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So guess what! I am blogging as ii build a new RPG Track of mine. Poison lake with the idea of never touching the water. It uses the RPG Title Pack for Mania Planet which has a lot of objects! So its uses my GHost's Lantern[TM2] Mod which is done. All I need to do is fi a weird glow on boarder textures..

So I was thinking why not make a new track and record myself making it with screenshot and getting reviews and ideas as I make it.  I thought i would be fun as i don't think anyone has recorded themselves making a track in RPG other than simple updates and teasers of what it is being made. SO i went with this!

Also if you didn't know each mood like the Ghost's Lantern Mod changes the entire fell of the environment with each mood. I'll have to show you the day mood soon. But this is the Sun Rise mood i believe. I'll double check. Anyways if you look at the pictures you'll see what I got and how different the water looks! glad I tried this! So please heck it out below and tell me your thoughts and ideas.

Batch 1

PosionLake1 by XT1 PosionLake2 by XT1 PosionLake3 by XT1 PosionLake4 by XT1 PosionLake5 by XT1 PosionLake6 by XT1 PosionLake7 by XT1 PosionLake8 by XT1 PosionLake9 by XT1 PosionLake10 by XT1

Update 1:
Well that is first main update. So I changed the middle area hopefully you like the idea. I added two buildings and a tree and cliff side. Plan to make a small cliff section. Not sure on what else but perhaps I'll make the building taller and add more grass. Got any ideas? Add them below.
PosionLake11 by XT1 PosionLake12 by XT1 PosionLake13 by XT1 PosionLake14 by XT1 PosionLake15 by XT1 PosionLake16 by XT1 PosionLake17 by XT1 PosionLake18 by XT1 PosionLake19 by XT1 PosionLake20 by XT1

Update 2:
Not much but added more like a mountain or a start and got a weird idea. Now take a look at each piture and tell me if you like it or of any ideas you have.
PosionLake21 by XT1 PosionLake22 by XT1 PosionLake23 by XT1 PosionLake24 by XT1 PosionLake25 by XT1 PosionLake26 by XT1 PosionLake27 by XT1 PosionLake28 by XT1 PosionLake29 by XT1 PosionLake30 by XT1
Update 3:
Added a new building!
PosionLake31 by XT1 PosionLake32 by XT1 PosionLake33 by XT1 PosionLake34 by XT1 PosionLake35 by XT1 PosionLake36 by XT1 PosionLake37 by XT1 PosionLake38 by XT1 PosionLake39 by XT1 PosionLake40 by XT1 PosionLake41 by XT1 PosionLake42 by XT1
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Submitted on
March 15, 2014