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Christmas is fun :3 I think Wishlists are a lot of fun too and you guys are totally free to tag me in them :D
I'll try to do some wishes this year, I don't know how many I will get but we will see :) 
I need to work on my expressions anyways so this would be a good practice. 


Really any art of Echo or one of my main WoF OCs is gold :D

Echo Reference Sheet 2018 by xTheDragonRebornx

Deepsea by xTheDragonRebornx Aurora by xTheDragonRebornx Petrel by xTheDragonRebornx Heat by xTheDragonRebornx Wolfsbane by xTheDragonRebornx Indigo by xTheDragonRebornx Lightsoul by xTheDragonRebornx Mercy by xTheDragonRebornx Opuntia by xTheDragonRebornx Verglas by xTheDragonRebornx Steam by xTheDragonRebornx Betta by xTheDragonRebornx Catamount by xTheDragonRebornx Coywolf by xTheDragonRebornx Queen Reborn by xTheDragonRebornx

OC Shipping Art

I love me some shipping art :D
I have other OC ships and you are free to do those too but right now these are my favs.

Wolfsbane x Miserybringer
Wolfsbane by xTheDragonRebornx Miserybringer 2018 Fullbody Fin by BringerOfAshes

Deepsea x Caspain
Deepsea by xTheDragonRebornx  Caspian by xTheDragonRebornx

Mercy x Yew
Mercy by xTheDragonRebornx dumb thotticus by Scourgeseer

But yeah thank you everyone for keeping with me this far :) 
Had a rough year and I think 2019 is gonna get better
(crosses fingers) hopefully
Come Join my new Wings of Fire Discord Server :D
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow right Arrow Right Pink Arrow left PINK  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Arrow left 

Wings of Fire World Discord Server by xTheDragonRebornx

This person. 

I can't find a way to report an art theft on society6, can someone help me find a link to file a report of copyright infringement?

Edit - I found the link
I'm not really attached to these characters anymore, nor do I have a plan for them. 

I don't really have a set price for them, so I'm doing an offer anything to me thing and I'll just pick the offer I like most. Like Paypal, points, or art would be great; and in order of preference. 
If you are gonna offer art, show me some examples of your art and what you are gonna do. 

I'm not taking first come first server
its just whatever offer I like the most

Each had a set story, and once you own the character you are free to keep the story; but you are also free to change their story or names. 

Chironex / SeaWing - DragonStalk 

 WoF Next Gen: Child of Tsunami and Riptide by xTheDragonRebornx

Bryozoa / Rain-Sea - chrissi1997 

Bryozoa by xTheDragonRebornx

Soothe / NightWing slight IceWing - BringerOfAshes 

WoF Next Gen: Child of Clearsight and Darkstalker by xTheDragonRebornx

Atheris / Rain-Night - PatgamingDragonMom17      Dignity / Rain-Night - MythiCreature 

Atheris and Dignity by xTheDragonRebornx

Acicular - Night-Ice - Scourgeseer   Zerzura - Night-Sand - PatgamingDragonMom17 

Acicular and Zerzura by xTheDragonRebornx

Remora, Lyretail, Morrish Idol / SeaWings - OPEN

WoF Next Gen: Children of Anemone and Pike by xTheDragonRebornxWoF Next Generation - Remora by xTheDragonRebornx
Some of you know from my previous updates that I live in Chico Northern California and that Paradise, the town next to us is on fire called the Camp Fire. 

If you read updates you will see that over 20,000 people are homeless. Camp Fire has taken out so much. 

My Aunt and Couin's family lost their homes and is now living with us. 

My mother is a veterinarian and she was called out to help animal control save animals from the fire. I went along with her as her assistant. 

I've seen somethings today that I wish to never see again. 

We were some of the only people able to go up into the fires. We had to go through military personnel and police to even get to the roads. 

Driving up there, it was just a wall of smoke that you couldn't see 20 or so feet ahead of you as you drive. We could see some faint flames off in the distance. Everything is covered in ashes. smoke fills your lungs even while in the truck. We wore air ventilators and what not, but you can still smell the burning. 

