to fall in love with it, I loved Albatross and Foeslayer and Indigo, just can't explain why I loved it so much lol

5. Out of the 7 tribes, which is your favorite one?
NightWings, yeah I know really predictable but I love their looks and powers and names. They are just so interesting to learn more about.   

6. Who is your favorite character?
Freaking Whiteout. She is pure, she is innocent, she is amazing looking. I love everything about her and I love drawing her. 

7. We all have someone we don`t like! Who is your least favorite character?
Hmmm. This is hard to answer because I found all of the characters interesting and fun to read about. 
No wait. I know who. 
F****** Lagoon. Queen Lagoon in Darkstalker Legends. Freaking Bitch is what she is. 

8. Some of the dragons have really awesome designs! Who would you consider to be the most aesthetically pleasing?
Whiteout. I love her colors and design. Also Indigo because indigo is my favorite color. 

9. Who is your favorite queen/king?
All Hail Queen Thorn!

10. We have to give at least some love to the dragons we hate! Who is your favorite villain? 
Albatross. Albatross has so much good lore for him in the future. I would love to learn more about his past and maybe wink wink Possible IceWing hybrid?

11. Who is your favorite minor character?
Six-Claws. My sexy daddy. I love him so much. I loved his Winglet the most. I just love him as a character. He is amazing. 

12. Who do you think is an overrated character?
She was kind of a lame villain. She was suppose to be this really smart dragon but really she got out smarted more than once by the DoD group. Didn't seem that smart, but was rather just mean to just be mean. 

13. Spread some love to those who need it! Who do you think is an underrated character?
Freaking Six-Claws.
Six-Claws helped Thorn to become queen, he helped her with the Outclaws, while also trying to help her with finding Morrowseer, Stonemover, and Sunny. Everyone just see's him as the funny dragon with six fingers that isn't that big of a character, but in reality, he help Dune with becoming a solider, he saved Blaze from certain death, and just needs more love than what he has. 

14. We've met some pretty quirky scavengers throughout our protagonists` adventures! Who is your favorite scavenger/what is your favorite scavenger moment?
I mean we don't get a lot of scavenger moments? But I guess Flower/Rose was cool. If I lived with dragons I would draw them everyday too lol

15. What is your favorite pairing?
Six-Claws/Thorn. Blessed ship. 

16. What is your least favorite pairing?
Smolder/Thorn. No. Just No. 

17. Share some love to our best dragon pals! What is your favorite friendship?
Kinkajou and Moonwatcher.
The need more love and more time together lol

18. Everybody has to have a favorite moment from the books! What is yours? 
Ruby killing Scarlet yelling "FOR THE SKYWINGS!!!!"
Gave me goosebumps. 

19. There are SO many deaths in the series, but whose do you think was the most tragic? 
I know we didn't see it but hearing that Coral "accidentally" killing her was a little hurtful to me.
Like what if Orca wasn't really that mad? Like what if she had her moments of "Am I really doing the right thing?", but then Coral did something that upset Orca was just "I had enough" and wanted to take the throne to help her kingdom?
I mean we have seen moments where Coral is a little sketchy? Like, I don't know, ripping teeth out of a live dragon. 
I have a dark feeling that Whirlpool had a bigger part in this and maybe, like he almost did with Anemone, convinced Orca to take Coral's throne, planting seeds of doubt and hatred in her mind so she would kill Coral. 
I don't know, just kind of sad to me to think about that.

20. The dragonets always stumble upon situations which give them no choice but to fight! What is your favorite battle/fight scene? 
Winter and Hailstorm's fight against Foeslayer was pretty cool. Short lived, but awesome.