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Howdie pony!

So this was was originally for a different costume...but my previous Applejack wig really bugged me (too thin, a little too curly) so I decided to use this one! YAY PONIES.

Ears by :iconyayacosplay:
Photo by Paul Karpey
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Love the hair it's so Apple jack
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Pretty cute Applejack cosplay. You were Rainbow Dash, now you were Applejack... Surprising that the actress played both characters. :iconrainbowdashblushplz: :iconapplejackblush:
2012 where I started watching MLP FiM...
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Frame-Fatale's avatar
I love your version of AppleJack, its probably one of the best ones I've seen. I was just wondering how you did your belt buckle :)
xSoulxxxReaperx's avatar
Thanks! It was a piece of wood spray painted gold. :)
Frame-Fatale's avatar
Wow, I would have never guessed :) How did you attach it to your belt?
xSoulxxxReaperx's avatar
Just with a loop of elastic. :)
Twisted-Otaku's avatar
*insert joke about 'taking a bite out of that apple' here*
dannysulca's avatar
wow, nice girl, I love, kisses
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It's really cute, I really like the belt buckle it's a nice change from having one on each leg.
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an apple!
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you sure do make Apple Jack easy on the eyes
EnvelCosplay's avatar
Is this a Panty wig, Moni? :O
xSoulxxxReaperx's avatar
haha nah, it's the Jareth long--after curling, it just looks convincingly Panty-like, haha
EnvelCosplay's avatar
Ooooh, nice! I really like the color! Is that the new yellow blonde or is it the light blonde?
xSoulxxxReaperx's avatar
Light blonde which is 13 I think? It's a little too yellowy, but I think it still looks good. :)
EnvelCosplay's avatar
I like it! That's the color I used for Sailor Moon. :)
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