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First Day on the Ship
Ziadi swam through dreams. The images were muddled, as if someone had poured colored inks into a bowl of water and swirled, leaving such a distortion that she could make little sense of anything. Numbing pain rolled dully through her head and down her spine, settling in the pit of her stomach like winter sludge. The ground rocked beneath her knees, and she swayed with the motion, side to side like a rattler drunk on pipe music.
Hours passed. Or perhaps days, or weeks. Or maybe it was only a few seconds. Not that it mattered, as she slowly, but steadily, regained herself.
First to return was the part of her brain that handled logic well She wondered vaguely where she was, and whys and the hows, but having no immediate answers, she ignored her curiosity and concentrated primarily on clarity. The filtering sounds became clearer and more defined as she opened her ears to them.
Laughter. Soft chuckling, a hushed, triumphant grin.
Then smell, pungent and dark – wood and metal and salt.
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Skipped this..., smallish
     Kyrian loved the taste of fear – the wide eyes and the sound of screams. He loved being the one to cause fear.
     Even cloaked in the skin of a beast, his roars of laughter carried far out across the beach, echoing like cannon blasts against the high castle walls. The measly crowd of men who had streamed so confidently out of the keep just a few moments ago now howled in fright, dropping their weapons into the sand. Kyrian feinted a lunge in their direction; they barely had time to plant their feet before their legs started working desperately in an attempt to get back to the door. He opened his enormous lungs and let out a bellowing snarl that was answered in childlike squeals.
     But they were not his true target. As fast as his bulky frame would allow him, Kyrian turned around to face the suddenly miniature ship that lumbered in the bay. Only a few people remained on the deck; he would send them
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Sure, why not?
(Pretend everyone is knocked out. MAGICALLY. Yeah I'm lazy, deal.)
Cecilia woke with a start, gasping for air. She felt tears roll down her eyes. Some name was caught in her throat, but it faded away like a dream before it could be spoken.
She willed herself to calm down. What had she been thinking about? It was very hazy, but...
Her head hurt.
She blinked and looked around. Pale sunlight streamed through the hatch. The salty ocean air was there, but it was somehow different. Seagulls cawed above the ship. There was a slow creaking of the ship as it rolled back and forth like a cradle.
Then she noticed the newly made prisoners. Instead of being chained, though, they were bound by rope. A young woman with tawny eyelashes had her arms tied to the pirate woman Cecilia remembered from yesterday. Both looked like they were having a restless sleep. The black-haired man, the one who had wielded the massive blade the night before, was ungraciously hog-tied. Still, he looked much younger and le
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Okay Otter, runnin this by you
     There is a small patch of woods that lies just a few miles from the Great Palace of the Mountains, a sliver of what was once a great forest before the Myrangians settled the valley. It is filled with spindly, groping trees, stooped and bent over each other like so many old men, their straggly beards of lichen draped like robes over thin, rattling bones. A mist rises up in the evenings and settles in between the trunks, and lingers there like cotton until the late morning of the next day.
     Older children of the surrounding villages spook the youngest to tears with stories of the wood's inhabitants - century-old witches who would snatch your eyes from their sockets and boil them into jam if they caught you, or the man cursed long ago to walk without cease, so that now his feet are worn down to nothing bloody bones, and his legs are bowed in, the knee caps crushed, and the last sound you'll hear is his ragged breath as he sneaks u
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Ummm...all aboard
     There was a moment of stunned silence. Even the puny princess stopped her  blubbering and stared glass-eyed at the stranger wielding a sword just inches from the terrified face of the pale fur man.
     Rose pushed Terfin aside so she could stare at him full on. Her heart beat like islander drums, her fingers shook as she placed her hands on her hips and felt for the pommel of her dagger, but she set her stance and hide her fear. She glanced back from the stranger to the furry prisoner and back, thinking hard.
     Well, all they wanted was the princess, he could take the other...but if he was willing to brave a shipload of pirates for the furry, it must be important. He was only one man, it would be so easy if...
    Then, out of the corner of her eye she saw Terfin poised with a dartwhip, aiming at the man's face.
     Grinning a grin that showed all
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Map thing by xSexyBunniesx Map thing :iconxsexybunniesx:xSexyBunniesx 0 0
This is how you do it.
Isaac held his arms out for balance. The ship rocked back and forth as steadily as a metronome. His stomach lurched, and he tried to push back the seasickness. He was glad that a fishing boat had been carelessly left at the shore, or else he would've had no way to reach the ship the now-unconscious pirate had pointed out to him.
The briny wind picked up and made his hair move like weeds in water. Stars faded out behind thick clouds, and only linings of moonlight made their way to Earth. He squinted. There was no one he could make out in the darkness, and the only sound was the occasional wooden groan from the ship. He moved with painful slowness. Despite a rapid drop in temperature, a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. He really hated the ocean.
Isaac saw the open hatch moments before his knee knocked against the door. A faint light flickered from inside. This must be it. Without hesitating, he drew his sword and jumped down, landing heavily in the brig. He ignored all of the
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Pirate meets princess - unfini
     Rose paced the Throne Room with a fury while Gallagher began to negotiate with Beolagh. How could they have forgotten the princess? It was one thing to have captured the king, and his own vanity might have sufficed, but without the child to threaten, how could they force him to do anything?
     “Each of my men get an equal share of loot, save for me and my mate.”
     “I’ll give you nothing but a long-winded death!”
     “I want them each pardoned under law for all prior crimes.”  
     “Your scum dogs will hang before you like the pukepaste they are!”
     “Each of them gets an estate without the kingdom.”
     “My guard will flay every last one of you alive and dress my horses with your flesh!”
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Isaac snuck onto a ship through the window, which was weird since ships didn't have windows. He instantly killed three pirates with one punch, and the fourth one he kicked so hard that, due to the momentum and logarithmic function, the pirate flew through 10 brick walls and fell into the ocean. So basically the ship had a four-man crew. Anyway. He then searched the ship and lo and behold! found the wingress. Isaac was all like, "Hell yeah!" But the wingress was all chained up and Isaac didn't know what to do. So he was like.. "That sucks." And then he starts sawing at it with his sword, but dun dun duuuun, the pirate he threw overboard had brought back his crew! Oh, why did Isaac have to only be able to kill three people with a punch!? Curses! So there's an epic sword fight (insert Pirates of the Carribbean music) between him and Rose I guess because she found him in the galley first.
