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Nickale Ref Sheet   Commission By Carolzilla-dadf3 by xsonic Nickale Ref Sheet   Commission By Carolzilla-dadf3 by xsonic
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This is a 2 years old commission that I got from :iconcarolzilla:. We ended up forgetting about posting it so... here it is! 8D

This is Nickale Yaang, a Refuhren (the Vesilian equivalent to an anthropomorfic Canid/Vulpine; they come in various types).

He's also part of the smae universe/story I'm creating as John. His species is very widespread around the continents and is a very common one. The south continent is were about 70% of the refuhrens live. Nickale's around his early 30s.

Nickale is a one of the heads of a mercenary paramilitar group known as the "Blind Mercs". They usually "take care" of highly valuable targets, with secret contracts from various governments and very rich people from around the world. Even though they tend to not get jobs considered to be too "wrong" like religious leaders and related people.

He is a very serious guy and a natural leader. He is the second in rank inside the group and responsible for the training of close combat weapons of almost everyone. He's also strong, very agile and master in many offensive and defensive martial arts. He's also an expert sword fighter (maybe on of the best currently alive) and owner of an extremely rare Kantoken sword. He's also well versed in shooting with small guns and an excelent (knife) thrower. In conclusion: he's a very dangerous killing machine. But... he's a very bad driver.

Socially he is just plain normal and very clever when engaging an strategic conversation. He can be very good with decieving tacticts, even though he prefer to not do so. He's also very careful with his teammates and too much protective sometimes which is at the same time a weakness and a strong part of himself.

That's all for now! More to come in the future =) Sorry for my lousy english :v
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August 11, 2016
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