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Erase them all
I wish I could erase them,
The memories of you, of us.
Not that there ever really was an us,
Not really.
But over time my feelings grew,
And I kept them hidden along with the memories.
No one will ever truly know,
Know about us,
Know about my feelings,
Know about the memories,
That we shared together.
I try not to love you,
And yet my feelings can't help it
You will never know my true feelings,
Nor will you ever read this so,
I don't even understand
why I'm doing this anymore.
Pain only brings darkness,
Makes me want to end it all.
Give in and give up.
I doubt.. I doubt anyone would notice.
Even if they say it would be.. I feel no one would miss such a girl as I.
I am not worthy of love,
I am not deserving of it,
I don't even know what love is anymore.
I want to erase it all, every memory of every person who hurt me..
Then...disappear myself.. Into the void darkness of the shadows.
:iconxsilverravenx:xsilverravenx 3 0
Darkness Again
Why can't I turn off these feelings?
I hate that I feel this way at all.
Darkness has entered my world once again,
Leaving me scarred and in pain.
I want to scream,
I want to leave,
But something about this place, keeping me from such actions.
When will it go away again,
This darkness that I live in.
Just shut me out like all the rest,
Crush my soul with the hand
who held it.
My heart is in pieces,
Picking them up,
It causes more cuts and pain.
I just feel like giving up,
Giving into the darkness once again.
Letting it surround me,
Consuming my body,
I have no reason anyways.
No one can help me now,
I am to far deep into darkness.
No one can hear me,
My voice won't make a sound.
No one will save me,
My heart will be closed forever.
The pain is to real,
So I try to cry out,
No response from anyone.
Deep in my heart I know now,
No one can truly be happy.
Not in the real world,
Not in any world.
:iconxsilverravenx:xsilverravenx 1 0
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Well, I was finally able to have time to check my DA and thought i would give some updates as to how things are going.

First off, I ended up finding not just one job but two. :) Food jobs but jobs none the less. I still do haircutting on the side tho. lol
My boyfriend and I also found an apartment and now live in a onebed-onebath apt. lol 
We also have a new addition of a little chihuahua puppy who we call Canela. She is a little mess but she has won my heart lol plus she likes to be in my lap more and my bf says sometimes that she really does love me, cause she will also follow me around the rooms. lol

Anyways that's all for now. 


Hope you like my colors
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Marines- "Semper Fi" (Always Loyal or Always Faithful)


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