Hetalia Day AZ !!((UPDATE))

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Just to tell all of you guys that are going to Hetalia Day,:iconmadeline02: and I have changed the location to Cortez Park!!

3434 W Dunlap Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85051

^^ That's the address to the park!! Sorry for the changed, we just thought that park would of been better for us on Hetalia Day!

here's a video promotion for Hetalia Day that me and :iconmadeline02: did!

Also we would like to know if you are coming to Hetalia Day and to tell us the exact number of people who are going to be attending!!
We want to keep count on the exact number of people who will be going, because we want to know how many people are going to be there!

The games so far that we have been planned for on Hetalia Day are:
1) Dating Game
2) Spin the Bottle (if everybody is up for that!)
3) Roleplaying Games
4) it's an if, but Larping

:iconmadeline02: and I went to the mall today and met a guy who does larping as a hobby, and that it would be cool to have a big group (of Hetalians) to join him and his friends in larping! They do this every Saturday at Cortez Park and wouldn't you know it, Hetalia Day is on a Saturday! I thought it would be fun to cosplay in our Hetalia cosplays and do larping! Hahaha I know it's really random, but it does seem like something fun to do!

Another thing too if you guys want to bring food to Hetalia Day, please contact me and :iconmadeline02: on what you will be bringing to the event!
oh yes forgotten to add our FaceBook link too
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hello i was wondering where hetalia day is taking place in az phoenix this year, so if you could leave me a message that would be great thank you so much.