During their epic sword fight, a storm starts a-brewin' and the ship starts a-rockin'. The fight someh
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:::Isaac enters castle:::
Isaac felt as if lightning shot down the back of his neck. The silence haunted the archways and stone crevices in the wrong way, the way it did right before a battle begun. He closed the distance between himself and an entrance to the castle as lightly as he could, but he resisted the urge to unsheathe his sword. He could be mistaken about the tense atmosphere, and he did not want to look paranoid by launching himself at a servant. However, something was definitely off. There was no casual chatter or noises. He forced himself to walk cautiously. He scoured the area around him without turning his head.
A shriek trilled and hung in the air, confirming his suspicions.
Then, footsteps. They were not the dragging steps of a servant or a guard’s steel-plated boots clanking on the cobblestone passage. Isaac pressed himself against a pillar. Isaac was glad he had not taken out his blade, lest it reflect what little moonlight there was.
“Don’t you be pulling my leg, Graff.”
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The Meeting in the forest
     The rounded wagon shuddered to a halt at the fringes of the forest, where the undergrowth met white, shifting sand. The trees whispered the gossip, and the waves contributed to the rumors with each heaving breath. Ziadi sighed, slumping in her seat.
     The beach was deserted.
     She slid down and freed Xeloph from the harness, settling the wagon in a hollow where a fallen tree had once laid, now just a depression in the earth. Xeloph snorted and trotted off to find food, certain that she had stopped for the night. Ziadi waved him off absentmindedly, rummaging in the wagon for purifying salts, and her crystal sphere.
     First, she lit the salts and walked down the beach, letting the piercing scent ward off the briny sea air so that she listen and feel for the ripples of what had taken place here. The sand that had not been drunk with seawater showed a multitude of footprints sc
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.::Arathen::. 2
Normally, Lairoen would have woken at at the littlest sound, but strangely, there was no sound in the clearing at all.  And yet the elf was walking up to him at the very moment, bending down, his dark hair stirring in the wind. He stretched out a leg and nudged the wingress with his foot.
Lairoen gasped and sat straight up, gazing upward, ready to attack when needed.  "Oh," he muttered, and relaxed slightly.
"It's not wise to assume that I'm here on friendly terms," the elf hissed, watching as the wingress tensed.  "Although I am."  Lairoen relaxed once again, huffing.  "I've come to offer you some advice."
At this, Lairoen stood up and stretched, remaining silent and folding his arms as he leaned against the tree he'd just been asleep against.
"There are many archers in this town, and if that mercenary is planning to capture you at all costs, he will most likely enlist the help of one of them.  If he goes to mo
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.::Tayla::. 3
It was getting late, and Tayla was highly bored.  She'd had two customers so far and quite a lot of gold clinking together in her leather coin pouch.  She let out a growl and stormed down the stairs, tugging on her cloak in the process and running her fingers through her honey-brown ringlets.  She caught the bartender winkingat her and had to hold back a grimace.  But then the man next to the bartender drew her attention.  She paused, watching his face.  He certainly had a problem.  She placed her hands on her hips, scrutinizing him.  And then a thought came to her.  Perhaps she could...ease his burden?
A light smirk formed on her cherry blossom-colored lips, crossing the wooden floors and seating herself at the bar beside him.  With her head cocked to the side, she turned to him.  "Deep troubles, I see," she observed playfully as she rested her chin on her lithe fingers, her e
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-Isaac- 4
Isaac floundered around the forest until he found a well-trodden path that led him to the inhabited part of Kyrius. The streets were bare besides for the shoddy figures that were omnipresent in every urbanized area, but Isaac saw an inn still throbbing with life, light, and drink. The castle was a far walk (at least, he assumed so; he didn't actually have a grasp of where everything was still), and he was used to sleeping in the usually cramped quarters of inns.
He walked inside and was immediately shoved, rustled, and elbowed by the burly men who crowded around tables of cards and beer mugs. Isaac felt a bit of irritation stemming from his treatment and his exhaustion, but on normal days he was used to this type of rough-handling. Not to mention bar fights got you kicked out of town or left you with a nasty bounty floating over your head if you got on the nerve wrong person. He sidled up to the counter.
"Whad'dya want?" A man filling six mugs of beer never looked up as he addressed Is
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-Cecilia- 4
Cecilia clutched desperately to the hood of her cloak while her other hand was dragged forward by Elise. She stumbled multiple times during their mad sprint, but Elise never allowed her to slacken the pace. Cecilia gulped in mouthfuls of air, and her throat became burned and raw. The wind whistled past her face and whipped strands of her own hair into her face. She couldn't see where she was going; she could only dash, eyes wild with fright and adrenaline.
The trees and decaying leaves underfoot grew thicker. Elise and Cecilia both escaped with wavering rather than falling flat throughout the journey.
Don't think, your Highness. Just go.
She could not think. Rather, she did not want to. She did not want to think about the bloodthirsty men, their callous faces and paper-thin blades an arm's length away from their necks. She ignored the images of her father being taken hostage and brutalized until welts made his face unrecognizable. She forgot that they were running from the only
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.::Lairoen::. 2
Lairoen listened to the frantic pounding in his chest as he glided over the forest canopy, his feet brushing the tips of the tallest pines. He searched desperately for a safe clearing, a secluded branch - any sort of place where he could hide, at least until morning. The hunter had found his trail again - he was, without a doubt, somewhere in the forest now. He pumped his wings faster, and the wind howled in his ears as he soared, picking up speed.
Far off in the distance, a wolf began to serende the moon, and Lairoen slowed and began to submerge himself in the green pine. He slide through the trees, turning almost sideways to avoid hitting the mossy trunks, and then landed with a soft thump as his feet hit the soft soil in a small clearing. Breathing heavily, he surveyed his surroundings. No creature stirred, not even an owl or undergrowth rodent, and Lairoen allowed himself a moment's rest. Wincing slightly, he leapt to a high branch and settled himself against the trunk to
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I took the time to write it. And rewrite it. And erase it and then write it all over again. You can take the time to read it.

