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Here are the trumpets
The sound
The entertainment of the song
Next are clarinets
Back up to the rest
Yet vital to the sound
The flutes up now
Barely audible
Yet very much there
Next are saxes
The symbol of jazz
Last of them all
The drumline appears
Loud and proud
We are the band
We are the REAL team
Of the football games
Half-time is game time
That's what we say
You know you just come
To see the band
It's not all play
Don't be fooled
Try six hours
Of band camp
In the rain
Always step off
With your left foot
One more time?
No such thing
Fifteen plus more time today
Perhaps you mean
There is lots of good
In marching band too
You make friendships
For forever
Make music
As loud as can be
You love it,
You hate it
That we all know
But it's all about
The love and care
Put into it all
Fifteen minute break?
Two minutes later,
We're at it again
Sure we have fights
Disagreements and tiffs
But that's common in families
Because that's what we are
A family
Call us what you want
We really don't care
We'll just rock your socks off
Because we are
The marching band
I wrote this at like midnight a few weeks ago for my marching band family. They mean a lot to me and this is dedicated to them :].
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im in band and im a bari sax. this is all tue. i have been in band for 4 years and i have always remembered the performance you will forget all those 9 am to 5 pm practices and youll forget all those after school sectionals but NEVER will you forget those performances or those goofy band kids. i will be graduating this year and i will say i will always be remembered as a band kid and as my dad said at 50 years old you never will forget what you did out there on the field proving that cheerleading is not a true sport and band isn't a class its a lifestyle. once your in your family no matter how old you are. i have a friend who is 45 and he told me all about his band and the show they did then he was 15. never forget the people at the football games are only there to see the band at half time and see how we truly are the best kids in the school. i will never for get my first feild show sophmore year, we did fantasmic, the first feild show we ever did at my school, we might have taken home 2nd place but in our hearts we won 1st in everything. THE FEW... THE PROUD... THE BAND GEEKS... WE WILL RULEOUR SCHOOLS... after all who likes the football jock or the cheer leaders.. band is family now and forever! never forget...

i almost cryed because it is all true! and on top of it band is a place where you are always family no matter how much you deny it. you cant walk into math and tell them about how much you cant wait to learn a new skill but in band... you can tell how much we mean to eachother. and at every graduation you cry because you will miss those brothers and sisters of the family you learned to love. even when you say you hate one of the other band kids you cry when they walk across that stage at the end of a year no matter what happened to make you hate them they are a part of your family and team. never lose your family. i will always be there to see the next set of kids join our family. my sister was in the same band i was and is now married to the boy who sat next to her for four years as a friend and brother and they started dating sr year, after 7 years of dating they are now going to have little band geeks of their own. and they will understand their kids and help them in their band. maybe take every saterday 9 am to 5 pm for 3 months like our parents did for us. we will always have those kids who joined the band cause the school didnt know where to put them. but remember they might end up playing better then you one day. so please join our family no matter where you go to school. your family in our band. i am going to laguna creek high school and am best friends with a guy who goes to the school our school hates but we are in band and can see past the hate and make it so we see who can do better. always remember we are family. so no matter where you live if you see this give your band family a hug next time you see them and tell them thanks for being a member of the family and team. we will always listen so if you have a problem tell the band they will help. or tell me ill see what i can do.
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The "One more time" thing is so true. x__x Our band director has no recognition of the definition "one"
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haha, neither does mine! it's ridiculous. i would get myself so psyched up for a water break, then... "alright guys, AGAIN." i'm like ...really!?