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haha uranus by xskiball haha uranus by xskiball
look at this bih and her fuckn space hoe badge

i got inspired by earth chan and the fact everytime i try to draw her it looks like shit, so meet uranus-sama

the other two are stars, specifically sirius and canopus!! They're brother and sister!! Sirius is the brightest star in the solar system as we know, thats why shes so pale white and canopus is the second brightest which is why his skin is white with a gray tint, he's not as bright as his confident sister.

Uranus is basically the love child of fresh sans and akarsha from butterfly soup, shes super gay and never shows her eyes, but if you cant read her glasses say "LMAO" 

I also made a design for Neptune-san, Uranus's girlfriend whos also tired of her shit.

and as stated, All the planets are in a friend group. Earth-chan and Luna-chan are sisters. I made a design for Luna as well. I also made one for Saturn, The Sun, Mars, and Venus!! 

The sun is basically like a teacher/guardian for them. 

Pluto use to go to the highschool until Sun realized she wasnt qualified and expelled her for pretending to be a highschooler, Pluto is now in 7th grade but occasionally visits her friends. She's sweet yet mischievous, and has probably killed a man.
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