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Prog - Creator Viktor

Some progress shots of the Creator Viktor im doing for Acen 

these pics are after the initial paper mockup, sintrabuild, bondo, boring stages yadda yadda , once ive smoothed out the whole shebang, Im planning on slicing the back off and hinging it to open and close, it will make putting the batteries and leds in later easier.

other stuff Im working on is the arduino code/flex sensor combo to the servos that will drive the shoulder cannon. 


ive got so much left to do qq

still gotta get that staff started

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Awesome! I'm making a creator viktor as well but I started with and iron man head as a base. This is really great work you've done!
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I had no idea how close that base is to it LOL it looks pretty darn close, Woulda helped me if i knew earlier. Looks good so far though, Keep posting progress pics!
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That's pretty cool! How did you realize the paper model? I can't finda any pepakura file of creator viktor.
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sorry for the horribly late reply, I ripped the game model then loaded it to 3ds max then unfolded it , sent it over to pep designer and redid some polys then made a paper template, then of sintra, then layered bondo, filler, paint on it. So in all
Game>3ds max>pep Designer>paper>Sintra>hard coat it> paint> details.
I think I have the pep file I made somewhere if you still want it

Hope this helps!
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Oh thank you so much, if you could send me the pep file it will be great! Anyway thanks a lot for the step-to-step explaination, becuse i'm being mad for doing this cosplay and i really needed some advice! 
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Ok i think i've been able to extract the .skn file with RAF manager, i think is " Viktor_maker.skn" but i've tried to convert it to .obj using "skn2obj" but it crashes while with other model skins it works, and i don't know why this skin i need it is bugged or something.
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that looks really cool so far : D
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