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:iconxskiball:xskiball posted a status
can i just say thinking about frans and having to argue about why its bad makes me feel legit sick, my mom is asking me why i keep complaining about feeling sick but i cant tell her that its because a bunch of people are defending pedophilia fuck me

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CottonCandyCookies Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
we have tried to explain to you why it is not pedophillia kindly dear~
but you won't effin listen soooooo~
plus your behavoir about it, you could be so much nicer
so please shut the eff up dearie~
Omlette1999 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Trying to explain why a ship between a child and adult isn't pedophilia?

Uh-huh, totally, you've convinced me Roll Eyes 
CottonCandyCookies Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I tried to explain why it's not a ship between a child and an adult f*ckhead
Mmmmmm try to get past kindergarten and learn how to FUCKING READ
Omlette1999 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Frisk is literally referred to as a child repeatedly throughout the game, one of the original trailers even says "You control a lost child" 

And Sans is heavily hinted at to have some sort of scientific backround which would require him to have some form of degree, making him at the very least 22.

So, maybe you should learn to actually look up these characters before spouting bullshit about their ages.
CottonCandyCookies Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I have fuckhead
I'm in a shitty mood and don't feel like explaining this crap again to get it through your dense as lead heads
Read what I've said on that journal again
Or read it if you haven't
Thanks 😊 ~
SketchyGarden Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Or you could tell her you feel sick because people are telling you to back off from hating/bashing on other people~ <3
I'd sure love to tell her!
xskiball Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But thats not why I feel sick, ships like this gross me out, fontcest, frans, pinecest, stancest, stevidot, lapis x jasper, and a bucnh more.
Id also wish you stop stalking my profile because "I hurt your darling", i am not hating or bashing
im defending the law. The law on pedophilia.
I would not be bashing her if Frisk was not a child and Sans was not an adult
I would be fine with Frans if they actually were the same age.
You do not seem to understand the law. I am defending the law aganist pedophilia, i do this with fontcest shippers too, i tell them they are endorsing incest, which is indeed a crime. and telling them they need to stop before something bad happens

You cannot just endorse pedophilia and incest and say its ok, although theres something with fontcest that reassures me a little, and its the fact most fontcest shippers actually know something is wrong with their ship, but they do it anyways. Because its "cute", and "adorable". and...eugh.
Frans is even more disgusting to me because i am almost the same age as Frisk. IM 13. do you think i would ever date some 21 or older fucking skeleton just because we were friends? no. no I would not, and im pretty sure Frisk would not either.
SketchyGarden Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now you see, there are things on that!
I HIGHLY agree if it's pedophilia!
I can't stand pictures of child Mabel and Dipper smoochin' it up.
I can only deal with it if they're ADULTS.
If someone is aged up? The picture is...usually pretty cute.
Incest isn't always a bad thing, sometimes it just works out that way. The reason we're so scared of incest is because of genetic mutations-- which take quite a few pairs. One won't do anything.

N' I mean, people have been TRYING to explain to you that Frisk is aged up in the pictures.
She's not a little kid anymore- if that's what you must see her as.

...and why Lapis X Jasper? I mean...they're the same age. Some people want to think that Jasper reforms and they get better! Can't you let them have a changed relationship? The current state is unhealthy, but Jasper just needs the help that she's refusing. There's nothing wrong with this ship in the eyes of the 'law'...especially since they're space rocks that the cops can't tell what to do.

Also, fontcest shippers don't always do that. 
So--here we are again--and so soon after that last journal I had made about people demeaning both themself and their work because they compare themselves to other artists--
(It can be found riiiight here!: An Important Message to Everyone )
This one isn't going to be as feel-good, and I apologize in advance.
The reason I am making this journal is because there are some specific people running around in the Undertale fandom who think it's okay to send hate to other fans for shipping certain things.
That certain thing just happens to be Fontcest--an incestuous relationship.
Why am I making this? It's really simple actually: I'm getting more and more pissed off at seeing these people tagging their hate on the tags, going to innocent people and sending them threats, and being told that I'm a horrible fucking person

I think he better explains it here. know, when I was thirteen, I didn't think of relatonships...
but as I got older?
I'm 18 now, and I'm sure Papyrus would be way older, but I'd marry him.
He has such sweet qualities that age would be nothing to me.
It's the person, not the age.

If your SOULmate was 12 years older than you, you may not date them, but if someone could love me so true...I'd love them till the end of our days.
Omlette1999 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Oh boy where do I even begin...

Well, first off I guess I'll explain while I'm here. I'm a mod to an anti blog on Tumblr and one of Themlplover's friends (no sure who because they asked anonymously) told us they were being harassed for being against ships such as Frans and Fontcest

So, I'm here to tell you to knock it the fuck off

First of all, the problem with incestuous ships, such as Fontcest, not because of genetics.
It's because incest never happens naturally
When you grow up with someone you're mind instinctively makes the connection that this is someone you should not pursue a relationship with it's very unlikely that someone would form a romantic attraction to a family member and even less likely that the family member would feel the same
And looking on you're page I found a Fontcest piece where you said something along the line of "Sans is adopted" and let me just how fucking rude that statement actually is, you're basically saying it's okay because Sans isn't really part of the family and that's really offensive to people who are actually adopted.

And now onto ships such as Frans, well you see
I don't care how old Frisk is depicted because they are canonically a child, and the idea of Sans possibly waiting until Frisk is an adult to make a move is creepy as hell. Does the thought of him looking at this kid he watched grow up and saying "Damn they turned out hot" not freak you out in the slightest? I don't blame themlplover for being disgusted with it.
Oh, and there is also they fact that drawing a child character in explicit situations is actually illegal
It doesn't matter if it is just fanart you can actually get fined and possibly sent to prison for drawing/possesing something like that
(more info here)

And about LapisxJasper it's is literally depicted as an abusive relationship Lapis even tells Jasper "What we had wasn't healthy." and if this scene doesn't tell you that alone I honestly worry for you because it cannot be made any more blatantly obvious.

So, why don't you fuck off and stop harassing a fucking 13-year-old for having more common sense than you, m'kay?

(and one more thing, soulmates don't exist asshat)
SketchyGarden Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*nods* Wonderful, an antiblog.
*sigh* Guess some people have nothing better to do than be against something.

Let's start off with your first thing, here.
Incest does happen naturally.
Put any two animals together, they can mate, they do.
Maybe you should get cats to figure that out?
Incest was a huge thing in the old days too.
And also- have you never heard of a childhood crush?
Some people have married those people.
It doesn't matter if you grew up with someone or not, you can fall in love no matter what.

And shipping Frans; as I've stated a million times, we do not know Frisk or anyone's age.
Nowhere in the game do they give ages.
For any character.
Also, Frans was aged up, clearly a female adult in all pictures depicted.

You probably didn't read what I wrote about Lapis X Jasper.
I said
And thing could end HAPPILY.
The Lapis X Jasper shippers may be using that as a COPING MECHANISM.

Stop harassing a 13 year old?
Age is regardless here.
I'll stop harassing once they do.
An eye for an eye.
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