As we are driving up the mountains towards the confirmed calls we have of injured animals, we see smoldering houses, cars in ashes, and burnt wild animals on the side of the road. 

Seeing all these people's lives, their homes, destroyed. 


Mother and I keep our heads down and silent on the ride up there. These are our friends and family. The people we grew up with. Went to school with. Homes I spent the night at. Burnt and gone. We nearly bought a house and moved here. 

Telephone poles, wires, and trees are fallen on the ground and are slightly burning. We just drive around and over them.  

It takes us about an hour until we get to our first call. Before we get onto the road, a hearse and cop cars drive in. 

We watched as they drove to a house where police looked on to a burning pile ash of a home, and we knew there was a body there. They tell us if we go around walking to not walk in chalk white ash. 

We ask why. He tells us they might be burnt bodies. 

We drive on until we get to our first house. 

Horses running loose. Singed tails and manes. Panicking and frantic. We get out and calm them, get them food and water, and leave. 

Paradise and areas around are all mountains. There are no big roads. There are few paved roads and hundreds of unmarked dirt roads that are hard to get in or get out of. We can't get a trailer up there to pick up the horses. All we can do is provide some food and water, and make sure they are okay. 

We do this over and over again just road after road, checking on horses, picking up stray dogs and cats. 

Some are burnt. Some are okay. Some run away. Some come crawling. Some scream from pain or fear or both. 

All day we are just helping animals as our lungs give out, our eyes sting and burn. As our skin dries and cakes with ash. 

As flames dance around us. As the sun is turned to blood red circle that as no god power to blind anymore. It's just a red circle in the sky. As the ground is painted in whites and blacks. The few colors we see are of firefighters in bright yellow or orange. 

Or the random patch of grass. Or the blistering pink of burns. 

I've seen things that I wish to never see again. There are things I've seen that I can't tell you here. 

I might have to go again if I get called back. 

I'm home now. But even at home its covered in ash. The sun us still blotted out. 

I've showered and cleaned. 

But I still smell the ash. It's like stuck in my nose and in my lungs. 

I close my eyes and still see the burning. The animals that are burnt. The screaming of dogs in pain. 

I might take a break from art, or I might dive into it harder to get my mind off of it. I don't know anymore. I can't think. 

Please pray or help the people who lost it all in the fires. There are donations everywhere to help support victims of this huge fire. 


If you can't see it cause the link doesn't work for most people, try seeing one of the products and then click the username "Wings of Fire" to see the rest -…

This a**hole is stealing my designs from my RedBubble and selling them on Amazon. 

Please, do not buy my products from other websites apart from my RedBubble account. -…

Like, you know is this one of my only ways of income. If I don't get sales I can't pay my bills and then I won't have time for art. All my hard work is stolen. 

And if you are the person doing this and you see this. Burn in hell. 
BeetleTheSilkWing is doing a fun map for OCs and/or Sonas if you wanna join :D

Winners have been announced :D

Third Place with missingecho -  WoF-Hybrid Icon Contest Entry by missingecho
Second Place with zagiir - 
First Place with LaPurrm -  [CE] WoF-Hybrids Icon by LaPurrm

Thank you everyone for joining, I loved all the entries so for your work I will be giving you my headshot templates for a show of thanks :3

Hey the contest has ended, if you do not see your entry in the journal below PLEASE NOTE ME YOUR ENTRY

Got a contest open with some cool prizes in it for my animator people out there that I am hosting :D

Edit 1 - If you have an entry and it's not in the journal please note me your entry so I can put it in the journal

Hey, I know in previous adopts' descriptions I said to never give away or sell my adopts. 

I want to amend that rule. 

You are allowed to sell adopts you bought from for exactly the price you bought them at - no more no less. 

Just note me when you sell it/them so I can change the owner name in the description. 

