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Wonko the Sane!

Waspinator is now back in our finished characters! Turns out I'd started converting him for vRay a while back and stopped to work on other characters. So, I finished him today!

Waspinator modeled by :iconwishmasterinrlyeh:

Visit our project's home page for regular updates and check out the facebook group for live updates!
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Yo can you provide the background without Waspinator? I need a good background for my BW collection.
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It was a temp thing I tossed together, I didn't keep it, sorry.
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Very well done. :3
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Thank you! Are you going through my gallery piece by piece, commenting on everything? :)
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YAY!  He who was "Little Kenny" in the Before Time.
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Looks like it is straight out of the show!
Fantastic work!
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I've always loved Beast Wars, I'd come up with an idea of a sequel to the series, taking it back to being stranded on a desolate planet, I'd have to flesh it out and submit the idea one of these days. This is an amazing render, it really looks like it came from the series.
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It's what we're aiming for :)
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Fly free Waspinator. Great picture, when I saw it I thought it was shot from the series. :D
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Getting there :) I'll work on the background more later, right now it's just the mad rush to get the characters done.
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Happy wasp is happy :D This is adorable.
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Just wait 'till you see what happens to him in Dark Glass.... :)
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Brilliant work Gabe, really love how close to the show you made this to Waspinator :)
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Thanks Sami :) Always fun to nail something right :)
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Initially took this as a frame from the show - great work! Waspy is one of my favourites ^^
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Thank you, that's always nice to hear :)
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