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That's just Prime!

TFcon 2014 print for Garry Chalk.

This is the ultimate Optimus Primal rig we'll be using on Dark Glass. Instead of my usual biped rig, it's a CAT rig... and I liked it so much, I'll be going back on all the ultimate models and converting the rigs to be CAT rigs. Another set back, but so far all the steps back we've taken have been for the better.

Optimal Optimus Primal model and Maximal Command Center by :iconwishmasterinrlyeh:
Lava texture by :iconlynx-traveller:
Textures, Rig, Posing, Lights by me.
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Beautiful ^^ 
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You know the Word. PRIME!....
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Cool stuff ^^ I love the level of detail on the model and the set
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Thanks :) Set isn't really done yet, but it's getting there :)
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I'm sure it'll be awesome :)
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Loving it so far Gabe, and the teeth look nice on Primal. 
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Well that just prime-ly AWESOME!!! :happybounce:
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My favorite maximal withe my favorite catch phrase as the title
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Hehe, thanks. Sometimes it just works out :)
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That's just prime, transform and roll out !
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