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:iconj-c: The Dragonbrothers such as their animations belong to J.C. :iconj-c:

:star: General Dragonbrother Rules & Journal style fine-tuning

-Last Update: 14.01.2010-

General Dragonbrother Rules & Journal style fine-tuning - [14.01.2010]

wow this title is way too long... however.....

I added the General Dragonbrother Rules to this journal since I thought that it could just fit pretty good and people which are searching for informations about the dragonbrothers just need to visit this journal to find a nice collection of all important informations^^

just for those who didnt noticed it yet, the Dragonbrothers belong to :iconj-c: I just made the accounts for the icons he created since he hadnt had the time to make them all^^;

I get told pretty often by some people that they like my characters and they mean the dragonbrothers, everyone makes mistakes, thats okay and Im not angry or mad in any way but I just want everybody who still didnt noticed and who I didnt told that they're J.C.'s characters yet to understand that:)
PS: Its always worth it to visit his gallery ;P

another thing is that Im going to make some fine-tuning on the journal, I just noticed that the navigation bars with my links to pages like my youtube channel or my dragonadopters (with my lonely and hungry dragons :XD:) dont really should be in this journal so I'll replace them soon, I hope...

why are the banners still there if they shouldnt?
becuz Its easier to change the images then deleting and readding them again, oh and becuz of my lazyness x3

if anyone has some suggestions what else could be changed in the journal, Im always glad about your notes, same goes for people which created dragonbrother stories or have ideas for dragonbrother accounts, send it all to me and be sure, you'll get a reply soon because I (we) really appreciate your help! :)


Group & Journal problems - [15.12.2009]

first, I created a Dragonbrother-Group today :icondragonbrothers: you can start watching and joining now, I'll write a Blog when Im done with it:)
second, I found out today that IE users cant get to the Dragonbrother accounts and stories journals through the main journal because the links dont work... as a Firefox user it took a while till I noticed so please excuse that^^; If anybody finds some other not working links or glitches (lol not working glitches:XD:) please tell me, I'll try to fix them then^^
oh and just by the way.. new things will be marked by a star :star: that makes it easier to see where I changed something and where not


Deactivated accounts - [3.12.2009]

I noticed today that two of the dragonbrother accounts :icondragonkeke: and :icondragonpoke: were deactivated for any reason, I didnt made them so I dont have any other information nor do I know the reason but I wanted you all to notice that I made 2 new accounts :icondragonkekeplz: and :icondragonpokeplz: wich will replace them in future, so dont make the mistake using the old ones ;)

oh and thanks to The-Cosmic-Legend for informing me about the deactivated accounts, he was the one who told me:)

About the dragonbrothers

Ebby and Silvvy, better known as the Dragonbrothers are 2 chinese dragon characters which were created by J-C  in the year 2007 for a pet web game for his old company. Their design was based on Chinese dragons and it took over 1 year of development till they looked like this but sadly the pet game seems to be canceled so he's trying to broadcast them on his own way now. His plan, making animated emotes of them to spread them all over the Internet and the messenger network, hoping that the public will favor them. and they do! since the release of the Dragonbrothers emoticons pack they got very popular on several messengers, deviantART and other websites and got many fans in this time.
but what is their reciepe for success? Is it the cuteness factor, the great personalities or the unique design? Its all together! the inventive design and the interesting and funny combination of their personalities make them quite unique and the huge cuteness factor makes them pleasant and amiable for people all around the world!
silvvy, the cuter one of them, simple minded and a little naive always tricked by his older brother ebby wich is more the stylish one of them (or he tries to be) his favorite pastime, tricking silvvy leads to funny happenings and nice stories, quite enough for thousands of dragonbrother stories.

so if you want to support J-C, tell your friends and family about the dragonbrothers, use their icons at websites and messengers (giving credit), post banners and links on your websites/channels and help him making them more known than they still are!

About their creator

J-C, the creator of the dragonbrothers is a free-lance Game art designer,  he's specialized on animals fantasy and anthro art and currently living and working in Taiwan. As an brilliant digital artist he's good known, not just because of the dragonbrothers but also because of his great anthro, animal and fantasy artworks which he also makes money with by offering commissions on deviantART and Furaffinity. Like his creations also he has a lot of fans which made hundreds of gifts for him, mostly drawing his fursona which he created many years ago and developed a lot since then.

Visit his website to find out more about him and get answers to questions you may have asked yourself like what J.C. stands for and to get further informations to the way you're allowed to use the dragonbrothers and his other artworks! Buy cool things in his online shop or have just some fun drawing and uploading scribbles directly on the website!

:star: General Dragonbrother Rules

The Dragonbrothers belong to J-C he was their only creator, and the one who made all the emotes, the complete copyright for them goes to him!

Everytime you use the Dragonbrothers, and show his characters or art in public please ask J-C before you do so for permission and give explicit credit to him, linking to his page or gallery and tell everyone who overread the credit, giving comments like 'wow your characters are great!' that they belong to J-C.
after uploading the Artwork we please you to send J-C a link to the artwork so he can take a look at it and thank you too.

