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Audience with the lord of Crow Rock



Why does lately every piece I try to do expands to 21:9 or wider, even when I originally started at 16:9? lul

Anyway: that's an illustration for my discord D&D group, a moment that happened about a month or so ago. The town of Crow Rock is allied with a dragon, and not everyone — especially not people who'd like to take over Crow Rock — likes that. The lord of the town has learned that someone is planting ballistas in select towers and rooftops around the town, and on one jolly morning he decided to send guards to remove problematic machinery. The party was asked to help and they, of course, accepted.

The task took them to a tower in the sketchier part of the town. They bypassed the guards on the way up, accessing the tower by climbing in through a window from the roof of the building the tower was part of. (They accessed the roof by going through some abandoned apartments in immediate vicinity of the tower). They quickly dispatched of guards in the top floor, but not before they managed to shout for help. Since the dragonborn and human are both wizards/sorcerers (and since the orc DMPC is slightly to moderately OP, shame on me for not fudging rolls for that charsheet), the orc was put on the stairs leading to the bottom of the tower, whacking anyone who came too close while dragonborn and human preferred a more ranged approach with their spells and cantrips. Which is why the orc is tagged the worst.

Eventually they won. The fight ended with orc chopping off the leg of last remaining thug. The party quickly stabilized the wound (thug survived) and dragged the man to have "an audience" with the town's lord. Before they left, they also destroyed the ballista and took a few things (the bit the orc carries is ballista's iron bow). So that's the current situation.

Characters (from left to right):

* Thurak : orc (DMPC)
* Xur : dragonborn
* Alziratt : human

By the way, did I mention that both PCs really like dragons to the point of almost unhealthy worship? And that they really don't like anyone who would dare to as much as think about hurting one? That's why the dragonborn is so pissed.

I'm so meta, even this acronym | extra stuff about this piece I'd like to point out

So I'm going to wait a few days before saying how this is by far the best piece I've ever made (that includes people and creatures), but I'll be quiet for a few days. According to my past experiences, some of my artwork has aged horribly. Still, I'm quite proud of how this turned out as I generally don't do this kind of art. I don't think any single piece has gotten this much effort and time sunk into it. I haven't tracked the time, but I've spent a few days drawing it bit by bit, with the lion share of work being done yesterday/friday (glad to see my day off work being well spent).

But who reads descriptions anyway.

gg ez
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