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We'll Meet Again ... One Day

My Friend Lauren (a.k.a. My Twin) took amazing pictures of my Sailor Star Fighter costume a few days after Otakon. I was really reluctant to get into it, and kept complaining XD;, but now I see it was well worth it.

I <3 you my twin!

I can't wait to get an official Usagi for this costume. WHERE ARE YOU OAO?

This image kind of makes me think of Seiya back on her home planet (after it is restored) thinking of all the good times with Usagi, or something gay like that. I'm not the biggest Sailor Moon fan, but I am a Seiya and Usagi shipper when forced to ship anyone.
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Wow! You look lovely! Nice cosplay!
tiny-breath's avatar
Totally gorgeous! (& SeiyaxUsagi FOREVER!)
Pellymachine's avatar
This is just gorgeous. Love it.
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xSeyx's avatar
Thank you!!
Stargazer-Gemini's avatar
This is quite best possibly the best Sailor Star Fighter cosplay I've ever seen.
Polysics-Or-Die's avatar
o A o you're like 100% my hero now. <3
N1ghtenga13's avatar
Damn, you're so hot in your cosplays. You do them so well.
ZeldaStrife's avatar
wow. very good cosplay. i would imagine that the Sailor Starlights would be very hard to cosplay. props to you! :+fav:
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great costue
great background!
Debbies's avatar
OMG o_o
I love the custome!!!
='3 really
I favorite yours with my other account n.n
see you
Elzera's avatar
Seltoroth's avatar
you make a great fighter (yay vor vinyl X3)
MarieZombie's avatar
Beautiful! Many of the cosplay pictures i see seem so cheesy and fake, but this one makes me want to see a live action BSSM performance
great job!!!!
indirita's avatar
wow u look pretty
maggifan's avatar
OMG, You look so gorgeous!
You're a great's really perfect ^^
Mako588's avatar
Dude, Sey, whatever you wanted to be in life, give it up and go be a professional model. I command it. XD
megsnow's avatar
You are the best fighter there ever will be wtf <3 You are gorgeous and your costume looks amazing.
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C-B0t's avatar
I have that star changer toy too :D
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