Thank you have an awesome day :D

I finally made some new Wings of Fire Tribe Templates

2018 Wings of Fire All Tribes Templates Download by xTheDragonRebornx

Now I want to give away 10 copies of all the tribes templates for free. So I'm gonna do a raffle.

To enter:

1. You have to be a watcher
2. Share this journal; Can either be a journal/poll/status 
3. Comment below your favorite tribe :)

Once you comment this I will give you your ticket number. 

Only one ticket per person.

This Raffle will end in 2 days, so at about 8/22/18 10 AM Pacific time

I will announce the winner on this journal and note the winner their templates.


All my older fullbody templates are 50% off so you can snatch those for cheap :)

Wings of Fire All Tribes Templates Download
IceWing Template Download
MudWing Template Download
NightWing Template Download
RainWing Template Download
SandWing Template Download
SeaWing Template Download
SkyWing Template Download

 For all the people who bought my older 2017 all tribes template at 2000 points can buy my newer 2018 templates for 1500 points through the commission widget on my homepage. 

You must note me to show proof that you purchased the older template set before 8/20/18 with a screenshot of purchase in your purchase history.

PayPal is an option if you don't want to pay with points, just note me. 


The Winners

There were some people who weren't watching me that I had to pass over on the number randomizer thing, so make sure when you enter a raffle or contest that you read all the requirements and rules

:iconneono-knows: :iconthedryicedragon: :iconsydney091301: :icontawneeleaf: :iconmoonguarding: :iconriick-o: :iconawakening-queen: :iconmoonwatcherscrafts: :iconcaactushugger: :icondiamondscales: 

I will be noting the winners with the link to the templates :) 

Thank you again everyone for joining and spreading the word, it means a lot. Love you all.
I am looking to get an animated pagedoll of Echo to use on my stream border so if anyone has pagedoll commissions open send me a link please :)


Just wanted to do an update since I'm not really posting too much. 

Just been an on and off thing with depression and anxiety. So I'll have days where I work a lot on art and have a good day, and then the next day I have no motivation and just hide in my room all day. It's just sometimes I have to work on. 


I have been working on a big project. Some of you guys who come to my streams know what I'm talking about. 
I'm been making new Wings of Fire Templates, with all 10 tribes. I got 3 more to go than I will be making some adopts with them and the templates will go on for sale afterward, so hopefully within this week I can get that done. 

Which means the old outdated templates I have now will be going on a sale discount when the new ones get posted, so keep an eye out for that. 


Travis, my fiance, will be coming home from his one-year deployment on Friday and I am so excited for that. 
It's what I've been looking forward to for a while now, I miss him so much. 

So when he gets back, don't be expecting much activity from me for a while lol


My leg is doing better. 

Back in April, I broke my leg in a whale watching accident. Had a micro-fractured fibula and sprained ankle and knee. 
The break is better, I'm not in a book cast anymore, but the sprain is still healing and it hurts to squat or have that ankle bent for too long with weight on it.

Sprains tend to take 6 months to heal anyway, so no surprise there.


But yeah just trying to do day by day. School starts on the 22nd for me so that's exciting. 

Anyways, thank you for the support

Love you guys,
Hey I have a prize for the first place winner in FireDragon97 redraw contest if you guys want to check it out :D

For the love of Odin the All-Father, stop impersonating me.

Like jeez, please, get a life. 

For the people on discord, I have an impersonator going around messaging people with my name and saying some really messed up things. 

Screenshot 2018-06-17-21-57-37 by xTheDragonRebornx

That's not my ID number

I'm xTheDragonRebornx#9778 

So if you see someone with the same name but not the same ID number, it's not me.
DO NOT RESPOND, just block and move on. 

Thank you,

Hadn't been here for awhile. 

Sorry I've been gone for some months. I just needed a break from everything you know? 

I'm not going to beat around the bush here and just straight up tell you why I left was because of cyberbullying. I was getting picked on by multiple people and got my feelings hurt. 

Everyone's human. People get hurt. No one is immune to hurtful words. Some people can take it for longer than others, and some get hurt with just one comment. To be completely honest with you guys, I deal with hurtful comments every week. Usually, I brush them off and move on. That's life. But when you get overflows of them all at once because of a certain person spreading false rumors it can get a little too much to handle. 

