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Unit 01

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first time drawing something from Evangelion....why did it take me so long to discover it? it's amazing!
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Never look at your own explosions... pretty good

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my love hate relationship with this show continues...
nice work!
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Such an evil Series...if Gainax was on drugs for every series they did, this would be their bad trip....did they learn their lessons about drugs? NOPE! Rebuilds and Panty and Stocking!

...but hey, if it wasn't for this show, I wouldn't have the greatest Super Robot anime I know of.... [link]
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
during the final moments of End of Evangelion, shit got extremely crazy....there was a moment when my face was the same that Shinji had...I believe it was when the mass produced Evas start to have Rei's face.

the idea is great, but the execution...man like you said, some acid or shit like that had to be involved
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not really into evangelion but this is preety cool!