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*I accept points and Paypal now

*New painted style Commissions available: see pined artwork for more info

I will not do anything:
-NSFW (cute and subtle relationships are fine but nothing explicitly sexual) 
-Any kinks that I am uncomfortable with drawing (nothing against you for having them just I personally would feel uncomfortable creating such pieces)
-Depictions of things that I strongly disagree with (again nothing against you just it would go against my personal beliefs and values to create art containing such beliefs) 
-Shipped/mailed (I just do not have access to the ability to offer this right now, hopefully I will in the future if it is wanted enough)
(I will explain if it is something I will draw when I receive your note explaining what you would like the commission to be)

I will draw most other things not not listed above as long as they are not really technical or detailed due to time constraints of school. I just do not believe it is fair to the costumer if they have to wait really long for a commission that they paid extra money for due to me taking it on even though I know I cannot handle it at the moment. However you can always still ask me and I will decide if I am confident in taking on your commission, It doesnt hurt to ask and I will try my best.
Also you can kinda judge the things that I am best at drawing from my page (or more accurately my Instagram due to it having more content) and see what I would be able to do a better job on. For example I never draw vehicles so if you want a car commission Im not really the best person to go to due to my lack of knowledge or practice drawing cars.   

Commissions come before art requests (and currently I am not taking in any more art requests) but commissions are done in the order I get them, not based on monetary value.

I am very new to the world of commissions so please do not expect me to know everything right away, even though I will try my best and if you are more experienced I would love the help.

Due to my newness I am not sure what a good price would be just yet and I might need some adjusting, however, for now the prices listed below are my rates.

(Paypal, Ko-fi and points are all acceptable form of payment and rates are the same and consistent with the 100 points = 1$ rule)
*These are base prices that may go up depending on complexity or detail as well as size of canvas. I will be happy to quote you if you are unsure how much yours should cost


Head shot (neck up):
  • Cell-shaded: 3$
  • Painted: 4$
Bust shot (chest/shoulders up)
  • Cell-shaded: 5$
  • Painted: 6$
Full-body chibis
  • cell-shaded: 6$
  • Painted: 8$
Full-body Ferals
  • cell-shaded: 8$
  • Painted: 10$

Anthro/ human Waist-ups
  • cell-shaded: 8$
  • painted: 10$

Anything else or have questions, contact me for a quote <3

I hope to be able to make art for you in the future, thank you for your time Heart 
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