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The Kind

By xscaralienx
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Falling victim of the same incident that left the half of Pinkie's body burned, Fluttershy received severe damage to her face and lungs.

Whilst being in recovery along with Pinkie while "Operation [REDACTED]" was in progress, there was no pony there to save her animal friends or her cottage. Impulsed by a similar sorrow and grief to that of Pinkie's, she decided to join the "Sol Invictus" unit formed by Rainbow, Pinkie and Rarity, being Applejack the last one to join their cause.

Fluttershy is now forced to use a mask to help her breath and talk being the later the most painful task to achieve, she decides to remain silent and let her actions speak for her...that is until she is needed to interrogate prisoners.
With no animals to make her company she decided to silence her fear and tame the beasts that dwell within the Everfree Forest to support her unit and their goal.

Stories from the battlefield tell that dying at the hands of The Kind's beasts is an act of kindness....that is, when being interrogated by her is the alternative.
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YinReneeMoonveilYangProfessional Digital Artist
this picture is really cool your mlp works is very awesome~
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"When Ponyville is in bunnies, THEN I will allow you to HNGH."

... Or something like that.

... the mask makes her look kinda like Bane, is the joke I'm trying to make here.
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Woah...Nice design. Love the mask, the hoodie, the military look. I just love it!!!
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Alphared137Student Interface Designer
I wonder if, like Psycho Mantis or Screaming Mantis, The Kind has psychic powers?

Maybe one eye was lost and replaced with a cybernetic eyeball using STaRe technology, and it can be used to make prisoners hallucinate that they're suffering the torture that they fear the most, over and over again until they talk & are executed, or are driven insane. Maybe she can also use the STaRe as a weapon in battle, incapacitating her enemies with fear.
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More than the others, I could see this being the first fight. Twilight enters the Everfree Forest, and Fluttershy is waiting for her. Her animal companions attack twilight, and she must wade through them to get to The Kind. Each time she gets through though The Kind retreats further in and summons more creatures, until she's finally confronted at the gorge in the middle.
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KalidiazStudent Artisan Crafter
She´s amazing!!! You just combined my two favorite things: MGS and MLP!! I LOVE YOU!
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
What happened to her; the picture is actually very good.
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
That's so terrible...
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