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This is a server mostly for people who are fans of my youtube and my characters and if youre a fan of my work or just wanna chat id love if you joined !!
i could even learn how to love by xskiball
This is a super old character that use to be in my story and has since been removed because she is unneeded.
Her name is Alyssa but you can change that if you want.

This is the first time ive ever sold a character of mine but I just really dont need her but Id hate for her to just waste away
so if you'd like her please offer 

Im not taking character offers or real money, sorry : /

Ill take points and artwork!!

Please offer something above 20 points!! Thank you!!
1: +5-15 points depending on complexity, if its not complex at all and i find it easy, ill do it at normal price. If the markings/outfit/etc are complex the price may go up a few points. If you're not sure just ask!!
2: you must pay before i start working.
3: If you dont have enough points, I also do art trades!! but im much more willing to accept points instead of art. So if you enough to pay me id much rather prefer that.
4: I dont accept characters as payment.
5: prices may go up later, this is just temporary.
6: 25% discount for friends and mutuals !!

Headshot - we got a situation here by xskiballIvyFoxArtist Commission by xskiballowo whats this by xskiball

50 points

shading +10
another character +15
gradient background +5

Half-body - all the days begin to merge by xskiballis this h o m e s t u c k? by xskiballsprinkl sparkl by xskiball

75 points
shading +10
another character +20
gradient background +5

Fullbody - whats the use? by xskiballits actually pretty easy by xskiballL0st Ref Sheet by xskiball

100 points
shading +10
another character +30
gradient background +5

What I will draw 
Mild Gore
Tv Heads

What I wont draw

Extreme Gore/Self Harm
Political Stuff

Please ask if I will draw a certain thing.
if u want bootlegs please note me, but the only way i can send them is email.
heres the list of bootlegs that I got

-- Amelie
Falsettos Revival (Proshot and Camera recorded)
Hamilton (Original Cast)
Hamilton (Some New Cast)
Heathers (The Musical)
Heathers (The Movie)
Dear Evan Hansen 
The Book Of Mormon (Original Cast)
The Book Of Mormon (except its got ben platt as elder cunningham?? i havent even watched it yet)
In The Heights (Not original cast but its a proshot??)
---these next ones i have not watched and confirmed they are real, but i did get most from a friend so i trust him)
Into The Woods
Little Shop Of Horrors
Avenue Q
Legally Blonde
Kinky Boots 
Mamma Mia
attack me!! >:3
An artist at a con was given homemade cookies by a supposed fan, but instead was given cookies with needles inside, and yes, she did eat one, her tongue started bleeding and she filed a police report.
This artist was a frans shipper, now let me tell you I hate frans, I hate it a lot, but that doesnt give ME the fucking right to try and fucking kill someone?? I dont give a shit how much you hate frans, you dont fucking feed someone cookies with fucking needles in them?? I hate frans with every bone in my body but that doesnt give me the option to take time to make fucking cookies and try to KILL SOMEONE. Her tongue started bleeding and the needle pierced through her tongue, I get it ok, frans is gross, its pedophilia, what I dont get is what gave you the shitty fucking idea to fucking KILL someone. Sure, Ill argue with you about how your ship is bad, but I would never, ever, take time out of my life to bring you something so shitty that is literally BEYOND my comprehension. I hope you realize this makes you like, a thousand times more of a shitty person than her for doing this, right? I seriously hope the artist went to the hospital and got the needles tested for anything dangerous, and I hope she is healed. Thank you for reading.
so these are like
free sketch requests 
thumbs up

1. Link me a ref sheet of the character. 
2. Tell me their full name and 5 fun facts about them.
3. Before I will start your sketch, you must make a journal giving away 10 free sketches like this yourself! .o. and, you must mark me as number 1 on the list!

