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Beach rescue pg. 3 by XSreiki772 Beach rescue pg. 3 :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 33 22 Awkward flirt by XSreiki772 Awkward flirt :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 31 23 Jack meets Mystery Dice (hand buzzer) by XSreiki772 Jack meets Mystery Dice (hand buzzer) :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 23 13 Beach rescue pg. 2 by XSreiki772 Beach rescue pg. 2 :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 33 49 Sophie's Valentine's Day by XSreiki772 Sophie's Valentine's Day :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 55 57 Cuphead oc: Jack O'Lantern by XSreiki772 Cuphead oc: Jack O'Lantern :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 39 28 Beach rescue pg. 1 by XSreiki772 Beach rescue pg. 1 :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 48 42 HH oc: William J. Smith by XSreiki772 HH oc: William J. Smith :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 73 49 Ryan as a human by XSreiki772 Ryan as a human :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 33 29 Cherri Bomb by XSreiki772 Cherri Bomb :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 91 56 Charlie and Blitz by XSreiki772 Charlie and Blitz :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 93 33 Burning passion and courage by XSreiki772 Burning passion and courage :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 49 29 Xmas Photos by XSreiki772 Xmas Photos :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 38 20 Ashley animation by XSreiki772 Ashley animation :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 37 35 Confession by XSreiki772 Confession :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 62 90 Crush in Love Sight by XSreiki772 Crush in Love Sight :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 34 20


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Beach rescue pg. 3
Here’s the 3rd page of William’s first arrival in Hell after his death back when he was a human. Yep, Blitz and Sophie never saw William before nor have they seen an actual siren demon before. And in case you’re wondering why William’s tail is glowing, it’s because while he’s on land his tail fin transforms into his legs for him to walk on. Well, the next page will be coming soon and until then, I hope you like it. ^u^

Blitz & Sophie McNight, William J. Smith (c) me

Hazbin Hotel (c) :iconvivzmind:

:iconvivzmind:'S PROJECT IDEAS*
In case any of you didn't know, I just wanna let you know that I have a tumblr account and it's Loli-momo1908 :3 Just a little heads up.
When I first came across with this information about Paint Tool Sai's animation assistant during my usual internet browsing, it got me into having some questions in my head: Can you really do animating in Sai? :O_o: If so, then I would so wanna give this a try some time soon for my animating practice, since I realized that I'm more comfortable on using Sai than Krita for animation attempt. Where can I download this Sai animation assistant software for free is my ultimate question.


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Artist | Traditional Art
United States
XSreiki772, you can call me Reiki (r-AYE-kee)

United States

Favorite color(s): Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Black, White, & Silver

Hobby(s): Drawing, listening to some hip hop and sometimes anime japanese music, hang out with my friends, walking with my dog.

Favorite cartoons: Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles, Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Atomic Betty, Kim Possible, & Cyberchase, The 7D, and Lolirock.

Most importantly, I do not and will not ever take requests or a commissions either. I'm only here to draw for fun and I also only take art trade for my closest friends only.

My buddy list :D

:iconthelokipokey: :iconmikikotoho: :iconanimeniacss: :iconninjakitten22: :iconkittyyybusiness: :iconkinga-of-queens: :iconvampireangelofbooks: :icondevildeath-sama: :iconnatraingermadafakas: :iconanodizedpink: :icongummybearninjaxd: :icondarkcatt: :iconsapphire9089: :iconmira-chii: (My sister~! :D) :iconvampirelordbelmont: (My bro~! :D) :iconethemy: :iconmillypie360: :iconsmileymosgifted: :icongirlofhearts101: :iconawkwardist: :iconxs-is-the-shiz: :icongodslobotomy: :iconshokujupiterearth: :iconstrawbailee: :icontani102: :iconaniselomit: :iconidiot911: :iconsoulesslotus: :iconmaylovesakidah: :iconprimeday: :iconchiakikat: :iconfaycoon: :iconwufoo: :iconkiel-sullivan: :iconblookarot: :iconpenguinqueen423: :iconalapharbeytar: :iconcharactersbychaos: :iconmidnighttheinsomniac: :iconthefallingpiano: :iconraimey-l:


DA Family~! :la: :heart:

1. :iconkatierose45: (sister~! Also my closest friend in real life :D :heart:)

2. :iconjavajojo: (chick that stalks you every now and then. Cause I love you but don't know how to show it QuQ :heart:)

3. :iconfoaminianpriestess: (my Xiaolin-loving twin sister~! :D :heart:)

4. :iconeveedemon: (My sister~! :D :heart:)

5. :iconinvadernav: (Gamer sister~! :D :heart:)

6. :iconhaddock-house: (Jack-Obsessed sister~! :D :heart:)

7. :iconmoonheart1313: (next door neighbor :) :heart:)

8. :iconcelestial-vestal: (random sissy wissy :D :heart:)

9. :icontmpoole96: (sister :))

10. :iconmindl3ss-cr3ator: (klutzshy cousin :XD: :heart:)

11. :iconshadowmark158: (My cousin~ :D :heart:)

12. :icongot87hic: (My mommy :3)

13. :iconkosmicdragon: (Lazy Dragon Bro~ :D)

14. :iconcomo-la-flor: (My Mexican Cousin~ :D :heart:)

15. :iconqhostlamb: (My sis~! :D :heart:)

16. :iconstefyc97: (bi-polar cousin~! :) :heart:)

17. :iconkimifire: (Big sister~! :D :heart:)

18. :icongoldenpool12: (Little Sister~! :D :heart:)

19. :iconwikcia666: (My little rainbow kitty~! :D :heart:)

20. :iconthewildwitch: (My weird cousin that hides in the corner & watches everyone XD :heart:)

21. :iconchiisancullen: (My family pet~! :D :heart:)

22. :iconnikolettak: (My odd fandom-obsessed cousin everyone has X3 :heart:)

23. :iconsumerjoy11: (My Clay loving sister~! :D :heart:)

24. :iconfairygal11: (My sister :D :heart:)

25. :iconcrystalqueenofice: (Hidan/Greedling Obsessed sister~! :D :heart:)

26. :iconprincessgirlmoon: (My sister :aww:)

27. :iconfreedom-of-faith: (My sister :))


One of big inspirations are: :iconvivzmind: (I'll add more inspirational artists soon)



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