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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing spring picnic.
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so cool your art stile

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This is just so lovely. Showing so many of the residents together as a happy family, and so many neat little items from the game. Like the person before me said, this picture just perfectly captures the feeling of New Leaf, and is such a nice pick-me-up. :)

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I've always loved New Leaf for so long. This drawing perfectly captures what's so nice about it. Awesome work!!

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Awesome! I love it ❤
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This is absolutely adorable! And very pretty as well. Great job! :03
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Your artstyle totally fits to this cute game <3
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Woah! This is really amazing! I am a big fan of the series. And this drawing is just a way to describe the community and how everyone can get along. I hope there will be an animal crossing on the switch!
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Beautiful picture
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Woo! This looks really pretty! Like an official art thingy!
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Rover in your town would be an awesome addition to a new AC/AC mobile
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Marshall is meh senpai
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Is that a bento box?
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This is amazing! It makes me so happy!
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I love it! Great work!
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hhhh for some reason this reminds me a little bit of Noodlerella, because she has that outfit and Marshal. he's so cute!~
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This is so amazing! I love all the details :heart:
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>my feel when I have a hacked Wii with Homebrew Channel
>remember that there's an Animal Crossing for Wii
>playing it
>my feel when WiiConnect24 isn't available
>my feel when I don't have Animal Crossing: New Leaf
>and my feel when I don't even have a Nintendo 3DS

Anyways, your drawing looks very nice! I really like your drawing style.
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