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Decided to make a new Journal because some of the older ocs I had where rehomed and now I'm 100% sure I have everyone I want to keep ^^

Just comment below and I'll reply asap!

Looking For: 

Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Friends 
Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Enemies
Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Rivals
Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Family
Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiserPossible looking to ship oc's, but I will be really picky about the pairings!

Please Note Some Oc's I'd Rather Not Have Any Of The Above Unless You're A Very Close Friend!!! 

You Can Find Everyone Here, There Are Some Ocs I Still Need To Post!

Had this in a status but posting here just in case someone missed the status. 
Currently I’m only looking for transformers ocs/customs. If I don’t get any offers I like I’ll just keep them! They are really tentative so I will be a bit picky with the characters/customs!!

Tentatively looking to trade this guy ;w; 
I still love his design but atm I’m unsure what to do with him.…

This one I'm just having a hard time thinking of a story/place for. (pending)…
This is just for offers most likely I will not part with the ocs here X'D but just in case I find a design I like more I'm putting them up!…

Looking for:
DA Points
TF Customs( will be picky who it comes from)
TF Characters 

Off Limits:
anyone by crimson-nemesis( these are forever homed!)
anyone by LillinApocalypse (they all have a story so yeah XD)
Griffolk (will only trade for another of the species)

XShockshellX has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the DeviantArt community only.

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I made the amount I needed ;w; Thank you everyone who commissioned me and I will be working on the commissions all this week!

Commission Prices 2019 (Open) by XShockshellX
$3 Mini Bust Iron Artist (Open)Added points to the way to pay ^^  

*Only Transformers/Mecha ocs
*unlimited slots per person 
$3/300 :points: per bust(payment due upfront!)
100 slots are open ^^
1) trash-dragon(coloring)
2) sheabeeprime (lining)
3) sheabeeprime (lining)
4) zozzle-knight (sketching)
5) zozzle-knight (sketching)
(Buy one get one does not apply to the iron artist!)
PayPal only!

My bank charged back a lot of PayPal payments I did last month. its really stressing me out and I just want to repay everyone who was affected asap but my bank said it would take two months to undo everything ;w; 
This is all I can think of is commissions, id really appreciate if everyone could share this or order if you can since I need to come up with $200 

Next opening: July 1st 2019

Just a quick thing I thought of ;w; 
Its been a while since I've done a custom ota, like a year ago, so I'm trying it out again!

All you have to do is offer and I'll pick two people to get a custom ^^

Post your offers here:…

Please keep in mind customs do take a long time and a lot of effort to draw when offering!  



Aten by XShockshellX Zion (Syon) by XShockshellX :Commission: Custom AndroidAss by XShockshellX

XShockshellX has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the DeviantArt community only.

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XShockshellX has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the DeviantArt community only.

You can log in or become a member for FREE!

Raffle (closed)

Tue Dec 12, 2017, 8:51 AM

Update 2: winners are below! CONGRATULATIONS ^^

207413fb-fbf1-4029-9d25-5a4b5002a5b0 by XShockshellX 038c604c-e344-4234-a07a-9a8cd95616c3 by XShockshellX

Update 1: The raffle is now closed! Winners will be announced later tonight ^^

I was going to open Christmas commissions but since I already had a lot to do at that time. I decide to hold off on those for this year and instead do something else for my watchers XD. 


Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Must be a watcher, new watchers are welcome but please don't unwatch after the raffle is over! (+1)
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Post a clear digital ref of your OC below, with some info about them, like personality, what they like to do, ect. (+1)
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Share this Journal (+1)( you dont have too)
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Tag two people (+1 for every two people tagged)( you dont have to)
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Say "Raffle" somewhere in your comment so I know you read all the rules!


Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiserIm only drawing tf oc! Nothing else!
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser There will be two winners ^^
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiserThe prizes will be either a chibi or portrait.
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Raffle ends Dec 27th!
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiserWinners will be announced on Dec, 28th or 29th and the prizes will be drawn and posted as soon as I'm home from my break! (around Jan,4th)
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser I'll try to number you as comments are posted.
Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Numbers will be rolled using!


Skin by Nethartic

Art for items

Fri Sep 29, 2017, 10:26 AM
Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Note me which item you'd like to buy(you can buy the item and ship it to me or send the payment through paypal( it would be easier this way, but i will add $3 because of the PayPal fee)
Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser I'll work on them in between other art.
Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser I will not start until the item has arrived or I've ordered it!
Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser You can change the art items but it must still be close to price listed. ( it can go over $3 or $4 if needed)


Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser iPhone case…
$8.99 plus shipping ( around $12)

What You'll Get: 

Portrait (full color)
or anything adding up to the price

Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Seat covers…
$25( I already added the shipping)

What You'll Get: 

Custom (full color)
or anything adding up to the price

Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser Razor gaming headset( will be going to my nephew for his birthday)…

What You'll Get: 

anything adding up to the price

Sea Green Bullet by AngelicHellraiser
 League of Legends, Kha'Zix  Figure…

What You'll Get: 

anything adding up to the price

Skin by Nethartic

Shared Journals

Tue Sep 26, 2017, 7:10 AM