Everytime you want to use one or more of their animations (for example as your icon) we please you to give credit to J-C in your signature, journal or ID and tell people wich ask you about them that it was made by J-C (on other sites than devART please give link to his page too)

We really appreciate every single Fan art but to avoid confusion about the real creator of them we please you to follow these guidelines if you make one:

:pointr: please dont draw them with your or any other characters without explicit permission given by J-C

:pointr: dont draw your or other people's characters in dragonbrother style or the dragonbrothers in different colours/types than the originals

:pointr: please add a small credit text in the artwork, if possible with the complete link to his site
(example: Dragonbrothers © J-C.deviantart.com)

Dragonbrother Accounts

I'm good in editing Animations and J-C made so much icons that weren't used here at deviantart because they are too big to use them as icons.
Its a pity that they weren't used so I decided to edit the animations so, that they can be used as icons. But that also means that the Quality isn't so good and the animations are shorter than the originals but I try to cover this and one day when I've made all the accounts I'll try to improve the Quality :D
Heres a list of all known Dragonbrother-animation-accounts feel free to use them as emotes.

How to use

enter ':icon' for the icon
or ':dev' for the name with a link
and the name of the account followed by a : to enter the icon or accountname.

:icondragonlick#: without the # is :icondragonlick:
:devdragonlick#: without the # is DragonLick

to see the name of the account you dont need to visit the account, Its enough to mousehover the icon to see the it's name

The accounts

Dragonbrother accounts:
:icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:<accountsmadeby: -
I guess thats the best one, lold hardly when I saw ebbys emotion
:icondragonlick:<accountmadeby: -
pretty sweet one, sadly not by me:meow:
:icondragonshy2:<accountmadeby: -
I guess this one is better than dragonshy1 but everyone should have his own opinion^^
:icondragoncomfort:<accountmadeby: -
pretty sweet one tryed to use it in the stories but I didnt knew how
:icondragondrink:<accountmadeby: -
seems like it wasnt water:XD:
:icondragoneat:<accountmadeby: -
I guess that's one of the cutest icons I've ever seen!
:icondragonhug:<accountmadeby: -
use this one everyday, Its a lot better than:hug:
:icondragonpokeplz:<accountmadeby: -
cutez:meow: it fits sillvy so perfectly, he just wont stop
:icondragonkekeplz:<accountmadeby: -
awesum! the red lines on his snout make it look so sweet
:icondragonmusicplz:<accountmadeby: -
cute one, like that expression, It cheers up to see that
:icondragonnod1:<accountmadeby: -
jep, this is just awesome!
:icondragonnodplz:<accountmadeby: -
:icondragonnod2:<accountmadeby: -
he seems to stay so cool all the time
:icondragonyell:<accountmadeby: -
I personally dont like this one much cause It looks kinda weird for me but its still helpful;P
:icondragongrin:<accountmadeby: -
I guess I'd collapse when I'd see that grin after awaking:XD:
:icondragonwant:<accountmadeby: -
This is the sweetest Icon I've ever seen!
:icondragonlaughplz:<accountmadeby: -
dragonbrother version of the XD face, really nice done J-C
:icondragonweep:<accountmadeby: -
I shouldnt have put this under the XD face, fine I wont change that now
:icondragonspif:<accountmadeby: -
pretty cool one, seems like he practiced that loong time till he was able to do that so perfectly:XD:
:icondragondizzy:<accountmadeby: -
silvvy is dizzy, that means that ebby has been here!
seems like silvvy has gone too far this time
our sweet silvvy has been to hyper today
silvvys one is better :meow:
DAWWW Isnt he cute?
great one, the background makes it perfect!
I wonder that he can sleep while he's stading
Im thinking of remaking this one one day...
let's see who's faster...
:icondragoncryingplz:<accountmadeby: -
nobody can resist, neither I *gives cookie*
:icondragonglomp:<accountmadeby:~Dragon Bros. Club
I guess thats one of the most used icons ever and the founder of dragonbrother plz's!
fits dragonsleep perfectly, the quality is sadly very bad I'll see what I can do...
seems like he has played a pretty good joke on silvvy
the quality is horrible!, the animation was too long and the filesize too big sry-.-
he's so cute but looks also a bit stupid:XD:
J-C is pretty clever, the fact that ebby is looking to the left makes it possible to add an icon or text in front of it and It will all look totally correctly!
this expression is soo cute, the best way to welcome someone in the devART chat
seems like he got hunted by ebby again...
I guess everyone of us knows how it is to awaken early in the morning...
awesome emote, I guess thats the only one here at dA that shows this emotion like this
didnt knew silvvy can be mad like this too, wonder what happened...
thats so typical for them both :XD:
lol that looks kinda cute, Im thinking about an silvvy headdesk (please no idea steal)
this icon sais a lot about them both... silvvy seems to believe in god, ebby not. that tells a lot about their characteristics. soo many information in one icon, J-C, you're really a genius!
looks a bit like a cough...
This icon is so awesome that it has earned 4 accounts :XD:
some of you may have noticed that the icon of this account has changed from :icondragontrick: into this one.
the last frame is so great that it should be a DD
has ebby become a softy or is he going to play another joke on silvvy..?
nice icon, but hard to use at chat or in comments. still helpful in the dragonbrothers stories:)
MAN! how can drinking tea just look so incredibly cute?!?
wow silvvy what have you done with your bro? to much brotherly love maybe:XD:
never saw him depressed before, lets hope that our sweet emotionbunch will be okay soon:)
Awesome! just awesome, this icon sais more than 1000 words, and the first one is lol!
is he laughting at me?
okay ppl, Its pretty late now, time to go to bed:)

I'm going to improove the quality of the animations one day and maybe see If I can make some more;P lets hope that J-C will allow me to do so:)

you know more? tell me!

dont forget to visit the great gallery of the creator of the Dragonbrothers:iconj-c:

Dragonbrothers & icons © J-C

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