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Orc cave [map] by xTernal7 Orc cave [map] by xTernal7
Oh :b:oi, another D&D map.

Now that the D&D session this map was used in is over, I can safely upload this map. Also story time:

Following certain ideas I've got from reddit (namely: ‘‘Are we the baddies’’ and ‘‘I just Smashmouth-rolled my party’’ threads over at /r/DnD) I prepared a quest for my party, and a map for it.

They were told, by the villagers, that there's orcs and other shitskins in the cave nearby and that orcs keep raiding them. The village points them in the general direction of the cave.

The cave was designed with a back exit (to a glacier), a big main cavern with hot springs/lakes (that part of the cave was covered by thick layer of ice). Above the main cavern, there was a smaller room in the icy roof of the main cavern. That room contained boxes filled with mostly junk and a few barrels of highly flammable liquid. There were a few cracks in the floor of that room that led straight to the main cavern. I was handing my players an easy way of taking out the entire camp. (This wasn't completely unprecedented).

Unfortunately, I also put about 5 goblins into that room (1 of those unarmed). Since my party took out two orcs guarding the entrance with ease, and our elven ranger just 1v2'd two goblins by herself, I figured this would be an easy fight. Too easy, even (I think there's something fucky going on with weapon stats). I expected my party to shoot first, ask questions later like always.

They didn't. Instead they tried to talk to the goblins and I let it slip too much: from goblins' statements, the party (correctly) concluded that the orcs taking refugee are actually not evil and bam, here goes my attempt at getting my party do the white phosphorous scene from Spec Ops: The Line (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER) — except in D&D.

Oh well. At least there wasn't any railroads (as opposed to Spec Ops: The Line).

At least I got to use this bit of haunting music as they descended into the cave. Even makes a tiny bit of sense because I've houseruled that English = Orcish (game otherwise isn't in English).
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December 3, 2017
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