"Setting rules for the roleplay, sort of."
This is ESSENTIAL! It is about the setting and characters. You always have to keep the things in this journal in mind, especially when you're writing for the characters that multiple people control(such as the king, soldiers, etc.)

There are constantly discrepancies between our posts, so we need some background information about the setting!!

Here are the basics:
- The current country they are in is called BELBRII.
- The city they are in is KYRIUS.
- The king's name is BEOLAGH.
- BEOLAGH used to be a just ruler, but after his wife's death he has become increasingly corrupt.
- The QUEEN is dead. Her name was Ciren. She died in a fire a year ago(this relates to CECILIA and CIEL, so Otter will reveal the specifics of the fire later on in the roleplay).
- BEOLAGH and the QUEEN are the biological parents of CECILIA and CIEL.
- CECILIA is a princess.
- CIEL is a prince, but he disappeared from Kyrius a week after his mother died. No one knows where he is.
- DMITRIY is a vampire.
- DMITRIY and Elise are servants of CECILIA.
- DMITRIY has been granted permission to hunt by the king, granted that he doesn't do it on castle grounds.
- LAIROEN is a wingress.
- BEOLAGH wishes to capture LAIROEN so he can strengthen his military power. BEOLAGH has another hidden motive (leave that part to Otter also)(maybe he suspects the Emperor, or whoever his enemy is, to be responsible for the death of CIREN).
- TAYLA is a rogue.
- ISAAC is a mercenary.
- ISAAC needs to ask someone who can shoot arrows to capture the wingress because he can't do it himself.
- ARATHEN is an elf.
- ARATHEN is an amazing archer and will most likely be looked to by ISAAC since he needs an archer to capture the wingress.
- ZIADI is a very capable fortune teller of the exotic Sinti race, one of the few left in the outside world, who presently lives outside of Kyrius.
- ZIADI is trying to warn LAIROEN of the king's attempts to capture him, against Sinti custom, merely because she has a feeling.
- ROSE is a seventeen year old pirate who helps lead a raid on Kyrius' summer castle (beginning of plot).
- TAYLA is an archer as well.
- ARATHEN will refuse ISAAC when asked to help capture the wingress, forcing ISAAC to turn to TAYLA for an archer while ARATHEN journies out to warn LAIROEN, perhaps meeting ZIADI on the way.

