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Renounce what made you
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Men Become Demons


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Men Become Demons


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Megamare DASH


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The Honest 2.0

Metal Gear Sparkle

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Instrument of Violence

Steven Universe

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The Lich

Adventure Time

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Zero Dash

Megaman X

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HALO 3: Take Back Earth

Sketch corner or too lazy to color

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Zero Back Shot

Random Pen Art

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'Legend of Zelda...time' Logo

The Legend of Zelda...Time

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Nawble Team, opening

Nawble Team

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Eris/Discordia Sketch

Pony Sketch

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Where on Equestria is Carmane SanDiego?

Pony Pencil Art

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The Ballad of Nightmare Moon

--'Gather round fillies and gentlecolts...I''l tell you a story long forgotten, from the time before...A story about resent, despise, regret and forgiveness...listen to it"-- Like a thousand years ago For the legend it goes A diarchy of Sisters The sun and the moon The eldest brought the day, the beauty of life The younger brought the night, the mystical sight.... Ponies cherished and played in the light They rested and ignored the darkness around A story of resent, jealousy and hate A millennia of despise The birth of the Wicked Mare OH! Night Mare Moon The Mare of the Night A resentful heart The Devil's disguise It is so


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Bust of Discord


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Megamare DASH

my little Crossover

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Unit 01

Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Discord doodle


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