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....Problem Twilight?



Update: what u say? Twilight's horn is too fat? BAM! fixed. misspelled "friendship"? BAM! fixed. Also, changed the color on his lizard leg, looks awesome. ALSO! the files on the download got fixed too!

YES!!!. got it done before the episode aired! :D.
Here we have Discord just being himself towards Twilight, then we get the sneak peak where Discord teases Twilight about how "The magic of friendship could fix everything" and i just had to color the original sketch i made into this!!.

I give my Discords drawings a personal touch changing one of his eyes to make it look more demential and insane. But worry not.

The download is a Zip where you can get a "show accurate version" of the pic, also a PNG with transparent background for your enjoyment(iy might not be a vector, but the PNG is HUGE)
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no problems here