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:iconxskiball:xskiball posted a status
Happy Birthday Undertale

I know im late on this but I just want to say...thanks.
Thank you toby fox, you have helped me improve in my art, just because of learning about undertale.
Thank you, for you have inspired me to make my own characters, like L0st and Shattered, Carrie and Scratch, even Scarah even though they need improvement

Thank you Toby for inspiring many, many people..even if sometimes it was in the form of skeleton dicks or some other weird shit, youve inspired us all, in are own way

Thank you Toby for questioning my life and making me fangirl over alphyne and papyton, thanks for all the diversity you have put into your game, and I really hope to see a new game or even a sequel

Thank you Toby for showing us that not all games involve having to fight, and no one has to die, you made us feel bad for are favorite characters dying, and no im not gonna lie, I cried a bit when Mettaton NEO came up, didnt want to kill him lmao

and lastly, Thank you Undertale fans, for supporting Toby, for making great fanart and animations, and sometimes skeleton incest porn and pedophilia but whatever its the Undertale fandom.

Thank you Undertale, Toby, and Fans
 For creating another shitty fandom~

jk I love you <3

I wish I took time to make fanart for this occasion, but maybe tommorow, and for now, you have my thanks.

Goodnight everyone, No matter what you ship or do, I do not wish harm upon you, so yes, all of you, Frans shippers, Kingdings shippers, Fontcest shippers, and even Sansby shippers, I wish you all a Goodnight <3

but i still dont like your ships but you know, you shouldnt have a bad night for making skeleton incest and child porn right? whatever goodnight you sinners <3

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'skeleton incest'
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