So I took a nice break. Got my shit together and moved on with life. With friends and family by your side, healing becomes easier and you can find your happiness again. 

There's that out of the way. 

What else happened while I was gone?....

Oh yeah, I broke my leg while whale watching a couple of weeks ago. Some of you saw that on Instagram lol

I went to Monterrey California with my mom because she needed to go to a wedding and she wanted me to come with her. So we decided to go whale watching for shits and giggles cause we love whale watching. 

Saw some Orcas (one of my spirit animals I freaking love Orcas) and some Humpback whales. It was going great one of my favorite whale watching trips I've ever taken. 

Well, towards the end of the trip, some of the passengers and I were hanging on to the railing towards the front of the boat and this 400+ pound man was standing next to me (he needed a cane to walk around he was that big). This swell came in and rocked the boat pretty hard and the man wasn't hanging on tight enough and he fell straight on top of me. 

I micro-fractured my right fibula and sprained both my right ankle and left knee. 

The man was super sorry and I didn't hold it against him, you know accidents happen. 

So yeah that's great lol

Other than that I've been doing okay. Just hanging in there. 

Art-wise I haven't been working on any of my owed art while I was on my break; but now that I am back the first thing on my list of owed art is getting that Darkstalker MAP done, so keep an eye out for that within the next week or so. 

Then I got to get those prizes done for my 3000 watcher contest. 

After that, I got to make templates for the new WoF tribes, and I want to make new headshot templates to sell to you guys. 

And then I've slowly been working on full body pics of the Dragonets of Destiny, and those will become T-shirt designs I will be selling on RedBubble; I will also be adding some of the H-A-D Disney style on RedBubble to sell. So keep an eye for that. 

Then after I get all that done, I will be starting back up the H-A-D Disney style again and work on that. 

So busy schedule ahead :) wish me luck

Love you guys,
I want to thank everyone who entered the contest. I loved them all and I think every single one of you did an amazing job. I also want to thank the people who helped judge, because it was so hard for me to just pick ten, let alone to pick a top three. 
Here was the poll for the contest winners -xthedragonrebornx.deviantart.c…

Fifth Place goes to...


Peril and Horizon  by DragonStalk

I absolutely love the use of the Tim Burton style. Great work. 

Fourth Place goes to...


the dragon king by clockwork-captain
Great work on expression and exaggerated portions. Love the shading. 

Third Place goes to...


Oh, the dragonets are coming by Banskye
I love how you simplified the scales. Amazing work on expressing emotion and using a filter to mimic the Land Before Time older animation look. 

Second Place goes to...


Show the folks here what you're really like inside by Scourgeseer 

Amazing use of monotone coloring to mimic the older 1930's animation style. Love the choose of using this style. 

First Place goes to...


Cranky monstery by KenyaJoy
By popular demand KenyaJoy is our winner!!!
Amazing eye-shape and character design. Great choice of scene.

Raffle Winners

I used to pick the winners for this. 

And the winners are...


I will be noting the winners for prizes. 

Winners -

  Reborn's 3000 Watcher Contest and Raffle WINNERSI want to thank everyone who entered the contest. I loved them all and I think every single one of you did an amazing job. I also want to thank the people who helped judge, because it was so hard for me to just pick ten, let alone to pick a top three. 
Here was the poll for the contest winners -
Fifth Place goes to...

I absolutely love the use of the Tim Burton style. Great work. 
Fourth Place goes to...

Great work on expression and exaggerated portions. Love the shading. 
Third Place goes to...

I love how you simplified the scales. Amazing work on expressing emotion and using a filter t

I will judge for a couple of days, then I will set up a poll of the top ten. After 3 days of the poll being up, I will announce the winners of both contest and raffle. 