The link to the map is here, graciously provided to us by Kitty :D

Background of places:

Belbrii - Belbrii is a country that relies heavily on fishing. It used to own the islands to the east, but the Myrangian Empire slowly gained control of them. The mainland lives in fear of being invaded by the Myrangians, and they are desperately trying to build their forces. Many attacks have been made on the castle in Kyrius(Belbrii's capital city), but they have all been unsuccessful.. So far. War has not been declared between the two countries, just to make that clear. In Belbrii, there has always been a single ruling family, and the crown is passed down through generations. Power is currently granted to descendants of Kaean Ethelstan, a dragon rider who slaughtered the previous ruling family and took the crown for himself two centuries ago.

Therios - Therios is an isolated country where it snows all year round. The area is very mountainous and mostly uninhabited. Mining, logging, and hunting are important. The few villages are self-ruled and independent of one another. The only reason the Myrangians haven't seized the country is because the rocky, frozen ground that dominates most of the country does not have any real value. The king of Therios resides in the relatively busiest city of Shifra, but is no more than a figurehead and exerts no real control over his people.

Myrangian Empire - The empire is constantly trying to expand its borders, but they are tolerant of the people they conquer. The land is largely desert. The people rely on trade to support themselves, and the capital is Dalr(a center of commerce strategically built next to the lake). The demographic varies wildly. People aren't aware of exchanges of power unless the policies are changed suddenly and drastically. Power is passed on to whoever seizes it(tyrants basically). The natives REALLY value strength, and warriors are revered.

Grendara - Another small country that uses farmlands to support it, currently building an army to defend the lands since they fear an attack from Belbrii.

Raotia - Raotia is a great, extremely dense forested area to the north of Belbrii that is mostly inhabited by elves. Local humans believe it to be haunted and normally keep thier distance.

Oros - A very old, peaceful cultural center. Nature is very sacred to the people there, and religion dictates every part of life. The area used to be larger, but the Myrangians took over most of it. The Myrangians decided to leave Oros a small area around its capital in respect. The people are still forced to pay tribute, however.

Felip - Felip is a self-sustained country, though far from isolated. The area is known for its steep hills and extensive rice terraces.

The other areas aren't really important(unless you want to add something in, then go ahead). The continent ended up being MUCH, MUCH more massive then I had hoped for. There doesn't need to be a description for every country. You might also want to fix up the map key.


What the title said. This concerns the plot.

Day 1: King Beolagh hires a mercenary, Isaac, to capture the wingress, so he can use the creature's loric haling owers to make his army invinceable in the upcoming wars. Isaac leaves the castle to catch Lairoen by himself that night. King Beolagh summons Dmitriy right after Isaac leaves. The king tells him to keep an eye on Isaac. If Isaac succeeds in catching the wingress, Beolagh wants Dmitriy to kill him immediately and take the wingress to the castle. If Isaac doesn't get Lairoen in one week, leaks information about his mission, or even suggests that he wants to leave Belbrii, King Beolagh wants Dmitriy to kill him. Either way, Isaac is not leaving the country alive; Beolagh doesn't want his enemies knowing what he's doing. King Beolagh gives him the option to accept the task or not.

((Dmitriy can agree or disagree. Beolagh will reveal his true motives for wanting the wingress, so Dmitriy can decide whether or not its for a good enough cause.))

Meanwhile, Isaac comes close to capturing Lairoen, but fails in the end. He goes back to the castle and tells of his failure to Beolagh. Beolagh realizes they are doing something wrong.

Day 2: The king then goes to ask the fortune teller, Ziadi, where the wingress currently is.
Ziadi sees that Lairoen is on the beach and suggests that the king's soldiers force the wingress in Isaac's direction so he can capture him.
The king leaves, and Ziadi rushes over to the beach to warn the wingress. She can't find him and discovers that he has already escaped from danger. Something else troubles her, though; she sees a pirate ship in the distance.
The pirates attack the city. They kill the King Beolagh and capture the wingress themselves.

