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About Us

XSIDE Comics is a new international company, mostly known for being the first Comic Book Company founded in Dominican Republic. Dedicated to pairing high-quality art with innovative storytelling, XSIDE publishes a variety of licensed, creator-owned, and company-owned books, featuring the top talent in the dominican comics field and other talented artists from around the world.

XSIDE publishes different forms of comic books: On-going series, graphic novels, comic strips and webcomics . It also developes other forms of related media, such as videogames and animation. Also hosts individual websites for some of the projects and sells online merchandise.

The company was founded in 2009 by dominican comic artist Elisa Féliz ( in Santo Domingo, DR.
Féliz is better known for her work in USA comics such as "Villikon Chronicles" and "Dallas" (Based on the popular tv series), published by Silent Nemesis Workshop LLC, also for her work on "Intrepid" and "Knight Reavers".

The first project brought to the public by the company was the "Alice in Nigthmareland" comic strips which were first published on the web. The strips drew attention on the internet and got printed later on in national Newspapers.




About Us

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:iconelisa-feliz: Elisa Féliz (IDW Publishing) - Dominican Republic
:iconxxnightblade08xx: Kyle Ritter (DC Comics) - United States
:iconmechangel2002: Diana Greenhalgh (Marvel Comics) - Canada
:iconhectorrubilar: Hector Rubilar (Zenescope Entertainment) - Brazil
:iconnselma: Nicolás Selma (Rivera Maya Studios)- Argentina

Alessandro Ferri (Bookmaker comics) - Italy
:iconmatitaimpazzita: Marco Cenci (OltreComics.) - Italy
:iconandreacelestini: Andrea Celestini - Italy
:iconshadedrawz: Scott Jones - United States
:icongarysk: Blue Reaper (MyPetStone Studios) - Mexico
:iconcristian-santos: Cris - Dominican Republic

Jens Altmann Germany
:iconzonderick: Javier Féliz - Dominican Republic
:iconpanasony: Sonia Féliz - Dominican Republic

Ada Castillo - Dominican Republic

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