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:iconxskiball:xskiball posted a status
I honestly think one of my friends is a homophobe
I was ranting about fontcest to him and then hes like "yeah its so gross, its incest, its gay" and then a bunch of other reasons like that, but dude I hate incest ships even if they are the same gender, i hate pinecest, stancest, fontcest, i dont give a shit about there gender, its gross either way.

He also repeatedly calls me a "f*ggot" after I have asked him multiple times to stop calling me that, I even started fucking crying one time.

He also repeatedly tries to kiss and hug me even though most of my crushes are female and im not interested, he continues to do it anyways, I only have like 2 male crushes and one of them isnt even a real person *cough* mettaton *cough*

and he gets really fucking pissed whenever I call him gay as like a joke or something like "hey dude ur gay lmao" and then he gets all triggered and says shit like "IM NOT GAY I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND" and bro you can call me gay and ill be like "yea ok, true"
but no he gets all fucking triggered about and then he cries when i yell to him about it like dude.

I ask him why he gets all butthurt about and he just stays silent and says nothing. he literally doesnt even know why he gets triggered when called gay as a fucking joke dude, please fucking grow up

Even assholes in my class dont get triggered, they call eachother gay all the time like "hey man your gay" and the other guy is like "damn right bro" ofc theyre joking but you get what i mean.

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