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[PROTO] Metal Gear: Bronco

By xscaralienx
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Prototype Metal Gear BRONCO was designed and built by The Honest and her engineers. The idea is simple, co-join Pony and machine to create a weapon like the world has never seen.

Based on the main designs and schematics done by Twilight Sparkle during OPERATION:Sands of the Hourglass, The Honest and her team have developed several prototypes and blueprints for PROJECT: BRONCO and it's implementation on herself.

The department of Medicine developed the main software and technologies to successfully connect the subject's mind to the machine's, leaving the engineering, mechatronics and weaponry for the Honest to develop

Appart from it's bipedal form, BRONCO is able to get on all four legs to maximize long-distance mobility for long travels or, if needed, chase escaping enemies.

This prototype can not be considered in anyway an expected final result for the rest of the Metal Gear line, as this one was developed with The Honest's intend to be part of the machine in mind
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Were I to have the will to, I would jump on the opportunity to write this story. These are all great ideas you came up with, and this is the cherry on top. Keep up the good work.
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, have to say the same about your scenarios/boss fights that you post on each of the pics, they are really good. Though some aspects are different, like AJ being the last fight or the first phase of Rainbow's battle.

Dont get me wrong, it's awesome to see this designs get people to comment awesome stuff like yours.

but hey, who am I to stop you from doing your own story :P
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KalidiazStudent Artisan Crafter
Are you going to write the story? Completly? because I will love it to read it, you´re awesome!
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Not going to write it, but I will make an overall "time-line" of events.

Can't really call myself a writer so I don't think I will write it in a narrative way.
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KalidiazStudent Artisan Crafter
oh that´s so bad....But I will follow you until the end!