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TMNT Toddlers - TV

But where is Splinter ? XD

Geez, it's my first personnal work for... for ages !! It seems to me it has been a so long time... Too long !!
I SO enjoyed to work on this one! To go to my rythm, to be pleased , play with colors, light - you know what, I even enjoyed to make the background !!
The idea poped in my head after seeing an Old Toon episode "Adventures in Turtle sitting". The little turtles are the cutest thing I ever seen !!! More than the new toon version, to my mind. So I need to draw them XD

TMNT (c) Mirage Studios
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maybe he is in his room mediating
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They're so cute and sleepy!! Heart Nice job!! This is adorable! :) 
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You'd think Mikey would be the LAST one to fall asleep XD
HorrorSquirrelGirl's avatar
Mikey seems to be comfortable lol
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The tv is just plan great it's self and the lighting is perfect !
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awww little Leo is so cute!
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This had me at Hello... So fascinating!
Great work!
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What are they watching?
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good question!! Now that the 2012 serie had aired, i'd say Space Heroes!! But here, anything from the 90" ahaha
How about Animaniacs?
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Probably even though Donnie most likely wouldn't watch that. 
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D'awww :3 Adorable~!!
Leolover1239's avatar
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i have always loved the turtles,and this is awesome!
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dawww lil'Leo looks sad
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there just to CUTE
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i wanna fav so much
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Lol this is cute. Reminds me of me and my sisters when we're watching late night television... There's only three of us, but still...

Great Job!
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same her i have two older sisters and two younger brothers(who act like Mikey and Raph all the time even dress like them!)
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