That's the plan for the first two days. No changes. I'm sick of editing this. Seriously. THIS IS IT.


"Combining our characters"

We need to find a way to make our characters travel in a group.

- Cecilia's father dies. She doesn't want to be queen because she irresponsible and (insert reason that no one knows yet :O)(the responsibility scares her to death because she is so insecure). Her 17-year old brother, Ciel, ran away to God knows where  a year ago, and she wants to drag him back to rule Belbrii. So with a little scrap of knowledge and a lot of assuming, she tries to find him.

- Isaac bodyguards Cecilia on the journey because he, well, likes money. No hidden motives here.

- Dmitriy is proud of his job and will do anything to please the Royal Family. He would follow Cecilia out of the castle when/if that comes up. He doesn't really assassinate people unless they're a threat to someone important to him. He.. wouldn't really pin out one specific person to kill them. Oh, and he wants to eat your babies.

- Kyrian is a thief and a shapeshifter. He doesn't have the balls to be anywhere near the castle, so he doesn't show up until later.

- Taymar is a griffin rider and enjoys to do her own thing. She will meet up with the castle-inhabitants when they move out in a group OR might try to sneak onto the pirate ship while the raid is going on. Sounds like something she'd do. n_n

- Lairoen befriends the people who help him avoid getting captured by Isaac and decides to travel along as a medic-like person, just in case anyone gets injured.  That way, his healing powers can at least be used for some good.
(and Isaac will not try to sell Lairoen for money if they travel in a group.. XD I sorta have a way to make that plausible)

- Arathen travels along with them only because he doesn't have a home and feels like getting away from the forest (which will probably be burned in the pirate raid anyway...'cause that's what they do).

- Tayla decides she wants to teach Cecilia how to be stronger (both physically and emotionally). She also wants to try and get closer to Rose so she might have a chance at becoming a pirate.(good thing Rose has a ship comin to her)

-Rose doesn't care much that she helped kill the king, but feels bad that he had been Cecelia's father. Also shares the hurt of losing a brother, but will not admit it. She has nowhere else to go, so when the group comes for the wingress she tags along. Since she only has memories of her sheltered life as Lilia and  her life of a pirate at sea, she relishes the chance for more adventure as an outlaw. Secretly, she wants Isaac to teach her how to be an independent mercenary, as the skills will help teach her how to discipline a scoffing crew.

- Ziadi decides to tag along because she feels that this group needs all the help they can get, and her father would say she needed to get out more. She keeps an eye on Dimitriy because he's a vampire and she doesn't trust him. Cecelia asks her to help find Ciel (how do you pronounce that?), but she can't get anyting better than a hazy view, which is not much help (its because he's mixed up in something evil that's clouding her view....its a possibility, anyway). She becomes someting like a second mother to Cecelia, in that she comforts her the most visibly. In addition to everything else, she wants to protect Lairoen because it was her words that sent Isaac in the right direction in the first place.
The other character's destinies, as well as hers, are now intertwined, and as Sinti custom dicates, she must go with them.


Long term plot

What we (Wyvern, Willow, and Otter) decided is that the group wants to kill the princess because they hate the Ethelstan family, aka the ruling family, aka Cecilia since she's the only one left(dun dun duuuuuuuun).

Here's the deal. There's the Myrangian Emperor, ruler of the Myrangian Empire(gasp). The people refer to the emperor as simply "Emperor," always and forever; he's an all-powerful dictator basically. The Myrangians have been trying to gain control of Belbrii for years. They have launched many unsuccessful attacks on Kyrius. They keep failing because while they have a strong military and easily conquered the surrounding countries, their ships suck(the empire grew from the tiiiny trading city of Dalr in the middle of the desert, so they never had the chance/need to grow their naval abilities or whatever, aaand pretend I didn't word that stupidly). Are you staying with me so far?

Okay. Now, news reaches the emperor that King Beolagh died. The end of the Ethelstan family rule? Yayz! But wait- there's that pesky princess.. The emperor decides Cecilia must be captured. He gets a buncha werewolves to bring him to her. He never explains to them why he needs Cecilia kidnapped, but everyone can guess- the people of Belbrii will never accept him as the true ruler unless the entire Ethelstan family is wiped out(the crown is hereditary and is supposed to be passed to Cecilia). That part is set in stone. I am really tired of rewriting and planning and being confused, so that part is SET IN STONE.

