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Where on Equestria is Carmane SanDiego?

By xscaralienx
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"This is why I prefer doing traditional art over digital art...or maybe I just think that because I'm having a hard time with my tablet >.<"

Listen to this and feel the magic: [link]

**When the most famous and deceiving thief on all of Equestria: Carmane SanDiego steals the Elements of Harmony, the legendary Daring Do and the mysterious Mare-Do-Well join forces to stop her**

The moment I listened to that opening song, I had to make this.
Daring Do and Mare-Do-Well are beging for a crossover, and who else but the Queen of Thieves to force them to work together?

Plan to color this in a future...when I get better at it.

:iconkintexu2: came up with Carmane for the name. thnks :)
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Tempered Steel: Someone better stop her, before she steals the blueprints of Gregorius Technetium. My whole corporation depends on those plans!

//I recognized that link anywhere. Awesome concept!
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That is too awesome! Amazing! I love the idea!
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can you imagine them traveling all over equestria, following Carmare Sandiego's clues and trying to catch her, but she would always manage to escape?
that's awesome