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Image File Icons

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I just made these this morning. For me the different file formats (especially for images) have always been colour coded:

JPEG: Orange
BMP: Blue
GIF: Lime
TIFF: Purple
PNG: Cyan
Targa: Red

I guess that's just how I've grown accustomed to them. I like the Apple Mac OS X style for files, so I tried to stick to that format. I made 6 icons for the six most common image filetypes I use. I made the 7th for the "miscellaneous image files."

I hope everyone can make use of them :) And if you have any suggestions for any other image filetypes, I'm open to feedback.
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pretty beautiful!
i have found it for a long time!
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Thank you :D
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Excellent icons! :)
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Been looking for this set for a looong time (accidently deleted them)

Will never delete again, btw they look awesome!!
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Actually, a lot of artistic people organise their things by what they see, whether it be shape, size or mostly colour...I too recognise something by what I see instead of what its called, it can get confusing when someone changes things around though.
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Absolutly brilliant!!!!

GRADE : A*******************

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Wow, thanks :D

You've got some pretty funky stuff by the way!
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Thank you :)
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Goo Job You Make !
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did you used photoshop to make this pack
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Pretty much. Photoshop can do anything :D
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Can you post the psd of this or a tutorial
because i want to make my own icons like this for other data types
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Hmm, I've never made a tutorial. It might be a good opportunity to think about it now. I'm making Vista styled file icons now, so if I do make a tutorial it'll probably be based on those.

By the way I just got Axialis IconWorkshop and it is a pretty amazing icon design application! It has some good batch icon options for Windows and Mac OS.
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thx 4 the software
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love it!
thx man.
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gr8 work, very nice, very clean.. i used to have some image icons in my gallery too, iono why i deleted them :confused:
i like the choice of colors, they became universal thanks to ACDSee (like - green for .gif, blue for .bmp ect..) only .tga and .png changed colors here..

anyway, those are very nifty icons, definitely :+fav:
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Hehe thanks man :) Thanks for the :+fav: too!

I never really used ACDSee, I was always more into IrfanView. The colour associations I got used to from a really old image editing program called Micrografx PhotoMagic. It was on Windows 3.1, good ol' days :D
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damn, 3.1 :confused: i was.. 8-9 years old then :giggle: i guess ACDSee took those colors then from Micrografx.. anyway, really nice icons :clap:
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Great, but can you release all icons (all filetypes) in one package?
Like in GNOME icon theme → packaged for different image sizes.

- 16x16
- 22x22
- 32x32
- 48x48
- 96x96
- 128x128
- 256x256 / scalable (SVG)
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