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The Dinobots are ready

The five G1 Dinobots standing on a grassy, weakly treed area.

These five models will be animated for a promo for the Slag-a-Con convention. I took the opportunity to test the vRay grass plug-in and 3DS Max's Foliage Library.

Swoop model by me
Grimlock model by me, built around Kax Blastard's SketchUp model
Slag, Snarl and Sludge models by Kax Blastard
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They're always ready for Decepticon bashing. :3
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Why not play with materials, in order to make them look more photorealistic?
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The trees? Because that would be longer than me making a bunch of trees on my own. That Foliage library isn't too flexible...

If you meant the Dinobots, though... well, because the idea is to keep them as cartoon characters :)
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I was talking about the Dinobots

maybe a couple of good materials and/or textures to make them much more realistic

just a test, and show it to the fans, maybe they would be more amazed than with the cartoon-like materials
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Maybe... maybe. But this is what I want them to look like :)
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My main reason is that the models would not hold up well to a non-cartoon render right now. Grimlock might since he has decent beveling and such, but the others were made with sharp edges on every polygon because I knew the final product was to be a cartoon like render. The sharp corners catch the Toon line better than a beveled corner, which might not get the black line because it's angle is less than 45 degrees.

When I go for a more realistic look, I'll redo the models from scratch. Most of these are SketchUp exports and I don't think they'll survive more than what I need them for, which is a 1min30sec animation.
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