EDIT #1 - Extended Due Date

I want to thank everyone for such amazing support and love. We have gone through so many ups and downs but you all have brought such a smile to my face and I can't thank you enough for 3000 watchers :')
So I will be hosting a Contest and Raffle :) 

Due Date: January 3rd, 2018 at 12 PM Pacific Time


Contest Objective: Create a screenshot scene using a Disney/Dreamwork/Anime/Etc. (Any 2D animation) style from of the Wings of Fire book series. 

So that means you have to create some scene from any canon part in Wings of Fire that looks like a screenshot from a 2D animation Movie/TV show/Anime. 


Tmp741338539316215810 by xTheDragonRebornxtumblr inline miy6ypQUku1qz4rgp by xTheDragonRebornxAristocats by xTheDragonRebornxBeauty-and-the-beast-disneyscreencaps-com-2134 by xTheDragonRebornx75d37ecd31f41aa7a2e4a048860191b7 by xTheDragonRebornxKorra-screenshot-4-9 by xTheDragonRebornxMaxresdefault by xTheDragonRebornxHatsuyuki-Kaitou Shingeki no Kyojin - 09 1280x7201 by xTheDragonRebornxMV5BMjE1OTYwNjUxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzk4MjI0MzE@.  by xTheDragonRebornx

Make it a Wings of Fire scene:

Coyote's Howl by xTheDragonRebornx[ToP SPOILERS] I Made You by xTheDragonRebornx


What I am looking for: 

  • Believable. Does this look like a screenshot from a movie? Can I recognize that style? 
  • Canon. An actual scene from the book series. Can also be a scene that was never fully described, or was a past event that was described.  
  • Expressions. What's nice about a lot of 2D animation films is that they have great expressions and emotions on characters. 
  • Creativity. Did you put some effort into thinking up of a creative scene or/and is the picture creatively done?



  • You have to be a watcher. 
  • Only ONE entry per person.
  • You can use a pre-made background that is from a movie/tv-show/anime/etc. but YOU HAVE TO CREDIT IT IN THE DESCRIPTION with a link to the original picture. 
  • You get to pick the style you want to mimic/reference from. It just has to be a 2D Animation. 

When you Submit your Entry:

Arrow downArrow downArrow downWhen you post your entry it MUST have this in the description of the picture - Copy and paste this and fill in what is in the parenthesis ( ) Arrow downArrow downArrow down

Contest Entry for :iconxthedragonrebornx: (link to Contest journal) 
Style: (Style you chose to Mimic/Reference)
Background: (If you used a background you didn't make, link the original picture here) 
Scene: (Description of the scene you have drawn)

All Entries will be Favorited here - 


How to Enter:

Arrow downThis is what you need to copy and paste into the comments of this journal to enter.Arrow down

Favorite Wings of Fire canon character:
Favorite 2D animation Movie/TV-Show/Anime/Etc.:
What scene you have in mind to draw: 

If you don't have this written down I won't count you in. 
You can change the scene that you want to do anytime, you don't have to do the scene you have written down. 




One month Core membership
500 Points
Choice between:

Outline Template of your Fantribe that you can use for adopts, references, etc. 
SapWings Templates by xTheDragonRebornx
A full body of one OC
The Crevasse In My Heart by xTheDragonRebornx


300 Points
A Screenshot of one OC

Coyote's Howl by xTheDragonRebornx

Third - Fifth:

100 Points
Headshot of one OC

WoF H-a-D Day 1 - Clay by xTheDragonRebornx

All placed winners will also get my Tribe Templetes

Wings of Fire Pyrrhia Tribes Templates Download by xTheDragonRebornx



To enter:

Just comment you're entering and your Favorite of my Wings of Fire OCs.
You can see them here - xTheDragonRebornx's Wings of Fire OCs

Once you comment this I will give you your ticket number. 

Only one ticket per person.

Yes, you can enter both the raffle and Contest.



5 Winners will get an Icon from me of any OC. 

Main POV WoF Icons - Free to use by xTheDragonRebornx


Due Date: January 3rd, 2018 at 12 PM Pacific Time


Remember the rules and the entry requirements. 
But never forget to have fun :) 

Thank you everyone for everything and may the odds be ever in your favor,

Not obligating anyone to do this wishlist. Just jumping on the bandwagon :P

This is a random wishlist, for all my lovers. 