Now, for the next part I'm going to rip out a few tufts of hair and list a few options for you to pick from, just because I'm soooo nice and I don't want to dictate everything(though I'd really really like to, just for simplicity's sake). EDIT THE JOURNAL TO PLACE YOUR VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE. This is an honor system thing(not that it would be very hard to guess who "cheated" since there's only four of us :P ). What we have ALL agreed on so far is that the emperor sends four werewolf brothers to capture Cecilia. What we haven't agreed on is the werewolves' relationships, past, motivations, etc. So far, here's what I, meaning OTTER, have heard suggested.

Option A
The werewolves are brothers that travel together. Peasants are unsure of whether this infamous group even exists, but stories are told of them to terrorize children. The emperor hears about them and somehow manages to contact and hire them to capture Cecilia. Since the werewolves hate the Ethelstan family for whatever reason, they agree to help.
Past: they used to be humans and one was bitten by a werewolf, and since they're really close brothers, they become werewolves with each other.

Option B
The werewolves refer to each other as brother, but they are not blood related. The rest is the same as above.

Option C(I discussed this briefly with Kitty, but I don't remember exactly what she said >>" )
Four unconscious young boys are found by a hunter in the forest. He gets his hunting buddy to help him haul the kids to an orphanage until they wake up and are able to tell everyone who their parents are. The orphanage-keepers(?), an elderly couple, let the children rest in cots. The old lady goes into their room later on and finds that the boys are gone. All she can find in the room are 4 puppies. Her and her husband search frantically for the children, but they can't find them anywhere. When they go back to the room, they find that the boys are there again, but the puppies are gone. As time goes on, they realize that the boys are werewolves. They discreetly tell a government official, and word travels through the ranks to the emperor. The emperor decides to raise the four (the 4 are brothers, forgot to mention) to be loyal to the empire.

Option D
Same as C, but the four aren't brothers.

Option E
Make up our own werewolves' past, and have them meet up and band together later in their lives(whether it be at age 4 or age 12410952).

Mark your vote with a slash.

Option A:
Option B:
Option C:/
Option D:
Option E:


Otter - Emperor: like the Claw from Inspector Gadget. He doesn't appear in the story because he's working behind the scenes. I will control him, I being OTTER. Giving control of one character to many different people has proven to be.. Wellll.. Not a good idea. That doesn't mean I won't take suggests as to what he's gonna do next, it just means you have to pass an idea by me before mentioning in the story(example: you put that the Myrangian Emperor has many sex slaves that he beats at regular intervals. That won't work. >>" Even minor things, like saying that the Emperor has beady green/blue/brown/purple eyes, HAS TO BE PASSED BY ME. Because everyone will be writing something different otherwise, and we'll have one helluva contradictory character). What is known about the emperor is:
* He's been attempting to expand the Myrangian borders. Belbrii's been the target of many invasions for the past few years.
* He has appointed Sorrell, _____, _____, and, the most important member of the group, Zael, to capture Cecilia.
* He's MYSTEEERRRIIOUSS. He almost never addresses the people, and when he does, he is veiled in desert clothing. The emperor has no personal connection to his subordinates; the people only admire him for expanding their empire.
* Conquered people are tolerated. They can even govern themselves, but they must provide the empire with anything asked of them(soldiers, food if there's a famine in another area of the country, etc.) and pay tribute. And the empire is not going to ask something ridiculous from them, like a virgin every year or a GROSS amount of money just because the Myrangians are EVIL. C'mon. The Emperor is smart enough to know how to prevent rebellion, buuuuut in the case that there IS..
* Rebellion is usually crushed quickly under his rule. He's a dictator, but he rewards good deeds as well(especially militaristic achievements; warriors are revered).
* Mythical creatures and magic and all that are not new concepts to him.
* He's not an idiot. The man governs an entire nation.
* He's not socially inept. He's dealed with politicians far and wide and knows how to handle people.

Otter - Sorrell: A werewolf(durr). He's a troublemaker who isn't embarrassed by anything. Sorrell's loud, mischevious, and likes to tease people to no end. He can't stay still and has a short attention span, but he's capable of formulating and pulling off elaborate pranks. Sorrell's wolf form is small and relatively weak, but he makes up for it in speed and cunning. He's built for hiding and escaping rather than fighting. He loves deer.

Kitty - Zael:  A werewolf.  He is the oldest werewolf (not necessarily the oldest in actual age) of the band of four that is ordered to go find Cecilia.  He lives up to the phrase, "silent but deadly".  He's dangerous with the sheer strength he has and the stubborn mind that he possesses.  He is (perhaps, I dunno) the biggest of the werewolves in wolf form. He's surprisingly conceited and obsessed with his looks as well, and he has a very, very short temper. He doesn't usually talk except to order people around. He enjoys eating the thighs of buffalo. Tasty.

