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Ally by xskiball Ally by xskiball
Another new KBU character, this one has always been an idea in my head, but I finally made her an official design!!

Meet Ally! She's a rebellious girl who is presumably human, despite her father being an anthro. She and her dad ran away and hid from her
mother and have been hiding ever since. She believes herself to be a protector of all living ASH's. She makes sure to mark her face everyday with 3 lines, which
represent whiskers, which seemingly is supposed to show how connected and allied she is with the ASH's despite being a human herself. Like Rosa, she herself likes to
keep the remaining ASH's that she finds in hiding as well, and they all view her as a leader, the difference is, Rosa keeps her ASH's safe and secure in her own house. Ally here keeps her's in a less safe place.. Her father (Who's name is Lucas) is a gray and purple anthro who was very caring to Ally as a child, one day he started to notice her mother wasnt treating her exactly as a mother would, Lucas tried to put up with it but eventually got sick of it and took Ally far away from her. Today they rule together over their band of ASH's, which probably (unlike Rosa's) wont be very prominent characters and ill most likely just use some of my friends oc's, and maybe some other people if the time comes to that :0

Art and Design by Me
Please do not repost anywhere
If you want to draw her, go ahead, but please give credit!!
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January 25
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