Now, for all my watchers and amazing fan base. 

- Any Art of My WoF Sona Echo:
Echo by xTheDragonRebornx
- Star Wars Rey and Kylo Ren ship pictures. I freaking love Reylo stuff. Even WoF AU edition: 
Reylo Ref WoF by xTheDragonRebornx (Art by Scourgeseer )

- Shipping pictures of OCs:
- Shipping pictures of Canon WoF characters:
  • Thorn x Six-Claws
  • Orca x Whirlpool
  • Snowfox x Snowflake
  • Umber x Qibli
- Just any art of my Favorite WoF characters:
  • Albatross
  • Whiteout
  • Six-Claws
  • Umber
  • Clay
  • Vulture
  • Orca
- Just any art of my Main WoF OCs:

Aurora by xTheDragonRebornx Petrel by xTheDragonRebornx Heat by xTheDragonRebornx Wolfsbane by xTheDragonRebornx Indigo by xTheDragonRebornx Lightsoul by xTheDragonRebornx Mercy by xTheDragonRebornx Opuntia by xTheDragonRebornx Verglas by xTheDragonRebornx Steam by xTheDragonRebornx Betta by xTheDragonRebornx Catamount by xTheDragonRebornx Coywolf by xTheDragonRebornx Queen Reborn by xTheDragonRebornx

Or for the ultimate fan, draw the weenie squad together:
Weenie Squad Refs by xTheDragonRebornx

I'm not making anyone do this, its just a fun holiday tradition for DA lol

You guys can tag me in any wishlist of your's if you like :)

(I'm sorry if you didn't wanted to be tagged, I didn't know)
Random Tag list: 
:iconbanskye: :iconclockwork-captain: :iconcatttaco: :iconrealtense: :iconoazuljo: :icondemonml: :icondraktau: :icondschunai: :iconearthsong9405: :iconeyesinthedark666: :iconfiredragon97: :iconignitetheblaize: :iconiron-zing: :iconkaezerscooter: :iconkittify: :iconlieutenantv: :iconpawpplio: :iconmar-ble: :iconmoonfiire: :iconmorglen: :iconmythical-mishmash: :icontosaking: :iconrhynobullraq: :iconruscsi: :iconscaleeth: :iconshadeofshinon: :iconsyvaender: :iconskysealer: :iconsaebira: :iconsahel-solitude: :iconsesquipedalian101: :iconsezaii: :iconskaiagalaxy: :iconskaadii: :iconskaynoodle: :iconspudbollercreations: :iconstriiking: :iconthatweirddrawinchick: :icontheendlesshourglass: :iconthemythartist: :icontir-goldeness: :icontoxic-flow: :icontrunswicked: :icontwilightsaint: :icontalons-and-tails: :icontsunamiholmes: :iconulv-f: :iconvelocirapioca: :iconweirdhyenas: :iconwreei: :iconzhakrisstol: :iconzagiir: :iconlilaira:
I wanted to say thank you everyone for the amazing birthday wishes and gifts :3 
You are all amazing and I cherish every single one of you :)

