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Kirby Reader Insert [Part 4]
  Your breath was now caught in your throat, eyes widening in realization of who the person in front of you was. The star of the show himself was right there! Sure, you were more of a Meta Knight person, but dang, he was adorable. Despite everyone around you in armor, tunics and other renaissance wear, his clothing appeared to more casual like a jacket and such. Oh, how you missed your normal clothing. You then snapped from your daze as the pin-haired boy spoke up. “Hi there! I've never seen you around before.”
  You stuttered a bit as you spoke. “Oh- I-I-uh. I honestly don't even know how I got here..!” You weren't positive as to why you were so nervous. It was probably because he was capable of fighting you if he needed to, and he'd kick your ass doing it. “Really?” He tilted his head to the side, a small pout on his face. “Well, hopefully you'll fund out soon~! I'm Kirby, by the way.” Your attention locked on the ground.
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Kirby Reader Insert [Part 3]
 The two of you were staring at each other. You, in almost fear of what he was capable of doing, he, in interest of who exactly you were. Unfortunately, for Marx, before he could get close to you, he was run over by the king, who you knew better as a big, fat, blue penguin. He pointed a chubby finger at the tall knight next to you. “I thought I told you to find out what the hell's happenin' with the Sun 'n Moon business! But instead ya' bring back a girl?!” He leaned over you, raising an eyebrow. “She don't look familiar to me!” The knight placed a gloved hand on his shoulder. “My king, she seems to have no idea how she got here. She's staying with the rest if the Meta Knights anyway, so don't worry.” As much as Meta despised working for someone else, he reassured him anyway. “Well, alright. As long as she doesn't cause any trouble..!” King Dedede whipped around, strutting his way back to his throne.
  “Hey, hey, hey.~
:iconxthatzombiegirlx:xThatZombieGirlx 31 15
Kirby Reader Insert [Part 2]
[ Please refer to monosakura for any gijinka designs in this.~  Because she's my headcanon.~ ]
  A man emerged from the shadows, and damn. He was way taller than you. You stared up at him, and he stared right back, with an eyebrow raised. With his cape still wrapped around him, he leaned down to get a better look at you. “Who are you?” Blade Knight popped up from behind you. “She's [y/n], sir! She seems to have no clue how she got here.” The boy in the sailor out fit was now joining in with the rest of the crew. “Oh dear, does she have any case of amnesia?” You shook your head and responded. “No, I know who I am and all, where I'm from, who old I am and all that. I just... don't know how I got here.” You wondered if you should also speak of how you knew who they were... Ah, fuck it. “Actually, I even know who you all are.” The Captain dramatically whipped around, so swift to turn on
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Kirby Reader Insert [Part 1]
   Ah, what was more peaceful than hearing your friend scream at you over Skype for beating their ass at Super Smash Bros. Brawl? It was even better since you were also playing as the bad-ass Meta Knight. “Dude, [y/n]! Stop fucking spamming the attack button damn it!” They yelled into their microphone. If they were there right now, you'd laugh right in their face. Suddenly that Final Smash appeared on the screen. “Oh, I'm totally getting that lil' shit.” You said as you flew Meta Knight up into the air, and hitting the sphere over and over again. In no time, the knight was glowing and all you had to do was get to your friend and kick their sorry ass off the screen. And that's exactly what you did.
  “Fuck you, [y/n].” Your friend huffed. “Heh, I've been getting better, huh?” You could clearly tell that your friends eye twitched just after you said that. “No. You just learned that spamming was a thing.” Even thou
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Back Pain [Prussia x Reader]
  Well, this was just wonderful. You were now walking into the house that you shared with the five men that you were best friends with. They were all outside training, while you were currently in a lot of pain. Ludwig did apologize for pushing you too far but, you were still pissy as hell. Your back and shoulders hurt and all you wanted was to sleep.
  That was until a certain albino decided to ruin your plans.
  "Kesese! Oh, frau, it seems you were lacking effort back there, ha! What's that all about?" Gilbert said, standing right next to you, with a little Gilbird flying in a circle around the two of you. You groaned in response as you continued to walk upstairs to your room. Gilbert wasn't surprised that you'd just walk away, but he didn't let that stop him. He followed you up the steps. "C'mon, [Name]! Just tell me what's up and I'll leave you alone." Of course, you didn't believe that statement, so you slammed your bedroom door in his face.
 "Awww, fraaauuuu. I
:iconxthatzombiegirlx:xThatZombieGirlx 5 0
Studying [Romano X Reader]
Ah, studying, such a wonderful thing, right? Wrong.  It was even worse with the grumpy Italian, Lovino Vargas himself, who was groaning about how all the logics of Science was hard and how Literature was too boring, blah blah. You were pretty decent at school, you weren't the best and you weren't the worst either. So, you enjoyed attempting to tutor him, although, he really did get pissed at it easily. Like right now.
