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Monteblanca is a far north dwarven settlement that my D&D group is about to visit sometime soon. That's how it looks in the summer, but my party is about to visit it in winter. Shit timing.

Notes: Worldbuilding
* The settlement is located in the midst of a giant ice flats. Ice flats are almost completely flat, with some rocks sticking out of the ice every now and then.
* Those bits of rock that sticks out of the flats usually signifies a volcanic hotspot, which means free energy. The dwarves can be warm, inside or out.
* Despite the settlement being located in the middle of ice flats, farming is possible. Not just underground (where certain edible mushrooms grow), but on the surface as well (by keeping crops warm). In addition to that, white sails above the crops are used both to reflect additional sunlight to the crops, as well as for keeping the warm air near the crops for a while longer.

Other notes
* IM FELL font family(ies?) have become my favourite serif font this weekend. Ez best font ever.
* I originally intended making the background dark by the means of storm clouds. However, I didn't manage to pull that of in a convincing manner, so I decided to produce a little bit of handwavium by importing that darkness thing from Banner Saga.
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Looks impressive! Love the way you painted the snow