Echo by SlothSpirit12  Happy Birthday, Echo! by DovaQu33n Have some Mercy (GIFT) by ZombieKiller52 Happy early birthday xthedragonrebornx!!!! by Caactushugger Echo (happy B Day) by RayRiver :Gift: Winter Rose by DiamondScales Echo (Re-done) by MoonbackIsNightwing The gang's all here! by StarTheInklingDraws Happy Birthday! by KawaiiAquariusDragon (G) Rejected by BeetleTheSilkWing -=Gift=- Happy B-Day by ArrowheadG Echo Gift by Sahel-Solitude :: Gift :: Happy Day-of-Birth Liz! by Toxic-Flow We're Gonna Find Adventure in the Evening Air by TheMythArtist<da:thumb id="711923639"/> someone will love you, but that someone isn't me by Scourgeseer Echoing Sunset by BrisingrW0lf Did I hear an echo? by Jomadis Tranquility by light-star-does-art Gift: Aurora by Ninxeas Birthday Headshots by AuroraTheWyvern Fly away :G: by Moonfiire Happy birthday xTheDragonRebornx! by c0ffeecatt :G: At peace by Dolphindraws Echo BIRTHDAY GIFT by AvalancheOfPusheens Wings of Fire: Aurora (TheDragonReborn) by FlashDragonArt Northern Lights by Wawelian Sketch of xTheDragonRebornx 's Birthday Present by RayatheRayquaza Birthday Gift for XTheDragonRebornX by StargazerDaNightwing Northern Lights by MangoTheCoolRainWing [GIFT] happy happy birthday by MistystarOwO Echo by Tbratton11 Echo by lilacsunsetss Shes the leader of the Weenie Regimen by WolfiiWiingz Echoes Off The Mountains by OPAALE Betta (Bday gift) by Snowleopard-draws (G)Echo by HYDRAKE The World Needs More Heroes by AprilSilverWolf The echo of twilight by KenyaJoy<da:thumb id="712304205"/> Birthday Headshots by RaintheDragoness12 Happy Birthday, Reborn! by Ta-ak

If I am missing yours either 1) it was a GIF and it wouldn't let me link. OR 2) I didn't see it and was not able to favorite it, so please comment down below your present to I can add it :)

Yeah, I finally was able to move from my sister's to my mom's place that she just bought. Going to be staying here for a year or so while I go to college. 
I miss Travis, he's doing good though, he is stationed in Germany for a couple of days then he will be sent to Qatar where he will do about a year of service, then he will be shipped back home :) 
We plan to get married when he gets back so that's exciting :P

But yeah, life is starting to look up now. Hopefully I will be getting back into art. I need to make a few bucks so I will be doing 2 auction adopts here soon, then I need to get working on owed art. I will be getting back into the Headshot A Day thing too. 

Just want to thank you guys again for being amazing people and wishing me happy birthday with your kind words and art :3 

Love you all,
Secret Santa! (Woot woot!)I got this idea from a status that :iconxthedragonrebornx: posted like a month ago, but I decided to start this now. Welcome to Starfruit’s Secrat Santa! Woot woot! Basically, how this will work is whoever joins will be paired up with someone else, and will draw one of their characters as a Christmas gift. Also, this is mostly Wings of Fire based, but other non-WoF dragons will be accepted too.
- Comment that you want to join, and link a reference sheet of the character that you want to be drawn
- Tag 3 people or make a journal about this (I want to spread the word)
After at least 20 people have joined, I will pair everyone up using a random  name picker. (This website: I will then note each person who they are paired up with, and I will pick a due date. (Somewhere around Christmas, so everyone will have tons of time.) Important: ALL ENTRIES NEED

<da:thumb id="711937734"/>
Trick or Treat! - CLOSEDA little event that I decided to do, see if it would pick up steam or whatever. 
This is going to be (basically) Secret-Santa, but instead for halloween! 
Note: You can start drawing your partner's character as soon as you are paired with someone! Entries will not be 'due' until November 10th. although that is rather far from halloween ; (
To join, reply to my comment!
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Now, this wont be completely like Secret Santa! Instead of just drawing the character, you find your own way to halloween-ify them x3
lilacsunsetss - #1
xTheDragonRebornx  - #2
AuroraTheWyvern - #3
Werewolf900 - #4
GalaxyTheIcewing - #5
clockwork-captain - #6
DiamondScales - #7
desertnettle - #8
Draggirlmon - #9
ArrowheadG - #10
NightStar234 - #11
skye-hiigh - #12
ScorpionNinjaGirl  - #13
CyrusTheIceWing - #14
eelram14 - #15
x-StarryEyes-x - #16
whitewolves2004 - #17
c0ffeecatt - #18
RayRiver - #19