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Kingdom Hearts II ending stamp

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The frames were alot, it kinda made my head hurt, or maybe im just saying that coz i need to get some sleep xD I just thought i should make a stamp before going to bed :3 Its from the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2. I got the image from photobucket, and heres the stamp template [link]
I hope you'll like it! Please comment and/or :+fav: before using, thank you~! :heart:
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i only use this stamp because of Sora and Riku! i don't care about that other bitch XD
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<33333 adorable!!
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I love this game :love:
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re:coded ending
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re coded like the ds game or.... something different?
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This is amazing! :)
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Very nice.
I felt sort of depressed watching it, though, lol.
Kingdom Hearts forever. <3
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COOL! What program/website did you use?
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I was born on the Axel
In the month of Larxene
In the year of Xemnas, Demyx, Demyx, Saix
And I am Roxas years old
My fave number is Zexion
But My Lucky number is Roxas
If you get it, put your own in your signature
Zexion and Riku are my GODS!!!! <3
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Cool stamp, I love kingdom hearts!
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Thank you so much :) I love Kingdom Hearts too!
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I can imagine the work put into this, very nice! :meow:
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i wish i had these KH games. my friend has them. but i wonder if they are for Xbox 360? oh, well. i should be writing in my journal now. farewell!!!

P.S. i will make a KH template for characters. if someone else does, they will be tagged!!!!!
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Your stamp has been featured [here] :heart:
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Wow! :heart: Thank you so much for featuring my stamp :D I feel really special >3<
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