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Ishida Uryuu

By xshelaghx
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This is for ~Deidaras-Girl because I heard she likes Ishida and cause she did this awesome, wonderful, BEAUTIFUL Byakuya pic for ME! ^_^ [link] *is a happy happy fangirl*

Its pencil of course. This is the 1st art I'm submitting where I used these nifty smudgers. They work ever so much better than fingertips.
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omygosh! so cool. i <3 Uryuu!
Mihoshi5's avatar
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*Dies of shock from AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!*
Bearuthiel's avatar
Very detailed sketch. :) I like it very much.
MusicforlifEJM's avatar
This is really good (:
Animeforlife123's avatar
that looks awesome!!! good job
I love ishida
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markens305's avatar
omg....ishida just looks lyk a human
hehe good work
lol ur drawing makes mine looks lyk crap
MurakiOAO's avatar
RAWR *_*
You made it wonderfully realistic...
love his eyes!!
ShinaRyun's avatar
Awesome work! Stunning detail on the fingers, and the eyes look like they could cut glass! Sweet hair too!
Renki-chan's avatar
this is pure love! *_*

*instat fav*
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mmmmm i love me sum nerd <3
searching-for-sanity's avatar
Wow, you've taken an anime character and made them realistic. :love: Freakin' amazing.
quincito's avatar
Best Ishida FA EVER!!!!!!!
i'm a crazy quincy fan :D
FangirlYasha's avatar
:omfg: HE'S GORGEOUS! :iconeeeeeplz: I love the high lights and his fingers [wow, I'm jealous, those fingers are PERFECT!]

QuincyLover18's avatar
uryuu is sooooooooo sexy
Kibainuzukalove's avatar
lollymonkey5's avatar
OMg i am actually so jealous! =(
i wish i could draw like this Dx its so unfair D'x
i tried doing a picture of uryuu... but it kinda didnt work out =( please take a look at it and give me any constructive critisism =) that would make me very happy! lol ^^

But seriously... i dont get how you people can ever draw like this!! lol its AMAZING!!! <3333
love it xD
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This is splendid.
Ringoshiiro's avatar
Uryuu is my favorite Bleach character. You did a great job on this picture. You really captured Uryuu's personality flawlessly and your pencil skills are simply amazing.
chibibookworm221's avatar
quincy boy is great. and this pic is even better lol. love it bunches. love how you did the shadings. and yes using those smudgy thingys are way better then fingers my old high school art teacher told me about them and ive loved them since. again love the pic.
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Wow! This is amazing!
Case-adia's avatar
OMIGOSH this is awesome! Is it okay if I fave this???
xshelaghx's avatar
lol you don't need my permission to fave :)
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