1. bug-dealer
I am streaming undertale on google hangouts here (the genocide run btw) -…
just so you know, I have indeed played this game before many times
(genocide and pacifist)
but I have never gotten to beat sans, ive always reset before i could beat him, cause it was getting extremely annoying and he was extremely difficult to beat, but this time im gonna try and beat him once again, and maybe, ill actually kill him, wow
(i also might do some voice acting but i cant voice act so fuck me)
but yay undertale stream
I also might not talk unless a lot of people join or if someone asks me a question or some shit like that idk
also just a reminder, when i first did genocide, undyne took me more than 2 weeks to beat so
> -> but dont worry ive been practicing undertale battles so it shouldn't take me as long to do, yay?
Undertale - [link]
Undertale (Genocide) - [link]
Underswap - [link]
Underfell - [link]
Errortale - [link]
Inktale - [link]
Reapertale - [link]
Horrortale - [link]
Freshtale - [link]
Mafiatale - [link]
Outertale - [link]
Aftertale - [link]
Storyshift - [link]
Chesstale - [link]
Poketale - [link]
Littletale - [link]

(I would do flowerfell but theres already underfell so theyd most likely be the same thing)
Ok so this frans shipper told me her reasons for shipping frans and while reading this I couldn't help but groan.
Ok so here

Reason 1:
A lot of frans shippers view frisk as themself, which people really need to stop doing. Frisk is there own character no matter what you say, even though Toby Fox did say that you can interpret Frisk how you want, it still doesnt make them you, you are not a video game character, you are a person. Frisk is their own person, with their own pronouns, gender, age, and etc.
Frisk is non-binary, meaning they are both male and female, meaning they use pronouns like they/them, Toby also stated in the game (through monster kid) that every character in the game that wears a striped shirt, yes that was a hint. Monster kid himself says "Your a kid too right? I can tell because youre wearing a striped shirt!" yea, that wasnt a joke or anything, thats a statement telling you that all monsters with striped shirts are children, Frisk, Chara, Asriel, Monster Kid, The bunny kid in snowdin, and probably more. I even gave my own oc a striped shirt originally, but now that im a teenager, i changed it to something else. Anyways as you can see, Sans is NOT wearing a striped shirt, or a striped jacket, Sans is not a kid, besides he has two jobs, and (I think this is canon) he use to work in a lab, considering the backstory and proof we have including the lab under his house, meaning hes atleast 18-21, and i dont know about you but I think its weird to see a 12 year old (or whatever age) dating an 18 year old, or a 19 year old, or anything above that, its gross, its illegal, its pedophilia meaning frisk is most likely under the age of consent.

Reason 2:
This isnt canon but I see much proof to it, yes, I am one of those people who believe that Chara is not the reason behind the genocide, yes, technically you are, but sans (I think) doesnt know a player is controlling Frisk, so he thinks Frisk is doing this genocide.
Why do I believe this? As Chara said "When I woke up, i was so confused, but then you showed me what to do" or something along the lines of that, meaning YOU showed chara how to kill, Chara didnt start that genocide, you did, and as i said before, you are not frisk, but you are controlling them, which none of the game characters know. (except maybe chara) Anyways, you (controlling frisk) started the genocide, chara just helped, and considering the game, sans knows that frisk did genocide, and do you really think sans would date anyone who murdered his friends, murdered the king, murdered him. Sans probably doesnt even want to be friends with you after that.

Reason 3:
As Toby Fox stated here - Thank You Toby by xskiball Sans is too lazy to even do anything with anyone, relationship wise. He doesnt want to kiss frisk, or fuck frisk, or do anything like that with Frisk, besides sans would seem more like a brother or an uncle to Frisk dont you think, they most likely wouldnt want to date him, and trust me ok I do ship sans with toriel but im not crazy about it, I respect people if they dont like it, i dont even ship it that much anymore, but i dont mind that its there, its not bad, and it actually makes some sort of fucking sense?? I honestly dont ship it too much anymore its more of just a side ship? anyways you get what im saying here, please stop shipping frans, it makes no sense, its pedophilia, and its really, really gross

Reason 4?:
This isnt really a reason but its more of a reason i hate frans shippers in general, despite their ship choice. If I see frans art, I get grossed out, its legit disgusting to me, and then its stuck in my head forever, and then i comment telling them why the picture is wrong, and they usually say something like (depending on maturity levels) some of them say shit like "your so mean :'(" and yes, ive seen that before, no joke, or they are actually in some levels, "mature" and they say shit like "why dont you just click away" oh i dont know why dont i just click away from an illegal picture of pedophilia right infront of my fucking eyes, yeah if i see some girl getting raped in an alley way, is the guy gonna tell me to just walk away and let it happen and do you think im just gonna fucking walk away? no you fucking dumbass, naturally I would call the police but no you just want me to fucking cLICK AWAY RIGHT?? WRONG.
Frans shippers are doing illegal shit, and if i could, I would get you arrested and to the police, too bad I cant, but oh god i wish i could, because you fuckers really dont deserve to be on deviantart drawing your disgusting pedo art. PLEASE FUCKING STOP.

