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Grash and Kliks
Just two NPCs my IRL D&D group came across (and only one of whom is still alive).
Only Now You Ask For Peace

The dragon was aware that he was flying into a trap. He was told that the tribe found about Borvin's friendship with him, he was told that the tribe learned that the man helped him, that he saved him from a certain death. He knew that the tribe was using the man to lure him into a trap, hungry for revenge for all the evil he'd done them in the past — but that didn't stop him. He knew that the man was just as likely to feel the tribe's wrath as himself, and he couldn't allow that. He decided to answer the call.

‘‘Stop!’’ the dragon sent a thought to everyone he could reach as soon as he landed in the shallow water near the shore. ‘‘I haven't come to kill. I've come to see him safe, I've come to make peace.’’

‘‘So you can talk, after all,’’ remarked the chieftain, signalling his men to hold off their attacks for a brief moment. ‘‘Ever since you showed up, you sow nothing but evil — yet now, only now that you stand to lose something as well, you want peace. You ask a lot, evil-bringer. Why should I listen to what you say instead of telling my men to fill you with arrows?’’

‘‘Because you pride yourself on being good,’’ the dragon replied. ‘‘I know you want to take revenge on him and me — but if you pick that path, you'll make the same choice I've been making for years.’’

Side note: 10240x4320 is an overkill. 12 gigs of RAM used by the end, with GIMP being somewhat laggy at times. Took about 6 hours.
Beast's fall

And why should I let you live?” dragon asked the man he carried, with great curiousity. “You are going to walk away, and I’ll have to catch myself something else. This is no easy task: I’ve been on the hunt for a few days already, but the luck hasn’t been on my side — until I caught you. Yet you want me to let you walk away, you want me to let you live, you want me to yield the opportunity given to me by the Masters. Do you truly think your life is worth more than any other? Yes, tell me: why is your life more important than lives of others — be it of your, or any other kind. Tell me one good reason to let you live. Just one reason, and I'll let you go — but it must be very good, and you must be honest and speak only truth."

The man didn't lose any time: he quickly started trying to come up with a reason that would satisfy the creature. He found his answer soon enough: "I can do things no other creature of the forest can," he said. "If you ever find yourself in trouble, I could help you. Not out of every trouble — there's things beyond what I can do — yet despite that, I believe you can find me more useful alive. So this is my reason: I can help you like no other creature can."

The answer obviously surprised the dragon, and this could be felt in his answer: “I didn’t think you will answer my question, let alone this quickly; and I feel flattered that you thought about me. Yes, your reason is good — but only if you’re prepared to help me to get out of the trouble if I ever find myself in one. Otherwise it’s rather hollow.”

"I mean it," the man replied immediately. "I give you my word: if you ever find yourself in trouble, find me and I'll help you as best as I can."

Dragon still had his doubts, though, and kept asking questions for quite a while, looking for gaps in man's words. At first, the creature merely wanted the man to realize that his reason is not as good as he thinks, but that changed as their talk went on. Sure, it turned out that man's help wouldn't be as catch-free as he would like, but the man managed to awake his curiosity enough for him to not dismiss his reason. By the end of the conversation, the dragon was curious enough to let the man prove he's as useful and worth as much as he painted himself to be. "Fine," the dragon said, "I will let you go, as soon as I find a place to land."

But gods had a different plan. While the dragon conversed with the man, dark clouds covered the sky. The wind has strengthened, and the ride became rougher, even though flying in less than stellar wind didn’t challenge the creature too much. But then, a sudden gust of wind pushed the dragon down, towards the trees. It took the creature completely by surprise. Dragon fought it as hard as he could, but there was nothing he could do. The gust kept pushing him down until his wings hit the treetops, and all hope of recovery was gone. Beast crashed through the trees, tumbling and turning on his way to the ground, breaking everything in his way that was small enough to break under his way.

Of course we're talking about my art. Time to reflect what was the best and move on. So, without further ado...

Digital Art
I think I've always went with digital art first and photography second. I don't see why this year should be any different.

I've been mainly drawing smaller pieces that didn't take too long to make. There were only two that took longer than five hours. One was good and the other was meh — though some simple and quick paintings actually turned out decent.

The first 'Most faves' and 'most views' awards go to The Village on the Top of the World:
The Village on the top of the world by xTernal7
670 views, 53 favs.

I really like it and if I had to pick the thing I'm most proud of in my 2014 digital gallery, this would be the piece. The public seems to agree as the view/fav ratio seems quite healthy.

The second piece worth of mention is The Cottage:
The Cottage [Speedpaint] by xTernal7
I just generally like this one. I like how it turned out.


Third piece that needs a mention is Zver.
Zver by xTernal7
For some reason, I seem to fall for stuff that looks like digital watercolor, the dragon isn't entirely awful as far as anatomy goes (as long as we ignore the creature's front left leg - the one with claws visible. That one just doesn't make sense). I probably shouldn't have done the underneck/belly scales, though. With 234 views and 21 favs, the view/fav ratio isn't exactly terrible either.


I've also managed to have one dark and decent piece that actually looks good (unless it's viewed on a monitor with shit gamma issues. Happens a lot on cheap laptops). That was Jama:
Jama by xTernal7
Note though: It's dark. This piece was also submitted to only one group, so it didn't get much exposure.


My photography has actually become mildly better this year, though I was still mostly taking pictures of bees. That, and family gatherings. I managed to take some decent shots there, though I'm not sharing these on here for obvious reasons.

The second 'most faves' award goes, along to (B)icicle:
(B)icicle by xTernal7
53 favs, 355 views. I think I could say this is the most popular piece I've made in 2014 (regardless of the medium). This piece also gets the 'most comments' award (which it got with 8 comments). This piece has also made it to the 'Popular' stream on 500px.

And it's also my favourite photo. Other photos that I also deem better than the rest I've made in 2014 are:

  •  Metulj:
Metulj by xTernal7

  • Streha:
Streha by xTernal7

and finally,
  • Cvet:
Cvet by xTernal7

Traditional art
This was a sad year for traditional art.

Everything else

It seems I uploaded one deviation every 12.5 days. This means I've been less active than in 2013 (one every 9.4 days). Usually on a Tuesday (8 pieces or 28% of this year's submissions). In 2013, my favourite uploading day was apparently saturday. I was most active in September (5 uploaded). Like in 2013, my favourite gallery was photography (this time with 14 deviations, one less than year before). My favourite category this year was (digital) paintings/landscapes with 7 pieces.

The rest of statistics:
Comments per deviation: 1.37 (+0.01)
Favourites per deviation: 9 (+1)
Views per deviation: 113 (+22)
Comments per day: 0.1 (-0.04)
Favourites per day: 0.73 (-0.16)
Deviation views per day: 9.03 (-0.6)

Sorry for not being too entertaining today.



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