Willow - Raokan (rhymes with wow-kin): Most logical and booklearned of the four. He does not regret the choice to stay with his brothers, but doesn't enjoy being a werewolf. The fact that he has to kill innocents disgusts him, but he does it anyway to appease the thirst and the expectations of his family. He is quiet and thoughtful, and often frustrates his brothers by incessantly questioning things and giving them difficult riddles that he thinks up in his spare time. He doesn't participate much unless his presence is neccessary, preferring observe chaos from afar. Although the bones stick in his teeth, he is most partial to the taste of eagle. Being unusually agile and a little talented in the way of werewolves, he spends his spare time stealing up trees at the reddest of hours to snatch them out of thier nests.

(I love how our werewolves are starting to sound like the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.)

Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures
*note: not all of the creatures listed exist, nor is all of the information listed about the creatures accurate.*

     Centaurs are a very proud race of half-human, half-horse creatures who are known for thier skills in calvary battle and thier devotion to guarding and interpreting nature. They usually view all other intelligent races as inferior to themselves, though they have been known to assist those that they deem 'humble' enough to be worth thier trouble.

     A monstrous fire-breathing creature composed of the parts of multiple animals upon the body of a lioness with a tail that terminated in a snake's head, the head of a goat arose on her back at the center of her spine. They are typically female, complete with the strong female traits of vengeance, deceitfulness and the unwillingness to forgive. They roam solo for most of thier lives, unless mating or bearing young, and are incredibly clever hunters.







     Elementals are beings either born from or with a strong affinity to one or more elements, and often with a debilitating weakness to opposing elements. Elementals are usually anthropomorphic or humanoid in shape; however, their manifestation is the element they represent, such as an earth elemental having a body of stone, or a fire elemental being a living flame or a dark figure enshrouded by smoke and fire.

     noun, plural -elves
Elves are believed to be the hybrid children of humans and divine beings.  They have heightened senses and unmatchable grace, as well as prolonged life spans.  Elves usually keep to themselves and live in quiet towns.  They dislike associating with humans because they believe that humans are corrupt.  Elves have pointed ears and slightly slanted eyes.  They are among the most beautiful of creatures.  Even the ugliest of the elves is envied for their beauty.  Their skin is usually pale and most are slightly taller than humans.  They have slender features everywhere on their body and are perfect for agility.  Most elves are trained in archery, swordsmanship, and tracking as young children.  Select few are found to be gifted and are taken to a special school to be taught further.  Elves have unusual amounts of energy and usually need three to four hours of sleep each night to feel fully rested.  Elves will not die of long life, but they are just as vulnerable as humans when it comes to weapons.  They do not age like humans.  They stop growing when they reach the appearance of twenty years old, more or less, and, supposedly, the older they get, the more beautiful they are.












     A race of tough and warlike humanoid creatures, often portrayed as misshapen humanoids who are brutal, warmongering, sadistic, though they are also a proud warrior race with a strong sense of honor, and value te skills of a warrior above all else. They are physically stronger than humans, and always high in numbers. They often ride boars, wolves and wargs.

     Large winged horses, the steeds of the sky. Pegasi, like the unicorn, have a heightened sense of the human character, and will not consent to be ridden by one they deem unworthy. They are among the fastest creatures on earth.

     A phoenix is a mythical bird with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. It has a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self.It is said that the bird's cry is that of a beautiful song, and it's tears consist of many alchemically-useful properties.

     A preternatural race of faerie. Known characteristics include pointed ears and mischievous natures. They are thougt to hold the souls of children who died early or unnatural deaths. Closely related to sprites.

     An invisible spirit or ghost that manifests itself by moving and influencing objects, generally in a particular location such as a house or room or place within a house, usually a place the spirit had earthly connections to during thier mortal life. A poltergeist is most likely a restless spirit being held back from it's eternal peace in the afterlife.

     Savage goat men, obsessed with Dionysiac pleasures.

     Dangerously beautiful and seductive bird-women who lure sailors to their deaths by singing hauntingly beautiful songs from thier flower-meadow covered island. Later writers have inferred that the Sirens were anthropophagous, based on Circe's description of them "lolling there in their meadow, round them heaps of corpses rotting away, rags of skin shriveling on their bones. Sirens have humaniod bodies covered in bright feathers as well as wings.

     A preternatural race of faerie, usually miniscule winged humaniods.