“Damn it, ragazza! This is so fucking stupid!” Lovino yelled, probably loud enough for your neighbors to hear, and slammed one of his fists onto the table that you two sat at. You let a sigh escape your lips, which were pressed into a frown. “Lovi-.”  He sent you a death glare just as you were about to say the dreaded nickname that he hated to hear. “I mean, Lovino. You’re not going to get better if you just keep screaming on how hard it is.” Green eyes stared back at you, and he huffed, returning his gaze to the paper i
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Always There For You [Allies/Axis X Reader]
  You were done, just done. You had enough of school, people, everything. You held your head as you walked back to your home, it didn't help at you were in pain from a couple of girls beating the shit out of you, just because you liked anime and manga. Ridiculous, right? Everything just hurt, you felt like letting out your pain in tears, but there were none. You've cried so much in your life, that it no longer helped. All you felt was the overwhelming pain in your chest, that kept building up over the years. You tried, you really did try to stay calm all the time, but your life didn't help.
  When you approached your house, you sighed in relief, your parents weren't home. You forgot that they went on a weekend vacation without you, which you were completely fine with. You didn't feel like dealing with their shit right now. You took out the spare key under the mat, and unlocked the front door. As soon as you were in, you collapsed onto the couch, finally alone.
:iconxthatzombiegirlx:xThatZombieGirlx 3 0
Silence - A Kishin Asura X Reader.
  There it was, the silence. The silence that led to an awkward, dark room. It was only a matter of time before he got bored and decided to do something that he might regret. You were only there to watch him, make sure he was alright. Though, now you both had run out of topics to discuss. Whenever you were around this man, you could feel the madness, trying to consume you. Eat you whole. Bring you down.... make you stronger, more powerful. But only at times like this.
  You just had to look at him in the eyes. Those crimson, red, piercing eyes. The man stared at you, blinking, with no emotion. "...[Name]." and with that, you were startled, and your body inched back, embarrassment clouding your mind. You gulped, your [e/c] orbs staring at him. "Y-Yes, Asura..?" The taller man got up from where he was sitting, to come and stand in front of you, towering over your smaller body. "You were... staring." With that, you looked down at the floor boards. "Sorry..." A sigh then escaped
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gijinka doodles 2 +info by banami-luv gijinka doodles 2 +info :iconbanami-luv:banami-luv 131 206
After Team Galactic Chapter 1
The new world has been made. Dialga and Palkia have combined their powers of time and space to make it. The trio of Ash, Dawn, and Brock tried to destroy the Red Chains surrounding the two legendary pokemon, but failed.
Seeing the new world complete, Mars approached her boss, Cyrus, "Oh please, Cyrus sir, let's go to our new world right away!"
What came next was not the answer she hoped for, "I have no need for you. Your very existence will poison my new world" Cyrus said.
"No need for us?" Saturn asked wearily. Saturn and Mars appeared to have lost all hope.
"This new world belongs to me alone!
You could never understand what it truly means!" Cyrus exclaimed.
Charon responded with a surprisingly calm tone, "Hmm... I thought you'd feel that way"
Cynthia dashed forward, "Let's attack those rings once more" she commanded the trio.
"Right!" yelled Ash, "Let's do it now!" Pikachu attacked the rings with Thunderbolt, Piplup attacked them with Bubblebeam, Croagunk attacked with Poison Sting,
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Magolor YAY by kyosplosion Magolor YAY :iconkyosplosion:kyosplosion 177 92 Pure Evil by TehBurningOrange Pure Evil :icontehburningorange:TehBurningOrange 300 63 More Marx Magolor by Candy-Swirl More Marx Magolor :iconcandy-swirl:Candy-Swirl 144 95 GH Marx by Dagmar-NEO GH Marx :icondagmar-neo:Dagmar-NEO 392 145 Kirby Cosplay NiCon 11 by StarbowVampire Kirby Cosplay NiCon 11 :iconstarbowvampire:StarbowVampire 133 66 Crona Stamp by 80avatarfan80 Crona Stamp :icon80avatarfan80:80avatarfan80 626 34 Zachary by AdventureTimeAddict Zachary :iconadventuretimeaddict:AdventureTimeAddict 3 2 Sollux Captor by Timeless-Knight Sollux Captor :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 1,017 137 Eridan by lisaharald Eridan :iconlisaharald:lisaharald 2,350 143 Nepeta Leijon :33 by Maruta-chan6 Nepeta Leijon :33 :iconmaruta-chan6:Maruta-chan6 1,081 65 Homestuck: Aradia Megido by cogdis Homestuck: Aradia Megido :iconcogdis:cogdis 733 25 Terezi Pyrope: WH4TS H4PP3NS? :O by CoralLoire Terezi Pyrope: WH4TS H4PP3NS? :O :iconcoralloire:CoralLoire 184 12


Wow! It's been what, almost a year, now? I left DeviantART in about... March last year. I've had time to kind of sit back & relax. I'm not saying that I'll be returning permanently, but there's a chance you may see stuff from me in the future.

So look out for that c;

Again, if you want my Twitter, Tumblr, or Skype, just ask !!!!


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Greetings, watchers and visitors~! Welcome to my page where as of now, it's filled with tons of Kirby related stuff. Have fun~!


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