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It's 4 AM on April first and my roommate is apparently running his (proverbial rather than literal) chainsaw on full power throughout the night. Talk about starting early with the joy the first of April always is.

Anyway, things appear to be mostly back on track. I got my external hard drive back a month ago, fucked something, ruined one of my laptop hard drives, gotten most of my files back, raspberry Pi is up and running. Wow such fascinating.

I've also decided it wouldn't be a bad idea if I tried to occupy myself with drawing on a bit more regular basis. It kinda worked the previous week, I just need to motivate myself to continue. I have a few ideas, I guess. Yesterday I namely started playing Avencast. So far the game didn't impress me that much though it's far from Guise of the Wolf (Okay, Guise of the Wolf actually impressed me. For all the wrong reasons, but it did). And you don't look a gift horse in its mouth. Also ...

Basically, an 'interesting' level design. The best part of these two drake statues is the lever behind them. You pull it and you get four... I mean, five! I mean, fire! (But apparently only if there's a minecart there in between). This is a neat idea and I'll probably try to implement it once, except with dragons. Maybe even actual dragons rather than just statues. (Or maybe I'll just give it up because darker pieces usually turn out rather bad)

I've also had some problems with the web Transmission (a torrent client running on RPi). It showed ↑ instead of ↑ and ↓ instead of ↓. So I decided to fix it. It also showed [symbol][one space][speed], which resulted in the display being highly unaligned. I also fixed that, so the end result looks something like this:

Note: That's the foo. I needed some torrents to test it, and ThePirateBay returned these two when I searched for something foo. Both torrents were deleted within 5 seconds of taking the screenshot because I don't need this to waste my HDD space. See how triangles are aligned?

Oh and speaking of torrents: The Pirate Bay also released The Pirate Bay Bundle, which includes 100 free games. Free as in free beer, not as in 'it kinda fell into my pocket' free. Similar to the book I'm reading at the moment (The Gaven by Irene North), it's free for you to torrent but you can also feel free to donate. (Official site.)

Guess that'll be all for today.
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