     Undine are water nymphs from German Mythology. They are said to live in forest pools or waterfalls, and thier beautiful voices can sometimes be heard over the sound of the water. THey can gain a soul if they marry a human man and bear his children.


vampire: (fun facts, may be useful, Kitty)in older, less hollywood-oriented texts, the vampire had dark reddish skin, associated with blood drinking. also no reflection or shadow, believably due to absence of a soul.

were⋅wolf [wair-woo lf, weer-, wur-]
–noun, plural -wolves
Also known as lycanthropes, werewolves are humans that can turn into wolves and, in doing so, gain abilities and senses that exceed those of both ordinary humans and wolves. For a human to become a werewolf, they must be bitten hard enough to break the skin by a werewolf, either in wolf or human form, during a full moon. Newly-made werewolves, or "pups" (which includes older people recently made into werewolves), can't control their ability to change very well and often undergo involuntary transformations while experiencing intense emotions. They usually have no recollection of what they did while they were in their wolf form. More experienced werewolves undergo transformations only at will and can remember and control their actions, though transforming too often or for long periods of time fatigues them and leaves them debilitated.
To tell if a person is a werewolf, check for yellow, slitted eyes, unusually long and sharp canine teeth, and clawlike fingernails. Silver burns their flesh. It can kill them if ingested, or if they are punctured by silver weapons. Wolfsbane is also rumored to repel lycanthropes.

win⋅gress  [ween-greh ss]
–noun, plural -wingresses
Wingresses are an extremely rare, endandered and constantly poached species of winged, full-sized humanoids. According to folklore, they are humanized angels, though they have long since faded into obscurity as the race retreated into secretive hiding. Their wings are large and feathered, capable of carrying the creature over long distances by flight. The wingress is often hailed as the the saviors of innocents and heroes from certain death in local myths, and thier white plumage is said to bear amazing healing powers when plucked, dried, and ground into powder to be ingested. This plumage is generally acknoledged as the reason for thier scarcity. The wingress generally has light skin and hair as well, and they possess incredible hearing and sight. They are a noadic race, searching for herbivorous sustenacne during the night.


  • Listening to: the screams of zombies from my brother's game
  • Reading: the computer screen
  • Watching: the computer screen
  • Playing: the computer screen(if that's considered a game)
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: O: hot cocoa K: Coke


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However, he seems to have an unusual amount of pros to his makeup. As noted in the two quotes below, he seems to be lacking in nothing a hero is wanted of. The problem with this is that it leaves no room for a flaw that will make him a truly workable character. He will overcome all his obstacles, and he will have no endearment.

I think that such a flaw could be developed in his memories as a slave. This memory has the makings of the origin for a burning hatred of the human race, which would be a major factor in his decisions. His hatred spawns pride. Pride goeth before the fall. Not that he will fall, unless you so wish it. Think about it?

And where and why did he learn swordplay? One would think he had little need for a would not be unwise to annex this detail.


"After all, he was strong in endurance and... everything...gifted and successful, even for an elf...elves were naturally extraordinary in intelligence, strength, and beauty...Arathen was even better...young, too."
"...overly handsome...also an excellent fighter and extremely quick-minded...most likely the best archer in the area..."
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However, she does seem a little too weak to be considered likeable. Pitied, yes, but slightly annoyingly so. Perhaps you could hint at an unusual skill or unbecoming part of her personality that she would deem unimportant or irrelevant, but when revealed it becomes a powerful catalyst in her success. Or downfall. Whichever it will be.

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You should, however, go more in depth to his personality and describe things like what he fears or what he loves or what gets him angry easily. Does he have any big weaknesses? Does he have any big strengths besides fangs and night-vision? We also need to know about his past. I know we haven't posted more, and everyone's pretty much saying this, but the past is important. It develops our characters' futures.
And now I sound like...Dr. Phil...or something...
But anyway, work on his personality a bit more and keep him a solid character like you have so far.

Lastly...He seems like he'd be a good war general. He's strong and he's got lots of logic. I like that. And the fact that he's a vampire is cool, too. :3

-The Pope
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Out of all your characters, this one is the most realistic. :3 Not the most relate-able to, but she's realistic. She's arrogant, independent, and knows her own worth. She seems streetwise and, despite being a whore, has a sense of pride(an interesting contrast).

What I can suggest is make her more dynamic. You hinted that she takes care of her loved ones when she left the necklace for her mother, but it seemed like Tayla believed she was doing her mother a favor rather than giving it as to her as a well-deserved gift. Also, why don't they live with each other? Tayla doesn't communicate with her, but she still left her mom a gift. Why? Does Tayla love her mom but feels ashamed of herself? You don't have to explain EXACTLY why right now(in fact I suggest you don't), but I think Tayla should have felt some emotion linked to her past when she left the necklace on her mother's window sill, just so the reader has a clearer idea of what's to come.

On the other hand, her personality is fun and refreshing. Usually touchy, deep subjects like sex and death are brushed off as 'no big deal' to Tayla. She breaks out of cliches, and her flaws don't prevent her from becoming an endearing character. Keep it up.

-Easter Bunny x3
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