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The Hatchery by xTernal7 The Hatchery by xTernal7
So Gimp 2.10 has just been released this past weekend, so I decided to give it a test ride. This means another location from my D&D campaign.

The Ice Cavern Hatchery (yes, the buildings attach to the rocks, there's a cave hidden behind and there's lots of ice in it) is a ... well, hatchery. One of quite a few in the region where the players are right now. They hatch dragons in there — in case of this hatchery, it's white dragons (therefore lots of ice). And the players are about to "borrow" an egg from this place, hopefully somewhere in the next three sessions.

This pic isn't entirely canon — my notes say the forests are mostly spruce with other kinds of trees only sparsely represented (after all, they're pretty far north right now), but leafy canopies are easy to draw and spruces are not. The second minor-ish deviation from the canon is the time of year: according to our timekeep (and yes I outsourced timekeeping to players) it's midsummer right now. Pic is clearly mid-spring.

Map layout also got slightly revised: I added a toilet house hanging over the cliff.

Some notes regarding architecture:

* Yes, the ground and first floor of the small tower are double height
* The fat tower (keep) has an open roof. Yes, that's some tarp on top of it, functioning as a "ghetto skylight" to better illuminate the bottom of the pit (efficiency of this practice questionable) and to provide some basic protection from the rain while still allowing light through.

Not pictured:
* guards and caretakers. There should be at least 2 guards by the wall gate and 4 more throughout the place.

Took me ~8-10 hours, probably. As far as GIMP 2.10 goes: some major improvements and some minor bugs and annoyances, but nothing show-stopping so far.
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