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Dinobot VS Rattrap

Finally got a good Transmetal effect with vRay that will be interractive with the scenery! Thanks to :iconlynx-traveller: for the R&D!

Rattrap and Dinobot models by :iconwishmasterinrlyeh:

Dark Glass Project by fans, for fans. Check out [link] for more details.
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Yeah, this is my favorite test shot. Did you see the vid that goes with it?
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That looks awesome! I can't wait to see this project when it is finished. =D
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Very nice. I wish that episode was made.
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Give it time. We should be done by 2016, for Beast Wars' 20th Anniversary.
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wow, it's a while... but worth waiting! :D
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That long a wait? sigh
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If I could work on it full time, and get paid to do so, it'd be quicker. If I was still 16, it'd be quicker. Alas, I have other responsibilities.
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This is awesome! any more stuff I can help with?
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At this point in the game, it's set designs that really is urgent. If you're up for that, I'd send you the models for reference and you could build the set as needed. I'm talking generic sets here, specific sets like the Ark interior, the Maximal base and the Predacon base I'm keeping for last as they need to be acurate to the show.
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GREAT!!! I'll get a package your way then, you'll have the characters for reference and the scene's description and what actions will take place there :)

PM me your email just to be sure, I probably still have it, but I'd rather make sure I do :)
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Roger that, sending asap.
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... the first time I looked at that, I thought they were pinky-swearing! lol.

I like that you can really see the size difference between them. Great job :)
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Yeah, I was surprised at how much bigger Dinobot II is! He's virtually the same size as Rampage on the show, whereas his toy is the same size as his original body.

Still, it makes for some nice contrasts between characters, and a bit of a headache to film and shoot :)
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This is pretty good stuff - I initially mistook this for a screengrab from the show, and it took me a couple of seconds to remember otherwise XD :hug:
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Yeah, at this point I'd say it's just the lighting that is different.
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