*breathes* Thank you for your time.
Genocidal Pacifist is cancelled, it wasnt going anywhere and it wasnt fun for me to draw either, i honestly hated it, it was also unoriginal, it was just a story about chara being reformed or something with chara, asriel, and frisk all going to the surface...then i watched a video about how chara wasnt bad...and yea, i get that now...

Sorry if you actually wanted genocidal pacifist (for some reason???)


one is an undertale comic, and the other uses all the adoptables i have

the undertale comic is about my oc, scarah, which sounds boring at first and unoriginal, "wow, a story about your oc?? the one that is a total ripoff of chara??" OK SO MY OC ISNT A RIPOFF OF CHARA

scarah is a demon... somewhat like chara

scarah is also non-binary, but its not because chara is, its because I am, yes, i am non-binary, and i probably overuse commas!

Scarah has red horns and a red tail with a black diamond shape scale at the end

Scarah was created artificially from a monster creation machine, which messed up and created a demon that looked like a human, but still with a monster soul

Scarah has plain red eye(s), nothing else and that's all, they also have an X over there left eye

Scarahs hair is also longer than Chara's, and a lighter color

the reason that scarah has Chara's shirt is because well, Chara let them have it, but scarah kinda liked there ripped up brown shirt so they kinda tore off the sleeves

and the brown shorts were just there when they were created

and scarahs story is a lot different from charas mkay? shall i continue??? whether its yes or no im not gonna because i want to talk about the other comic (also scarah will be a digital comic)

The next comic i have is about hybrid animals, legends to be exact, they have been in hiding for long periods of time...
One day they find out about youtube and computers, and they become youtubers, ofcourse they dont show there faces but they get to express themselves and talk to people without other knowing who they are

I'm gonna be using all the adopts Ive bought, which is like...9? 9 characters....or something, maybe 8? idk ones still in the process of being adopted so idk..
(its also gonna be a traditional comic because there easier to make for me and they'll be made quicker) also you can vote for the name here -

Anyways, thats all!Can-an-ant-do-this-ford 
for most oc's, im not very creative, honestly i think my most creative oc is my steven universe one...but uh... well. as you probably saw, i base my oc's off characters that already exist, so before i star my undertale oc comic, should i try to...remake her? and my other ocs.. i.. i want to try atleast.
but i might keep the name Scarah, just cause im so use to it

well um. im gonna go remake them, hopefully they look better, i might even look at other oc's for inspirati- oh wait...creativity...crap.


ima go do that
Fighting Themes
Scarah Pacifist: [link]
Scarah Genocide: [link]
Patche Pacifist: [link]
(no genocide)
Griffin Pacifist: [link]
(no genocide)
Toria Pacifist: [link]
(no genocide
Gracie Pacifist: [link]
Gracie Genocide: [link]
Claire: dont fight at all (no genocide or pacifist)
Bonnie Pacifist: [link]
Bonnie Genocide: [link]
Jenna Pacifist: [link]
(no genocide)
sans and scarah (genocide only) : [link]
mishi pacifist: [link]
(no genocide)
Meeting Themes
Scarah and Griffin: [link]
(there themes are the character that there somewhat based off of)
Patche: [link]
Toria: [link]
Gracie: (shes based of undyne but doesnt match her personality so...) [link]
Claire: [link]
Bonnie: [link]
Jenna: [link]
Mishi: [link]
I will start posting more art at some point but right now im gonna start working on a comic for undertale called
Genocidal Pacifist

its about frisk and chara

and the first page will probably be in a few days, im not setting marks because ill probably do it to early or to late
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