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Transfer Station
So I got a new tablet and decided to take it for a test.

If my D&D campaign could keep pace with the ideas for cool locations I come up with, that would be great.

At the moment, one of the landscape ideas I've got in mind is something somewhat similar to pre-cata Thousand Needles area in World of Warcraft. Steep, nearly vertical canyons and towers of rock. Having settlements surrounded by vertical drop is sensible (easy to defend). With deep (and sometimes very wide) canyons going through (what would otherwise be) a flat land also creates plenty of situations where path from place A to place B is interrupted by a tall wall. In such places, lifts usually make some sense.

In some cases, the canyon walls aren't straight enough (or are too tall) for a single lift to go the entire way from top to bottom. In such cases, there's usually two lifts, with one ending right next to where the next one begins.
Inspired by my second D&D group. A NPC waiting for my players to stop being nosey, poking around the building for various valuable things.

Tried drawing it in an hour or so. Actually spent two and a half hours on it. (45-ish for sketch, the rest for coloring things in).
I'm taking some liberties with depictions of the events that went down in my last D&D sessions. My players ran into a bit of an ambush, but they managed to send them running (with exception of two mercenaries — a dwarf and some thug — who were captured by the party). After the fight is done, the dragonborn and the orc started interrogating the dwarf about the ambush. Dragonborn sorcerer had his firebolt cantrip ready at all times, in case the dwarf would try anything. My headcanon is that he was threatening the dwarf to burn his beard with it.

E: fixed full view. Turns out that browsers _really_ don't like if you use arithmetic encoding for jpegs (or whatever that option in GIMP is) — even when the file opens just fine on the computer.
The Hatchery
So Gimp 2.10 has just been released this past weekend, so I decided to give it a test ride. This means another location from my D&D campaign.

The Ice Cavern Hatchery (yes, the buildings attach to the rocks, there's a cave hidden behind and there's lots of ice in it) is a ... well, hatchery. One of quite a few in the region where the players are right now. They hatch dragons in there — in case of this hatchery, it's white dragons (therefore lots of ice). And the players are about to "borrow" an egg from this place, hopefully somewhere in the next three sessions.

This pic isn't entirely canon — my notes say the forests are mostly spruce with other kinds of trees only sparsely represented (after all, they're pretty far north right now), but leafy canopies are easy to draw and spruces are not. The second minor-ish deviation from the canon is the time of year: according to our timekeep (and yes I outsourced timekeeping to players) it's midsummer right now. Pic is clearly mid-spring.

Map layout also got slightly revised: I added a toilet house hanging over the cliff.

Some notes regarding architecture:

* Yes, the ground and first floor of the small tower are double height
* The fat tower (keep) has an open roof. Yes, that's some tarp on top of it, functioning as a "ghetto skylight" to better illuminate the bottom of the pit (efficiency of this practice questionable) and to provide some basic protection from the rain while still allowing light through.

Not pictured:
* guards and caretakers. There should be at least 2 guards by the wall gate and 4 more throughout the place.

Took me ~8-10 hours, probably. As far as GIMP 2.10 goes: some major improvements and some minor bugs and annoyances, but nothing show-stopping so far.
'To what do I own the honor?'
My players pissed off some org in my homebrew universe, and they're probably going to have a very close encounter with them some time in the future. The org in question is — through forces caused by unprecedented lack of originality — named Salamandra and is headed by a white dragonborn (pictured here).

They're getting the pic when there's time.

Only took about two hours.
Of course we're talking about my art. Time to reflect what was the best and move on. So, without further ado...

Digital Art
I think I've always went with digital art first and photography second. I don't see why this year should be any different.

I've been mainly drawing smaller pieces that didn't take too long to make. There were only two that took longer than five hours. One was good and the other was meh — though some simple and quick paintings actually turned out decent.

The first 'Most faves' and 'most views' awards go to The Village on the Top of the World:
The Village on the top of the world by xTernal7
670 views, 53 favs.

I really like it and if I had to pick the thing I'm most proud of in my 2014 digital gallery, this would be the piece. The public seems to agree as the view/fav ratio seems quite healthy.

The second piece worth of mention is The Cottage:
The Cottage [Speedpaint] by xTernal7
I just generally like this one. I like how it turned out.


Third piece that needs a mention is Zver.
Zver by xTernal7
For some reason, I seem to fall for stuff that looks like digital watercolor, the dragon isn't entirely awful as far as anatomy goes (as long as we ignore the creature's front left leg - the one with claws visible. That one just doesn't make sense). I probably shouldn't have done the underneck/belly scales, though. With 234 views and 21 favs, the view/fav ratio isn't exactly terrible either.


I've also managed to have one dark and decent piece that actually looks good (unless it's viewed on a monitor with shit gamma issues. Happens a lot on cheap laptops). That was Jama:
Jama by xTernal7
Note though: It's dark. This piece was also submitted to only one group, so it didn't get much exposure.


My photography has actually become mildly better this year, though I was still mostly taking pictures of bees. That, and family gatherings. I managed to take some decent shots there, though I'm not sharing these on here for obvious reasons.

The second 'most faves' award goes, along to (B)icicle:
(B)icicle by xTernal7
53 favs, 355 views. I think I could say this is the most popular piece I've made in 2014 (regardless of the medium). This piece also gets the 'most comments' award (which it got with 8 comments). This piece has also made it to the 'Popular' stream on 500px.

And it's also my favourite photo. Other photos that I also deem better than the rest I've made in 2014 are:

  •  Metulj:
Metulj by xTernal7

  • Streha:
Streha by xTernal7

and finally,
  • Cvet:
Cvet by xTernal7

Traditional art
This was a sad year for traditional art.

Everything else

It seems I uploaded one deviation every 12.5 days. This means I've been less active than in 2013 (one every 9.4 days). Usually on a Tuesday (8 pieces or 28% of this year's submissions). In 2013, my favourite uploading day was apparently saturday. I was most active in September (5 uploaded). Like in 2013, my favourite gallery was photography (this time with 14 deviations, one less than year before). My favourite category this year was (digital) paintings/landscapes with 7 pieces.

The rest of statistics:
Comments per deviation: 1.37 (+0.01)
Favourites per deviation: 9 (+1)
Views per deviation: 113 (+22)
Comments per day: 0.1 (-0.04)
Favourites per day: 0.73 (-0.16)
Deviation views per day: 9.03 (-0.6)

Sorry for not being too entertaining today.



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