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I am looking for someone to create an illustration or digital work of some sort for my blog (to be used as a header). If anyone is interested in giving it a try, please let me know!  Thanks!

-Julie B
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I have deleted lots of older stock photos and will be adding lots of new ones in the coming weeks.
Stay tuned for more, and please use the new photos!!  :)
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I am really liking the new Facebook Timeline format.
I would love for someone to make me a 'cover' for my page.
Use any photo you like in my gallery.  Let me see what you can do!  ;)
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I would love for someone to make a manipulation for me for Halloween using one of my recent "doll" stock photos.  
Have fun with it!!

doll-1 by xstockx
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I've done several photoshoots recently with Darrell Sharpe -

Gas masks, respirators, caution tape and an abandoned radar station.  Awesome.

Go visit his gallery and see what we've been up to!

Note - the images are NOT STOCK.
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My new favourite thing is the 'diptych'.

A diptych is a series of two photos that fit better together than they did apart.
A mini story in two frames, an association, different perspectives on the same theme, anything that works well as a team of two.

I would love to see you use my photos to create a diptych.. could be one of my phoos, and one of something else.. be creative!  I look forward to seeing what you'll do!

-Julie xox
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Ok, so I know I've been a bit slack with submitting new stock lately, but it's coming, I promise!!  
In the meantime, dig into my gallery and make me some deviations for my birthday!!  Please?!  :please:


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Happy Belated New Year!

Just to let you all know a little about what's going on with my stock gallery.. I've recently discovered and fallen in love with the shoe series by :iconalyz:  Soooo.. you will see me posting more and more images like this that I'm counting on you creative folk to manipulate and turn into wonderful, fancifull creations similar to hers.

Have fun!!

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Ok guys and gals..

I've got tons of new stock up there.
So come on.. use 'em!  ;)

Yay!!  I am the FEATURE MEMBER for this month at Stock-Up - :iconstock-up:  Thanks so much guys!
I should have new stock to upload very soon!  :hug:

I've just discovered the brilliant artwork of Gerhard Aba -

He does some amazing photography and photomanipulation.
I now feel totally inspired to do a photo shoot as an amputee... I'll see how I can pull that off.

In the mean time, go on.. use my pictures and make me an amputee!  I'd love to see it!  ;)

Happy Canada Day weekend!  (and 4th of July as well!)
Ok, so my next request is for a signature piece for my website -
I'd love to see something like this -…

of course with my photo and my name - xJuliex

Have fun!
Use any of the images here in my stock account or on my website.

xJuliex  :hug:
So.. since so many of you have been saying that my stock photos are art in themselves, maybe you could find some great frames/borders/edges for them??  
I know there are tons out there, I just don't know how to use them!!

You can use any of the pictures on my website as well..

Thanks!!  :kiss:
There are so many great vector artists here.  
I would love to see more vectors of my images.
The few that I have seen are some of my favorite manipulations.

Please note me if you use my stock!

Who wants to make me a cool new avatar??

According to the DA requirements "An avatar image file should be a 50x50 px PNG, JPEG or GIF image that is smaller than 15 KB"


As promised, I have just uploaded a few pictures of my friend Leigh and I.
I would love to have a great fantasy manipulation to surprise her with.   Any takers??

Would someone like to make me a Valentine?!
Pretty please!  ;)

Much love to all you beautiful deviants  :kiss:

Way to kick off the new year..
I am Babe of the Month for January 2006 here - www.melancholyfableproductions…


I am the featured member for the month of September here - :iconstock4figureartists:
Thanks so much to Jen and all of the artists who watch the group!

I'd love to see more traditional artists work with my photos.
Come find me on MySpace -